How to Study for Your Online Reiki Class

Even though once attuned, always attuned.

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studying for a Reiki class

I’ve always learned best by experience!

Reiki online class attunement

Many students feel the healing Reiki energy flowing in during their attunement

Here at Reiki Training Classes, my online Reiki I class lasts for three weeks and meets virtually once a week. You receive a course packet and syllabus explaining what the training entails and what will be covered each week.

At the beginning of Week One, you receive your Reiki attunement, and then in the two classes after that we practice, give you an example of how to do a complete Reiki session, and discuss the Reiki principles and concepts.

Note: Now that I have my online Reiki I video course training, I don’t teach the above Reiki I class over Skype anymore. The Reiki I online video class does still cover all the same information, though!

A common question the students ask is, “What’s the best way to study?” They want to know how to best apply what they learn about Reiki and have it sink into their brains.

Well… the good news is that the conventional idea of “studying” is not what I recommend for remembering what you learn in your online Reiki class. Yes, really. Going over the material because you feel like you have to, or because you want to make sure you are doing it perfectly, is totally unnecessary.

studying for a Reiki online class

The more you practice, the easier it is to feel the energy between your hands!

First and foremost, above anything else, practicing Reiki is fun! It is an amazing tool to use throughout the rest of your life that will help you heal yourself and others, manifest what you desire to create in your life and a beautiful way to connect to Spirit.

And though Reiki is a skill that you can definitely how to practice, and knowing the different symbols lets you use the Reiki energy for specific purposes, remember that you are not doing the work when you practice Reiki. Reiki is “spiritually-directed life energy,” not life energy directed by you. So the best thing you can do is get out of the way and let the Reiki flow through you!

Also, remember that in your Reiki training class, you receive the Reiki attunement at the very beginning of the first class. Therefore, you have the Reiki energy in you, and you will forevermore, regardless of whether you use it or not. If you don’t use your Reiki, it will simply lie dormant. falling into Reiki

Just as an interesting aside, I cried when I received my Reiki Master Teacher Attunement and kept saying, “I waited a long time for this, I waited a long time for this.” I was relatively new to Reiki at the time, so I’m convinced I  was referring to another life where I did wait a long time. So, your Reiki attunement may just stay with you throughout any “future” lifetimes!

The more you use your Reiki, the stronger it will get. So all you need to do is practice! Family and friends (and pets, of course) are great clients, and luckily you have the best client of them all always at your fingertips: yourself.

I strongly recommend my online Reiki class students to practice Reiki on themselves every single day for the 21 days following the online course. That way, their Reiki is getting stronger while at the same time it may help them get through any Reiki “healing crisis” that may happen.

Reiki energy lighting up the chakras

If only we could see the Reiki energy lighting up the chakras like this!

You do want to practice on yourself. I cannot stress this enough. At the Reiki II and Reiki Master online class levels, you may want to make flash cards with the symbol on the front and the name, invocation and meaning on the back. The fun part with making Reiki flash cards is that you have just created a divination tool for yourself as well. You can pick a card from your deck each day, and then work with that particular symbol throughout the day.

You can also make sticky notes with your favorite symbols and hang them above your bathroom mirror and on your fridge. Whatever you do, make it fun! I’ve tried my best to keep the Reiki I and Reiki II online class packets down to the most important information so that it sticks more easily.

And remember, every time you turn on your Reiki, you are studying for your online Reiki class. See how easy that was?

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