Reiki Classes Online – Do They Work?

Arguments for and against online Reiki training courses

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Can you find quality Reiki courses online?

Reiki classes online symbolsYou can find anything online if you look hard enough! The question is not whether you can find online Reiki classes taught by quality teachers, but whether the Reiki attunements they give you will actually work.

Can Reiki actually be passed down in an online Reiki course? Reiki attunements, if you don’t know, are how Reiki Masters open up their students to the higher energy, or Universal Life Force.

The Reiki students become, “attuned”, or at one with this energy, so to speak, and are then able to let the energy flow through them.  But are the Reiki attunements given in online Reiki courses and courses as effective as those in person?

The argument for online Reiki classes

The argument is that if you can use Reiki to do long-distance healing work (which you definitely can! I can definitely attest to that!) then why shouldn’t you be able to give Reiki attunements from a distance?

The idea that time and space do not exist when it comes to energy is the same. If you can send Reiki energy long-distance, the attunements given in Reiki classes online should be just as powerful as those from in-person courses.  Since Reiki is passed down from Master to student on an energetic level and not a physical one, whether the student is right in front of the teacher or halfway around the world shouldn’t matter.

Also, Reiki attunements work because the student has opened him or herself up to the Reiki energy. Therefore, online Reiki training classes and courses should work just fine, as it is not so much the Master, but the students themselves who facilitate the attunements.

The argument against Reiki classes online

While I can’t explain the full attunement process online, as only Reiki masters are privy to the ceremonial ritual, there are certain portions of the attunement where the Reiki Master Teacher touches the student’s hands and feet.  Some Reiki Masters believe this to be a crucial part of the attunement process, as the touch between Master and student allows the student to open up and receive the Reiki energy.  In a Reiki class online, obviously this wouldn’t take place. Therefore, some Reiki masters believe that online Reiki courses don’t truly attune the student with the Universal Life Force energy.

What I believe about online Reiki courses and training classes

The majority of Reiki Masters I’ve spoken with believe that attunements can be done online in online Reiki classes, courses and training workshops. I believe the same. While the touch between Reiki Master and student is important, I believe it to be part of the ritual of attuning someone to the higher vibration, and not a crucial part of the attunement itself. In other words, the ceremonial ritual is important for its own sake in the mind of the student, but the actual attunement process itself works regardless of whether it takes place in-person or online.

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  1. Lesley says:

    I was to attune a Reiki student tomorrow but alas now we are all home bound I can’t. The world definitely need s healers today and always. Do you just visualise the process, connecting to your student , do you face time . We have put a lot of work info preparing for the attunement and should like it to go ahead . Any advice will be gratefully received. Love and Light Lesley

  2. Leigh Maasberg says:

    Good day
    Thank you for the post. I wanted to share an experience of mine, if that is in order.
    When it comes to Reiki, as a Reiki Master, I tend to be a traditionalist. I prefer training to be done in person, as there is something about training in person that one cannot get online.
    However, having said that, I recently had the opportunity to attune someone via a distance attunement. This is something that I have never done before, but was guided to do. This person was in America and I am in South Africa.
    To my great surprise, the feedback from the person was phenomenal. It worked! She mentioned that her hands were so hot during the process, which is, in my experience, a key sign that the attunement worked.
    I felt honoured that I could do this for someone. True, it is only one experience, but this leads me to believe that, under the right circumstances, it can be done.

    1. Reiki Training Classes says:

      Hi Leigh,

      I’m so glad that you shared your experience attuning that person to Reiki from a distance! I have found the same thing to be true, that time and time again students have VERY powerful experiences during long distance Reiki attunements. I’ve also been attuned in long distance Reiki attunements when students who take my online Reiki Master Class then want to practice attuning. I experienced firsthand that those attunements felt every bit as powerful as Reiki attunements I’ve had in person. That I’ve had a number of those experiences had led me to believe that long-distance attunements can be done. I appreciate your input though, so nice to hear from another Reiki Master what it was like for them!

  3. The Reiki Master says:

    Thanks, Claude! I sure appreciate it.

  4. Claude Silverio says:

    Great site! I’ve just added it to bookmarks.

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