Why Practicing Reiki Requires Courage

reiki and courage

Let’s look fear in the eye, shall we?

Being a quality and dedicated Reiki practitioner is no small feat.  The outside observer may think, “Well, all you have to do is be there and hold out your hands.”

Even in our online Reiki classes, we teach that the best thing you can do when sending Reiki is “get out of the way” so the Spiritually-directed energy can flow through you. You just need to “be to be” and create a space where the healing can take place.

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The Best Thing You Can Do To Strengthen Your Reiki Practice

reiki quoteHint: It’s probably not what you think.

When you see a title like that, you might think, “She is probably going to suggest that I practice Reiki every day.” After all, the more you practice Reiki, the stronger it gets, right? Nope.

Or maybe you expect me to remind you to do the Gassho meditation – how you start every Reiki session, with your hands in prayer position at your heart center, giving thanks and opening up to the healing Reiki energy – every morning and night before you go to bed. Wrong again. Continue reading

The Reiki Principle of Kindness

Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

reiki principle

“Hey there, is everything going okay in your world?”

Of the five Reiki principles Dr. Mikao Usui blessed us with, this one is perhaps the most challenging.

Because to be kind to every living thing means to treat all living beings with the utmost respect and honor, including – and this person can tend to get lost by the wayside sometimes – Yourself. Continue reading

Reiki and December 21, 2012

the world of Reiki

It’s the end of the world… as we know it. (An even better one awaits!)

While anytime is a great time to send Reiki, focusing the healing Reiki energy on a particularly special date in our history as human beings is sure to be extra potent, don’t you think? We here at Reiki Training Classes do, and that’s why we have already sent Reiki ahead of time to tomorrow and have also turned on our Reiki for the next twenty four hours.

the cycle of lifeRegardless of what you believe will happen tomorrow (December 21, 2012, the end of one of the Mayan calendars), take advantage of this special time.

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The Freedom Within Reiki

freedom of Reiki

Set your heart free with Reiki… who said there are any rules to life?

Today we wanted to talk about the freedom you have available every time you practice the healing art of Reiki.  Yes, there is a traditional way to send Reiki that we teach all the students in our Reiki training classes, and yes, Dr. Usui and others have received specific symbols for specific purposes.

However, you should feel free to do what feels right whenever you practice Reiki.

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Reiki and Affirmations – A Winning Combination

affirmations and Reiki

Affirmations are powerful in and of themselves. So, imagine them infused with Reiki!!!

There are a number of ways to manifest: affirmations, visualization, action, using the Reiki manifestation symbol and sending positive Reiki forward in time toward the desired outcome… the list goes on and on.

Today we want to focus specifically on using Reiki with affirmations so you can allow what you want to happen to actually happen. In other words, how you can get out of your own way : D. Continue reading

Staying Comfortable During a Reiki Energy Session

poor Reiki body mechanics

This is the opposite of what you want to do! We’re guessing the Reiki practitioner’s back hurt after this energy sesison.

We at Reiki Training Classes can’t stress the importance of good body mechanics when you give a healing Reiki energy session enough. For both you and for the recipient, you want to have a straight, yet relaxed spine.

At the beginning of every in-person Reiki class we teach, we inevitably have to remind our students of this again and again.

Students of our Reiki courses are usually focused so intently on “doing it right” (even though you can’t do it “wrong” by the way!) and on their client that they forget about themselves. Continue reading

Step Into Your Power with an Online Reiki Course

the power of ReikiYou do know how powerful you are, right? Deep down, we believe you must. There is no one else like you, no one else that came to this world to do precisely what you came to do.

If you’re having trouble remembering that lately, maybe you should step into your power with an online Reiki course or class training. While the benefits of Reiki are many, perhaps no other can have such a dramatic impact on your life as how Reiki returns you to your power.
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Heal Your Past Lives with Reiki Energy

healing Reiki energy and past lives

You are the sum total of all your experiences, and Reiki can help heal those that don’t serve you anymore

As human beings, our fascination with past lives will probably never go away. Does your previous life as a servant contribute to your less-than stellar self-esteem today?

Does your love of beautiful things come from when you lived as royalty? Do certain writers, actors or stars of yesterday seem to speak directly to you?

Perhaps more interestingly, when you just know the person you just met and feel an instant connection, does that stem from a past life too? Continue reading