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Reiki healing training classes

This is what you’re doing when you use your Reiki healing training!

I created my Reiki Training Classes website to the best of my ability. I used my existing knowledge and what I personally believe to be true, but I cannot make any warranties about the accuracy or applicable usage of the content of this website.

The information you find on these pages is for educational purposes. If you decide to use this content for any reason, (to teach or for your own efforts,) you are solely responsible for doing so.

I have worked extremely hard to portray the power of Reiki and its benefits in an accurate manner. However, I cannot be held responsible should you decide to purchase anything from one of my website’s affiliates or use this information in any way.

Though I believe with all my heart that Reiki is an extremely powerful tool that changes and transforms lives, I cannot guarantee it will work for you as no one person can control another’s destiny and outcomes. Therefore, I cannot be held liable.

I AM Unable to Provide any Warranties

I disclaim any warranties, either spoken or implied, about any information or materials you find on Reiki Training Classes or any products you discover through the site. I am in no way to be held responsible or liable for any consequential damages, be they direct, indirect, incidental, special or punitive caused by using these materials or products.  You should always judge for yourself the value of what you decide to believe or purchase.

I AM Unable to Provide Guarantees

I make no guarantees about any information you find on my website under this agreement, nor can I vouch for the efficacy or usefulness of any content, materials or products found on any sites I link to or that advertise on my site.

Your Agreement to Indemnify Reiki Training Classes

By virtue of using my site, you agree to indemnify use and hold me harmless from any and all claims that may arise from use of Reiki Training Classes.

My Work is Copyrighted

All the content found on my site is copyrighted and protected by the United States Copyright Act of 1976 as well as any other laws that apply, be they local, state, federal or international. All rights are reserved.

You are expressly prohibited from copying, selling or using any of my content in any way without my express permission. I reserve the right to take legal action should you breach any part of these terms and conditions or use my content and ideas in any way that goes against my Intellectual Property Rights.

Applicable Law

The Terms and Conditions discussed above are to be governed under California law. Any legal issues arising from this agreement will be handled in a California court.

  1. Michaela says:

    Hi I stumbled upon your blog by mistake while looking for energy work classes. I must tell you your info is very valuable I also really like the style, its great! I might just have to take a Reiki class online now.

  2. Brandon says:

    Thanx for explaining your Terms and Conditions. I actually read this whole thing. :)

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