Step Into Your Power with an Online Reiki Course

the power of ReikiYou do know how powerful you are, right? Deep down, we believe you must. There is no one else like you, no one else that came to this world to do precisely what you came to do.

If you’re having trouble remembering that lately, maybe you should step into your power with an online Reiki course or class training. While the benefits of Reiki are many, perhaps no other can have such a dramatic impact on your life as how Reiki returns you to your power.
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Heal Your Past Lives with Reiki Energy

healing Reiki energy and past lives

You are the sum total of all your experiences, and Reiki can help heal those that don’t serve you anymore

As human beings, our fascination with past lives will probably never go away. Does your previous life as a servant contribute to your less-than stellar self-esteem today?

Does your love of beautiful things come from when you lived as royalty? Do certain writers, actors or stars of yesterday seem to speak directly to you?

Perhaps more interestingly, when you just know the person you just met and feel an instant connection, does that stem from a past life too? Continue reading

Preparing for Online Reiki Classes

How to Prepare for Reiki Classes Online

online Reiki courses help live life to the fullest

Online Reiki courses help you live your life to the fullest.

Good for you! You took the leap and signed up for an online Reiki class. Your Reiki course training is scheduled to start in a week or so, but what can you do in the meantime to help you get ready?

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until your actual attunement to start getting ready. Since Reiki symbols and energy will be “downloaded” into your body during your attunement, what better way to prepare than to cleanse your body as much as possible beforehand? Continue reading

What a Reiki Course Training Cannot Do For You

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The shining light of Reiki

The shining light of Reiki

Because even with the countless benefits of taking an in-person or online Reiki class, you should know that there are some things that won’t be solved solely by taking the course and receiving your Reiki attunement.

Now, we are not saying not to take a Reiki class. Quite the contrary! The whole world should be attuned to Reiki. However, we have seen a phenomenon recently with healing modalities such as Reiki where people love the feeling of feeling good, but deny and suppress any bad feelings as being “not of the light”. Continue reading

What Reiki Training Classes Can Do For You

Reiki- much more than a band aid

Reiki – so much more than a band-aid

During an online or in-person Reiki class, at one point or another, your “stuff” will likely come up. (We are referring to past beliefs, hurts, pains, negatively that stems from this or previous lifetimes.) All that junk comes up for a reason, though, so you can heal it and let it go from your physical body. Continue reading

Reiki Healing Energy FAQ


healing the world with Reiki

Send Reiki out into the cosmos

What is Reiki Healing Energy?

Reiki is ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ that comes through a Reiki practitioner attuned to the Reiki energy.  The Reiki healing energy flows from the Universe, through the Reiki practitioner and to the person, situation or object they are sending Reiki to. Everything is energy, and Reiki energy just so happens to be a form of energy that is directed by Spirit to heal.

How does the Reiki energy work?

Essentially, the Reiki energy goes where Spirit directs it to go. This very smart and always beneficial energy heals at a cellular and atomic level. It literally changes things by breaking up stagnant energy, adding in positive energy if needed, and creating space for healing to take place.

We also go into further detail in the article “How Does Reiki Healing Energy Work?Continue reading

How To Use Your Reiki Healing Training

Reiki Healing Training

Ways to Use Your Reiki Healing Training

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to using your Reiki healing training. You can use it to heal yourself, others, situations… etc. Let us count the ways… Continue reading

How Reiki Healing Courses Help You Heal Yourself

Reiki Healing Classes

Chances are, you became interested in Reiki healing courses and classes because you’re a natural healer. That is what you came here to do. You want to help other people recognize the perfection that already exists within them.

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