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Retreats are the best, aren’t they? There’s just something about being out of your everyday surroundings, in a beautiful place with beautiful people, doing things that make you feel alive. It helps you remember who you are and what you came here to experience.

That’s pretty much how we all felt on our last Reiki Retreat in Sedona, AZ.

Reiki retreat group pic in Sedona

Beautiful world… beautiful people.

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The Sedona Reiki Retreat

The all-inclusive Sedona Reiki retreat is designed to nourish your body, mind and soul.

Receive your Reiki certification. Wake up each morning in a beautiful home nestled among the red rocks of Sedona to the sounds of the nearby creek. Enjoy three gourmet vegetarian meals a day, hikes and adventures, daily yoga classes, sound healing, art therapy, Reiki shares and much more.

Partake in as much or as little as you’d like in this rare opportunity to reconnect with yourself during consciously-planned days guaranteed to bring you inner peace, well-deserved rest and joy.

Reiki retreat circle

Sample Daily Itinerary

7am – 8am       Chakra balancing yoga flow

8am – 10am     Breakfast in the garden

10am – 2pm     Daily adventure (hike, outside Reiki share, art, dance off, etc.)

2pm – 4pm       Lunchtime in the garden

4pm – 6pm       Reiki class

6pm – 8pm       Dinner and relaxation

8pm – 10pm     Sound healing or Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) by candlelight

All activities are optional as this is your retreat and special time for you.

anna yoga pic

The beautiful Anna leads us in daily yoga sessions.

hiking on our way to a Reiki ceremony in Sedona.

We take many epic hikes, this one to visit native ruins.

Reiki retreat hiking fun

Hiking fun

Reiki Retreat fun

Playing a lil’ ball never hurt nobody…

Sedona Reiki Retreat participant

Andre at the retreat

reiki to our dinner pic

Food always tastes better when shared.

Sample Daily Retreat Menu

All your meals on the retreat are organic, vegetarian, and prepared with produce from Southern California Farmer’s Markets.
 Snacks are also available throughout the day and all the food is infused with Reiki.

: Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
. Homemade granola and almond milk. 
Local eggs and home-style potatoes. 
Fresh squeezed orange juice
. Organic coffee, homemade chai tea and assorted teas.

Greek salad
. Three types of homemade hummus with toasted gluten-free pita bread
. Tabouli
. Grilled eggplant prepared on the outside grill
. Grilled pears drizzled with local honey.

Roasted vegetable medley of asparagus, brussel sprouts, carrots and onions. 
Grilled sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Fresh arugula salad with Parmesan cheese and candied walnuts
. Homemade raw chocolate and gluten-free chocolate-chip cookies.

: Seasonal fruit from the Farmer’s Market
. A trio of smoked, honey roasted and chili lime almonds.

Sedona Reiki retreat dinner

All the meals on your Reiki retreat are organic, fresh and made with love.

Keith making the retreat meals

Keith hard at work.


Backyard at the Reiki retreat.

Our backyard. Seriously! And this picture doesn’t even show the private creek access below.

Nestled right along Oak Creek, your home for the week long Sedona Reiki Retreat is nothing short of magical. Lush, green nature surrounds the expansive property. Perhaps you’ll pick an apple from a nearby tree before venturing across the creek to the small island where you relax in the hammock listening to the water rush by. Or maybe you send yourself Reiki under the willow tree as you wait for your Kundalini or vinyasa yoga class to begin.

From the gorgeous views of Cathedral Rock to the spacious interior of the home to the stunning stars at night, this beautiful property and sacred land promises to stay in your mind for some time to come.

Creek at the Reiki retreat

That creek, though…

purple Reiki orb

Can you see the purple orb in this picture?

Orange orb at the Sedona Reiki retreat

What about the orange one?


About Sedona

For thousands of years, many indigenous people came to Sedona to perform special rituals and ceremonies. They understood the power of this land and its ability to heal and transform.

As soon as you enter into the vortex – for the whole of Sedona is a vortex, really – you will almost certainly feel the energy as well. There is a buzz in the air. Maybe it is the breathtaking views of the red rocks in all directions, or the underground crystals this land stands upon, or being home to the celebrated stupa (Buddhist shrine.)

Regardless of whether you can put your finger on it or not, there is just something about Sedona. Something that guarantees your week to be an extremely healing, powerful and life-changing experience. There is a reason Sedona, AZ is the spiritual capital of the world.

Sedona Reiki retreat beauty

Just a typical view in Sedona, no big deal.

Reiki I and II Certification

In addition to receiving your Reiki I and II certification, you also give and receive Reiki every day of the retreat. You have the chance to participate in Reiki shares and attend workshops like Animal Reiki, Reiki for the Kundalini Yogi and How to Start Your Own Reiki Practice. By the end of the retreat, you have within you all the tools to start a successful private Reiki practice if you so desire.

reiki practice pic

Practicing Reiki on a more-than-willing participant.

Yet more pictures from the last Reiki I and II certification retreat in Sedona…

Sedona Reiki Retreat farewell

Until next time, Sedona…

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  1. Letty says:

    Great Morning all the way from California
    I’ve been wanting to go on a retreat (REIKI) but don’t know where to start looking , my coworkers have told me about visiting Sedona Az. Would like to know if theirs one coming up pretty soon or when do you have the retreats ? Thank you

  2. Jacquie Freeman says:

    Hi Brooke,
    I love what you have put together here and wish you were still giving the retreats. I am a Reiki Master in Roverside, Ca and my Master classes are sort of like your mini retreats. (I also used to give weekend Yoga and Reiki retreats.). Please add me to your mailing list. I think there are many of us who love to get together for Reiki, meditation, Yoga, workshops, and possibly creative mandala art, sound therapy Tibetan singing bowls, mantra and even, perhaps, throw in a massage for good measure! Many of us would love that! Namaste to all reading this!

    1. Reiki Training Classes says:

      Hi Jacquie,
      Aww, thank you so much for your email : ) I definitely want to start up the Reiki Retreats again when the time is right; just reading your email with all those amazing healing modalities makes me want to plan a retreat right now! : ) It’s true, coming together as a community of Reiki practitioners (who, let’s face it, are all pretty great- it’s rare that I’ve met a Reiki practitioner I didn’t resonate with!) – is such a great thing. Thanks again for your email, and I will definitely add you to my Reiki newsletter.
      You take care Jacquie…

  3. Dawn says:

    Hi I’m very interested in a Reiki retreat. Do you know if there will be one this year? If not do you have any recommendations for other retreats!?
    Thank you!

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Dawn,

      I wish I had something more concrete to write back to you, but unfortunately I kind of think we won’t be doing the retreat this year. I am still working on finishing my online Reiki video classes – I’ve finished Reiki I and Animal Reiki, but still have to put together Reiki II and the Master class. My friend who I did the retreat with is also pretty busy with her new baby.

      And shoot, honestly I don’t really know any other retreats to recommend. I’ve never been on a Reiki Retreat aside from ours, and I’ve been on yoga retreats that I loved but they were a few years back.

      I wish you the best of luck though in finding one if you haven’t already! Getting away is really the best thing sometimes. I just got back from a week in Sedona (visiting friends and going to a few classes at the Sedona Yoga Festival), and honestly it was EXACTLY what I needed. : ) I feel like a new person!

      Take care, Dawn.


  4. Jenny Hinrichs says:

    I am curious about a retreat to re-energize my reiki! I am a Reiki 2 and have been feeling overwhelmed with negativity! I feel a retreat will help so much. I am trying to plan my vacation and would like to know prices and dates on your retreats.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Jenny,

      We don’t have any upcoming Reiki retreats in the works right now, unfortunately. My friend Anna who I do the retreats with just had a baby, so she’s a little busy : ), and I had a really intense, hectic year as well.

      But I do agree with you that a retreat or getaway can help so much! Help to restore our energy levels and also give us that necessary space to just breathe and just be. I really hope you find one that fits you!

      As far as feeling overwhelmed with negativity – I’m so sorry to hear that. If it helps at all, almost everyone I know who’s in touch with their feelings has felt the same way this past year! : ) The energy is intense, lots of acceleration and major changes taking place on our planet.

      In my Reiki I video class, there’s a section on How to Protect Ourselves from Unwanted Energies. I will email you the part of the handout in that section that talks about How to Cleanse Yourself from Unwanted Energies. Hopefully it will give you some new ideas of ways you can get any lower energies away from you!

      Take care, Jenny!

  5. Paige Thompson says:

    I was curious if you have a minimum age limit on these Reiki retreats? I am 18 but one of my friends I would like to show this to is 16.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Paige,

      Thanks so much for your question.

      No, there’s no age limit for our Reiki retreats, you would be more than welcome to come, and your friend as well! I think it’s so great that you’re interested in Reiki already, I wish I had learned more about energy when I was just graduating from high school.

      The youngest people I’ve attuned to Reiki (so far) were ten years old. Understanding energy and knowing an energywork healing technique like Reiki is such a great thing to have, I wish everyone learned Reiki in school, I really do.

      Good luck with everything, and I hope it works out that you join us on a retreat! The best way to find out about them is to sign up for my Reiki newsletter, which you can do on this page:

      Take care!

  6. Amber Harrison says:

    I just…saw the ‘contact us button’ so um ignore my previous comment…

  7. Amber Harrison says:

    I would like to know how much the retreat cost, I looked on this site but am unable to find it I apologize if it’s right in front of my face…XD

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Amber,

      Thanks so much for your question. I don’t have the exact prices up for our upcoming Reiki retreats because we haven’t actually planned the exact dates yet… Also, in 2014 our Reiki I and II Retreat was a week long, whereas this year we are planning to have the Sedona Reiki Retreat likely be from a Thursday through a Sunday sometime this summer. The price will probably be around $1200, which includes lodging, all meals, Reiki I and II certification and training, yoga classes, and more, but we are still figuring everything out!

      We are doing a Reiki I retreat in Carlsbad, CA (near San Diego) in April, on a Friday through a Sunday, and the price for that weekend will be $750.

      The best way to find out exactly when the dates are and prices and everything would be to sign up for the Reiki Training Classes newsletter. We’ll let everyone know through the newsletter about Early Bird discounts and Special Rates.

      Good luck with everything, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

      Brooke Betts
      Reiki Master Teacher

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