Taking Reiki Classes Online – The Pros and Cons

Online Reiki courses vs. In-person Reiki courses

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Reiki classes onlineSo you’ve decided to become attuned to the Reiki energy and are looking at Reiki classes online? Great!

Being able to give the higher energy to yourself and others is life-changing. But should you try to find a Reiki master who can teach you in person, or will you get the same thing from an online Reiki class?

Here are the Pros and Cons to taking Reiki classes online:

Reiki Classes Online – The Pros

  • You can pick your Reiki Master Teacher and aren’t limited by location
  • You can take the online Reiki training on your time schedule
  • You get to see long-distance Reiki working in action in your online course

When choosing between Reiki courses online, the world is basically your oyster. Do you want to take a Karuna Reiki class but aren’t able to hop on over to Hawaii?  You can find a Karuna Reiki class online. Is there a Reiki Master you absolutely love? Provided they teach Reiki classes online, you can take their class even if they live halfway around the world.

Another benefit of taking an online Reiki course training and getting your Reiki certification online is that you can read the information and receive the attunement on your own schedule.  If you work full-time, you won’t have to race over to your Reiki class and be too tired to fully appreciate the experience. (I am speaking from past example! Why do you think I decided to give up my day job and do what I love: educate the world about Reiki and introduce it to as many people as possible?)

With online Reiki classes, you also get the benefit of seeing long-distance Reiki in action. You probably won’t receive the long-distance healing symbol in a Reiki I class, although Reiki Masters do have the discretion to teach the symbols as they feel ready. However, you will get to feel and experience how Reiki transcends space and time with a Reiki class online.  You may be better able to explain the attunement experience to your students should you eventually decide to become a Reiki Master Teacher and teach Reiki online one day.

Online Reiki Classes – The Cons

  • There’s something to be said for an in-person Reiki attunement
  • Reiki classes online can feel impersonal if you don’t have the right Reiki Master Teacher
  • Some Reiki Masters believe attunements must be done in-person (I am not one of them!)

Although I am a full supporter of taking Reiki classes online and believe them to be every bit as effective as those in person, I can’t deny there is something to the experience of being attuned in-person.  It’s kind of like learning Spanish in a classroom for a year versus going to Spain for a week and immersing yourself in the language. You’ll probably receive the same information, but one option sure sounds a lot more fun!

A Reiki attunement in an in-person Reiki class can (and should!) be a sacred, ceremonial experience. The Reiki Master should prepare the room properly, prepare you as well, and be there for you afterward in case you have an emotional reaction to the attunement.

Many of my Reiki students break down during their Reiki attunements, and it’s nice that I can send them loving, supportive energy to help them through it. Having someone in-person would be perhaps more comforting? You will also get to see what in-person attunements are like should you decided to teach in-person Reiki classes one day.

Another possible con to taking a Reiki training online is that some Reiki Masters don’t believe it is possible to attune someone from a distance, particularly for the initial Reiki I attunement. I personally don’t feel that way in the least. But, just like sending Reiki (and with everything in life!), you should go with what you feel is right.

A third potential con to taking a Reiki course online is that you probably won’t make the same connections with your fellow Reiki practitioners that you would in an in-person Reiki class. You never know who the Reiki students in your class may turn out to be: great people to network with, people who you can see their style of sending Reiki and learn from, or maybe even lifelong friends.

Reiki Courses Online – To Take or Not To Take Them

These are the Pros and Cons to taking online Reiki classes and getting your Reiki certification online versus in-person. Perhaps you may want to try both if you can, and take the Reiki I class in-person and subsequent Reiki classes online. The sky is the limit!

  1. Frannie says:

    Great Reiki website. I’m really impressed you have so much excellent and helpful information! Best of luck with everything!

  2. Kerry says:

    I actually really like taking Reiki classes online. I’ve had good experiences and I’ve taken them starting from Reiki One all the way up to the Master Level and beyond.

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