“Thank you again for all your teachings, what a beautiful experience. We thank you for giving us a lifetime gift and will always have you in our hearts.”

Maria Sanchez, Reiki I practitioner and Mariana Sanchez, ten-year-old Reiki I practitioner


“I miss you all so much. I feel I can’t say thank you enough for this miraculous week. It touched my heart in so many ways. I am so grateful to have shared in those great experiences. You have a great power, so please keep the magic flowing. Much love <3”

Keith Michael, Sedona Reiki Retreat Participant


“Thank you, I am grateful for being able to share in such an amazing journey. I definitely miss the meals, and being around the table too! I felt such love from you, and I am really thankful for that because it really opened up my heart on a level that I cannot express.”

Renee Walker, another participant at the week-long Reiki I and II Sedona Retreat


“Thank you again for the amazing Reiki experience. It is changing my life in a huge but gentle and loving way. One of the things I wanted to gain from the class was to heal the karma I had with someone in my life, and by the last class I really loved him. It was an issue and trigger for me, and I was able to work through it. Reiki and the attunements also helped with my anxiety.”

D. Perkins, Reiki Master


“You are such a special person, such a great teacher, and such a beautiful soul. Thank you again for another awesome learning experience. Peace to you.”

C. McGuire – Reiki Master Teacher


“We have enjoyed meeting you so, so so much and adding Reiki into our lives. We are very grateful for you and what you have taught us, we have received so much.”

E. Leon, Reiki Master


“I think we should just do some type of Reiki share every week! I had the most amazing experience after the attunement. The following morning I left for NYC. While there it was pretty much an eating frenzy. We ate at 9 different food places in less than 24 hours! Crazy. Usually my gut would not be happy at all but I felt AMAZING!!! I was so grounded and calm and it felt like I had white light emanating from all around me. This lasted over4 days. Pretty incredible. Even now I am feeling much more grounded and that is not like me at all! I love it. :)”

Erika Bulger, Reiki II Practitioner


“Thanks again for taking the time to work with me yesterday. You are a wonderful teacher.”

Terri Maloney, Reiki II Practitioner


“This was more than Reiki, I learned how to heal myself. I will forever be grateful.”

Jennifer Atkins, Reiki I Practitioner

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  1. Aaron Russell says:

    Brooke is the real deal. She teaches with passion, clarity and a potent spirit. She loves what she does and it shows. She is also adept at focusing on the specific needs of the student. I came away from her Reiki I class with an effective attunement and the knowledge to make the most of it in a variety of applications. If you are interested in learning Reiki, I can recommend her without hesitation.

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