How Does An Online Reiki Training Class Work?

What happens in an online Reiki training class!

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The light within me honors and sees the light within you. It’s the same light.

Now, obviously, not all online Reiki training classes are created equal.

Each Reiki Master has the ability to structure the class according to how he or she believes they can best attune the student and teach about the Reiki energy. Since the online Reiki certification is not currently regulated by any organization, the discrepancies can be even greater.

Still, there are usually some basic consistencies in virtually every online Reiki training class on the Internet.

Here are the basics that should be included in your Reiki course online:

  • Your online Reiki course or class should include a Reiki attunement
  • Your Reiki training online provide information about that particular level of Reiki, (information about the symbols as well as general information for that degree.)
  • Your online Reiki training class should offer support from the Reiki Master Teacher (you should be able to ask questions about anything you need to.)

Getting attuned in an online Reiki training course

Reiki Masters offer Reiki training classes and courses online because time and space don’t exist as we’ve been taught they do. Regardless of whether you are taking a Reiki I, Reiki II or Reiki Master Level course, you should always receive an attunement.

In the Reiki courses I offer here at Reiki Training Classes .org, your attunement is given at the beginning of your course. The rest of the curriculum for the courses have varied. But you always want to know up front that you will be receiving a Reiki attunement in every online Reiki training class.

Additional information about taking a Reiki training online

The additional information you receive from your Reiki training online will of course depend on the training program and the level of the Reiki class. In a Reiki I class, for instance, you may learn about what Reiki is, various ways to use Reiki and perhaps even a few symbols.

If you are taking a second degree online Reiki course, you may learn additional symbols, how to send Reiki long distance or how to clear your karma or others’ with the Reiki energy.

In the Master Reiki training online, you may receive information on how to attune others, additional symbols or how to successful have a Reiki practice of your own. Regardless of the level, the attunement should not make up the entirety of the Reiki training.  You should be learning something new about Reiki in your online Reiki course or class.

The Reiki Master teaching your online Reiki course should provide support

As those of you who have taken a Reiki class before know, online or otherwise, receiving a Reiki attunement can affect you greatly indeed. You are most likely being exposed to a much higher vibrational energy than you usually vibrate at. This can stir up a lot of emotions, positive and negative, and can also have physical effects as well. It is not uncommon to feel as though you’ve come down with the flu for the next few days after a Reiki attunement.

The concept that we use is that you can liken your energy to a glass filled with water and dirt.  Eventually, the dirt settles at the bottom, unless you shake the glass.  And believe me,  Reiki will shake the glass! But you should be happy, for the Reiki is bringing all that dirt (lower vibrational thoughts, beliefs, etc) to the surface for you to deal with and release once and for all.

This being said, it is very nice to be able to depend on the Reiki Master Teacher of your online Reiki training for support and to answer any questions you have. Perhaps just being able to talk about your experiences in the days after your attunement could help you tremendously. So make sure you feel good about the Reiki Master teaching the Reiki online course.

So, there you have it. You should be good to go if you look for these three things in your online Reiki training course. You can find out more about my online Reiki Training Courses here!

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