Portable Reiki Tables FAQ

Frequently asked questions about portable Reiki tables

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“This table seems pretty good to me!”

Where can I get the best Reiki table?

portable Reiki tablesMany Reiki masters prefer portable Earthlite Reiki Tables for their high quality and comfort. Others like Oakworks Reiki tables. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

For more info on the factors you want to consider, see my guide to How to Find the Best Reiki Table for You.

Many new practitioners look on Amazon or go directly to the manufacturers’ websites.

You can also search Craigslist and see if anyone is selling a used portable Reiki table.

How much does a portable Reiki table typically cost?

Again, it really depends on which brand you go with and how concerned you are with factors like the weight of the table, the quality of the metal or wood of the legs, etc., etc. You can find a cheap Reiki table from $150 on up, whereas the more expensive, higher-quality Reiki tables start at $450 and go up from there. If you are a new Reiki practitioner just starting out with your Reiki practice, I think spending around $150-$300 is a good range for a table that will work for you.

What’s the difference between a portable Reiki table and a massage table?

They are not that different, although Reiki tables are designed with the intention the Reiki Master or practitioner will be sitting during the healing treatment more than a massage therapist would. Therefore, portable Reiki tables have table braces and areas for your legs to be. Also, since Reiki practitioners do not manipulate a client’s head the way massage therapists do, many portable Reiki tables do not have adjustable headrests.

What working height should I look for in my Reiki table?

Most Reiki tables are about 23 to 33 inches. This table range fits Reiki practitioners who are between five and six feet. For those taller Reiki masters (of which there are many!) you will probably want to choose the “long legs” option that allows the height to go up to 36 inches.

How long will it take if I order my portable Reiki table online?

While the answer to this question surely varies depending on which table you choose, many Amazon suppliers will ship your Reiki table to you within three business days. If you need to order a Reiki table that isn’t in stock, or need a customized table, these obviously may take longer.

What are the best brands of Reiki tables?

The portable Reiki table brands most widely-used by Reiki masters and practitioners are the EarthLite, BestMassage and Sierra Comfort Reiki tables. EarthLite tables have wood legs and a wooden frame, which can help ground your clients and give them a deeper connection with the Earth. (Hence the name?)

I like the EarthLite Reiki table. But do I really need a flexible headrest?

Join the club! I love Earthlite too, but wondered if I truly needed a flexible headrest. Honestly, it depends on a few factors, such as your finances, what your intentions are with your Reiki practice, and so forth. I have no regrets because I love EarthLite Reiki tables so much.

If you are tight on money (or green energy as I like to think of it), a flexible Reiki table headrest may not be on the top of your priority list. Perhaps your money would be better spent starting your own Reiki website and offering Reiki sessions to local clientele. Then, when you have the financial means, you can get a higher-quality table.

Or, if you are buying a portable Reiki table mainly just to practice on family and friends, you may not need all the ‘extras’ like a portable headrest right off the bat. (Hey, your family is already receiving the benefits of Reiki treatments! They’re not doing too shabby…)

However, if you are serious about opening up your own private Reiki practice, and plan to see multiple clients each week, investing in a flexible Reiki table headrest may be well worth it. In addition to being more comfortable, you can adjust a flexible headrest vertically as well as horizontally.

How much weight will a portable Reiki table hold?

While each brand differs, EarthLite Reiki tables (can you tell I love these tables!?) are manufactured to hold over 1,000 pounds.

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  1. Ophelia says:

    Hi, I’m really keen to learn how to use Reiki to help my family, my pets and myself. I have tried to attend courses in my closest location but it’s an hour and a half drive away. However the Reiki courses are run over a weekend and as I have children to take care of and a husband who works most weekends, weekend courses just won’t work for me. I’ve been drawn to your site, for online Reiki trainign and learning. I have a couple of question though. I notice on the Reiki II course outline it mentions weekly one hour Skype sessions. Is that for the “online” course too? I don’t live in the same time zone as yourself, or even the same country. I’m not sure that a Skype session at 3am would be very productive for me. Also, is the Reiki for animals included in the course price? I’m thinking if I join up, I should probably look at this sooner rather than later. Kind regards, Ophelia

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      I think that’s so great that you want to learn Reiki. I’ve really seen firsthand how it has helped me tremendously over the years. And also that you are so right, you can practice Reiki on your family of animals and people, on others and also on yourself. I find myself using Reiki every single day, multiple times a day.

      Let’s see, I have two online Reiki video courses that are all complete and that people are currently taking.

      One is the online Reiki I training, which you can read about and also enroll through that link.

      I’ve also finished the Animal Reiki online video course.

      I’ve already filmed the Reiki II and Reiki Master online courses, but am putting all the materials and handouts and everything together now.

      To quickly answer your questions, my online Reiki training program is all video-based, which means you log in online and can watch the videos, read the content and download the materials whenever works best for you. You can also go back and review as many times as you like. Once you go through a Reiki course, we can talk on the phone or over Skype if you like so I can answer any questions that may come up.

      Also, the Reiki I course and the Animal Reiki course are two separate classes, Reiki I is $200 and the Animal Reiki course is $150. The Animal Reiki course doesn’t include a Reiki attunement since I wanted Reiki practitioners of all levels to be able to take the class.

      I hope that clarifies things! Thank you for your interest in my Reiki program Ophelia. : )

  2. Wayne Taylor says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Let’s see, Reiki is broken down into three levels, Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master.

    In a Reiki I class, you learn the basics and how to give an in-person Reiki session and also how to send Reiki to yourself. You also usually learn the Reiki Power Symbol.

    In Reiki II, you learn how to send the Reiki energy through space and time, so back into the past and forward into the future as well as across any distances. You typically learn the Mental/ Emotional Symbol in a Reiki II class, and in my Reiki II online training you also learn the Manifestation Symbol, two Karma Clearing Symbols and about ten others.

    In a Reiki Master course, you are attuned to the Master Symbol and learn how to attune other people to the Reiki healing energy.

    I’m not sure if you know what an attunement is? People are able to channel Reiki from a Reiki attunement done by a Reiki Master. The attunement is basically an activation of the person’s ability to channel Reiki.

    I’ve found the experience of learning Reiki to be really powerful, and virtually every single student I’ve had has said the same thing!

    You could open up your own Reiki practice after just taking Reiki I, although most people I know usually wait until they have taken Reiki II or the Master Class. A lot of it has to do with confidence as well as being able to market yourself.

    In terms of having a successful practice, I know it’s definitely possible and have a lot of students who are really successful! But – it does take putting yourself out there and being proactive. A lot of students add Reiki on to an existing job they have, such as massage therapist or personal trainer.

    Here is all the information on my Reiki I online video course:

    I hope that helps you, good luck with everything!


  3. Geraldine says:

    Hi Brooke,

    I work in a shelter and I am interested in your Animal Reiki Course. Would you please email me any info on that course?
    Thanks, Much Appreciated!

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Geraldine,

      I think that’s so great that you work in an animal shelter : ) Anyone who works in a shelter must be a good person – I think that’s a prerequisite!

      Here is the information about my online Animal Reiki class.

      Thanks for everything you do for animals Geraldine. : )

  4. Pipian Guerrera says:

    Can you please contact me on my cell phone about your Reiki classes? Number is below.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Pipian,

      I took out your phone number because I wasn’t sure if you wanted everyone to be able to see it online!

      Maybe I can answer your questions about my Reiki trainings over email? I don’t really use my phone for Reiki-related calls, except for when people buy my online courses. Then, we do talk for 15 minutes or so so I can answer any of their questions that come up during the training.

      Thank you for your interest in my online Reiki courses though!

  5. Patricia Lopez says:

    Hello Brooke!!

    I hope you’re doing well!! I am really grateful and thankful to find your Reiki course! :D

    I’ve been desiring to learn Reiki for a very long time, and today I found your online course!! :D I am super excited to start your training!

    I was wondering if it’s possible to pay half the cost of the Reiki I class?

    I am also thinking of taking Reiki II, and the Reiki Master class.

    Thank you so much!

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Patricia,

      I think that’s so great that you want to learn Reiki, and also that you are asking for what works for you financially in looking for a lower price.

      But unfortunately, my Reiki I class is $200 and the Animal Reiki course is $150, and I’m not able to offer discounts on my online video classes. I really feel my Reiki training program is definitely worth the current price.

      Once I finish Reiki II and the Reiki Master Teacher online video courses, I do want to set up something that would work like scholarships for people who really want to take the classes but just can’t afford to. I will also be offering a Special Price for people who take all the courses (Reiki I, II, the Master Class and Animal Reiki). So if you took a course now, and ended up taking all of them down the road, you would definitely have that price.

  6. Amit Jain says:

    When will you attune me to Reiki because i am doing this for the first time.
    And i have read that self-attunement is also possible.
    I kindly request you to teach me.
    Because i want to learn distance Reiki as i want to heal a person from her physical illness.
    I hope you understand.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Amit,

      You receive a Reiki I attunement in my Reiki I online video course training, and you also learn about Reiki and how to use it. Reiki II is when you learn distance healing and how to send Reiki through time and space. I am not teaching one-on-one now that I have my online Reiki video courses, but the Reiki I video course is really in-depth.

      Take care,


  7. Ganesh says:

    Please send a free attunement reiki level 2 to me
    My name: Ganesh Chadhuri
    Age: 42,23 october 1974
    My country: India
    Please send a attunement reiki level 2 to me

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Ganesh,

      I don’t offer free Reiki attunements unfortunately. Dr. Mikao Usui taught that we need to have an exchange for a Reiki attunement to flow through. Also, I really want people to understand how to use their Reiki to best benefit themselves and this planet. Without learning in a class and understanding the symbols, for example, I feel like you can’t really get much out of an attunement. In my Reiki II course training, for example, you are attuned to the Long Distance Healing Reiki symbol, which allows you to send healing energy through time and space. But unless you understand the concept of “time” and what it really means, as well as how to draw the symbol, just being attuned to it won’t be that beneficial. You may feel a temporary boost in energy or raise in your vibration, but it won’t be lasting like it would if you truly integrated the symbol into your very being.

      I understand that in other countries the price of $400 for the Reiki II course is impossible, however, and I’m figuring out a way to offer access to people who can’t afford it otherwise. But I am just not there yet. Good luck with everything though!

  8. Margo says:

    Hello, I am searching for the right Reiki table. Just finished my Reiki master class. Thank you for all your help. Very helpful! I chose the Earthlite Avalon XD Portable Massage Table Package. My husband just ordered it for me. I can’t wait to start giving Reiki treatments! Thank you!

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Margo,

      You are so welcome! I’m glad what I’ve written helped you find the best portable Reiki table for you. And I love Earthlite massage / Reiki tables! Even though, ultimately, when it comes to Reiki it doesn’t matter where we are or what table we have during a session. : ) I have given some of the most powerful Reiki treatments without a table (on grass or sand or dirt) and no accessories like crystals or sound instruments or anything.

      And that being said, having the full Earthlite portable massage table package is never a bad thing : )

      I wish you the best of luck with everything.

  9. Hallie says:

    Hi, I have a Reiki related question for you. Is it physically possible that my mother sucks my energy out? Like all my good energy? Like for reals? I have my Reiki one certification.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Hallie,

      Well, I think it’s only possible for our energy to be drained if we don’t know how to consciously protect ourselves and hold on to our energy for ourselves only to use. It’s funny, I used to say the same exact thing, but now I’m realizing that it may be more about us naturally and automatically syncing up with whoever we are around or talking to or even thinking about. And especially in a Reiki treatment or session! We are always unconsciously connecting with energies outside of us unless we consciously direct our focus inward or set the intention not to.

      The good news is, we’re in control of our energy, the “bad” news, if you can call it that, is that if we’re not aware of how energy flows, we can accidentally become drained or have our energy flow out when we could use it contained within us.If we don’t consciously protect ourselves, our energy can leak out and we’re also more susceptible to having our energy influenced from outside sources.

      In my Reiki I online course, there is a section on how to protect yourself from unwanted energies as well as a guide with various ways to do so. I’m also thinking about doing a webinar on this topic soon, since it is a very common question that people ask me a lot!

      Take care,


  10. Margaret Mabrey says:

    Dear Brooke,

    I have so enjoyed reading your posts & questions & answers.Last week on utube I hit click to register for an online Reiki training class. It was called PURE REIKI HEALING PROGRAM. Originally $97.00 but because I was one of the early ones to order I got it for $47.00. I have an order number. But when I sent an email to the address given to me it was returned saying it wasn’t legal but they know who sent it. However I did get the first, second and third lessons to open up on utube. Supposed to get 3 attunements, one for each lesson, also 3 diplomas. But I don’t know who will give me the attunements? Can I ask for you to attune me? I live in VA beach, VA. I have a friend here that just completed her Reiki Master course. BUT I would rather have someone that doesn’t know me to do my attunements. I would have more faith then in the attunements. I love this close friend and I am sure she could no doubt do it. I was not assigned a Reiki Master teacher. The lessons are by 3 different names. They gave me a wrong email support address. I am blessed because God has given me a gift of some physic abilities. Quite often I sense things that come true. I hear voices. NO,I am not crazy. Example. Voice told me that my father-in-law was dead the night before he died the next day. I sometimes see things important happen EX.When George Wallace who was running for president at the time was shot . I saw the whole thing while I was meditating. Saw George on the podium and I saw the blonde headed male when he was in the aisle hunched down, then get up and shot Wallace. I really don’t know how to use my gift of Clairaudience. I wish I did. I hear angels singing from the temple of music also. Beautiful! I am so thankful to God for my gifts though. I am so very very interested in Reiki and learning how to heal people. I don’t want any money. I just want to help people and animals that need help, myself included. I am reading lessons 1 and 2 over again before moving to lesson 3. Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me. Your newsletetrs and articles on Reiki are written beautifully. Very well written. Please tell me if you will do the attunements. Thanks again. My name is Margaret Mabrey.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Margaret,

      I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience with paying for a Reiki class online! That is really horrible!

      Let’s see, I have an online Reiki training course – if you haven’t already found another one – and you can read all about it and sign up for it here:

      I also have an Animal Reiki course:

      The Reiki classes are online video trainings, which is nice because you can log in and download the materials as well as watch the videos as may times as you like.

      If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to ask me!

      Take care Margaret, good luck with everything : )


  11. Pierre says:

    Hi Brooke,

    Thanks very much as always for your support and encouragement. Providing Reiki and working with my clients to help them truly live healthy and happy lives is my greatest passion. It is magical when you are able to love the work that you do because then it isn’t work, you are following your purpose.

    Have a fabulous day,


  12. Wanda says:

    Reiki is super cosmic healing energy!

  13. Marlene says:

    Hi Brooke.

    I am not a Reiki practitioner yet, although I would like to be.

    How much do you charge for the Level 1 & 2 Reiki training along with the Animal Reiki online course.

    Thank you.


    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Marlene,

      Thanks so much for your question! I think that’s great that you’re interested in learning Reiki. I actually never intended to teach Reiki classes, or even become a Reiki Master Teacher. But I took my first class, and loved it so much, and now, here I am! : )

      Anyway, to answer your question, the Reiki II online video class is $200 and the Animal Reiki online video class is $150, so it’s $350 for both trainings. You can sign up for the trainings here:

      Even though I’ve already filmed the videos for Reiki II and the Reiki Master Teacher courses, I haven’t written all the content for the different sections and created the handouts and everything yet, so those classes won’t be available until the next couple months.

      Once I do have all the online Reiki classes ready up to the Master Level, I definitely want to have a special package price for people who buy all the courses, and I will definitely offer that price to people who’ve already taken the first classes.

      Since you’re new to Reiki, I actually think it would be a good idea to start with Reiki I (and Animal Reiki too, of course!) and really go through that class before taking Reiki II.

      I think that’s a good idea for a couple reasons:

      1) Many people go through what they call a “healing crisis” of sorts after a Reiki attunement. It’s not a bad thing at all, but the Reiki – or spiritual energy – is moving through your body and clearing out energetic blockages to make you a better channel for the Reiki. So it’s nice to kind of ease into that with a Reiki I attunement first instead of having what could be a pretty powerful cleansing.

      2) The Reiki I class is more about learning to send yourself Reiki as well as another person in the same room, while Reiki II focuses more on sending Reiki through time and space – so back into the past, forward into the future, and to people far away.

      I think it’s good to really get to know Reiki I and the concepts first, before moving on to the Reiki II course. Having a little time between the classes gives you time to practice as well, which is where I think we truly learn how to do something and understand it that much better.

      3) It’s not that there’s so much to know, really, but it definitely is worthwhile to really work with the Reiki I material first, and practice the hand positions, how to give an in-person Reiki session, etc. In Reiki II, there are a lot of fun topics, like how to consciously manifest with Reiki, how to clear karma, use a pendulum, work with crystals in your Reiki practice – all great topics! – but the core concepts of Reiki are really special too.

      Thanks again for your question! If you have any others, please feel free to ask me! : )

  14. Lizette says:

    My brother told me I would like your Reiki website. He is so right. Your information about Reiki has actually made my day. Thank you. Lizette

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Thank you for telling me that, you are so welcome!

  15. Donna Richardson says:

    When will you offer the Animal Reiki online course and how much does it cost. I have taken the Reiki level 1. I use it on my cats and they always yawn. I like doing Reiki on them more than people. It’s what I’m supposed to do I think. I like animal totems too, I have a book on animal totems and always look up the meanings.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks so much for your question – I am putting the online Animal Reiki training course together, and it will be ready in the next couple of days! I am so excited about it, I am like you it seems – I really, really like practicing Reiki on myself and on other people, but I LOVE practicing Reiki on animals : ) They are the best.

      The price will be $150 – there isn’t an attunement included, since I wanted to accommodate anyone who wanted to take the class regardless of their level of Reiki. But there is a Meditation to Connect with Animal Spirits that I think is so powerful!

      I have two dogs – one prefers distance Reiki – I think in-person Reiki is just too intense for her, but the other dog LOVES Reiki. He also yawns like your cats do, which is a sign they are accepting the Reiki and enjoying the session!

      I love to work with Animal Spirit Guides as well – and there’s also a section in the Animal Reiki course about Working with Animal Spirit Medicine. Our animal helpers are so incredible, aren’t they? They have helped me so very, very much – both the animals I live with and animal totems.

      I see that you signed up for my newsletter, which is great because that’s how I will be letting everyone know more information on the course and where to purchase the online Animal Reiki class.

      If you have any other questions for me, please feel free to ask!


  16. govind santoshi says:

    i want to join your reiki class

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Govind,
      Well, I would certainly love to have you! : ) You can find out more about the online Reiki I video course here. Take care, Govind!

  17. Shawna says:

    Hi Brooke,

    Do you have any ideas to help my aunt who has a terrible cough? She has been having really bad asthma and coughing, and the usual treatment stopped being effective. I took a Reiki two class and know the long distance symbol to send. We didn’t really do long distance healings though. I am inexperienced at the distance treatment or for that matter, doing reiki for specific conditions. Do you have advice? She is a very spiritual person and open to anything. I felt an impression as I did the reiki that maybe she had some emotions stuck in the heart chakra area, and she is very open to that thought but yet nothing comes up for here. She is a therapist herself so very in touch with her feelings usually. I would appreciate any advice or help. Thank you!

    Shawna Parker

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      I’m sorry to hear that your aunt has been having issues, Shawna. Here are a couple suggestions I thought of:

      1) Since the heart/ lungs chakra area is associated with Love (self-love and love for others), Compassion and Forgiveness (for ourselves and others) – you could also send her the Forgiveness Symbol as well. You don’t necessarily need to know who or what she has to forgive for it to be beneficial… or maybe it’s just to have more forgiveness and compassion for herself? But, yes, just picture radiating Love, Compassion and Forgiveness – a bright green energy to her heart area.

      2) Also, since she was a therapist, and I’m sure such a warm, caring person! – maybe cleansing her chakras and energy field could be beneficial before you send her long-distance Reiki healing. You can definitely do that from afar – maybe by visualizing her standing under a waterfall and the cleansing water just washing everything away. That way we can rest assured that she’s not being affected by anyone else’s energy that she inadvertently or unconsciously agreed to take on as her own.

      3) Also, there is definitely power in numbers! I would think that the next time you send her Reiki, to visualize a triangle of people surrounding your aunt – maybe Dr. Mikao Usui, me and you in a triangle, and she’s in the middle, receiving the energy. Or perhaps I’m at her head, you’re at her heart and Usui Sensei is at her feet.

      4) Also – this is something I was working on with my dog Jazzy earlier this year – is to look within myself to see why this experience is happening and I was a part of it. For example – I was thinking, “What is this experience teaching me?” If we each create our realities – and I really believe we do, why did I include that in my experience? Not to blame ourselves at all, but more of – how can this help me so what he did for me (he passed away) isn’t in vain?

      The experience with Jazzy taught me so much – to Surrender and Accept what’s happening (ultimately we’re not in control, as much as I’d like to be! : ).

      Since all healing is self-healing – a couple times I sent myself Reiki instead of him, because I felt it would be too intense for him, but also because the higher my vibration was – the more he could benefit from just being around me. So he really reminded me of that aspect to Reiki – that the only person we can truly “heal” is ourselves.

      The experience opened my heart in a way that I can’t even describe – he really cracked open my heart – that honestly I think hadn’t been opened that wide since my father left when I was two! He opened my heart to be willing to be vulnerable and really open my heart, which is HUGE!

      I also learned Patience, he reminded me of how strongly I believe food and natural supplements can heal us… so many things.

      So I would think of ways this experience with your aunt is helping you – because the lesson will continue until the lesson is learned, right? : D But once you learn it, there’s no reason to have that experience of her having the chest issues anymore. Maybe she is reminding you of your ability to heal yourself and help other people with Reiki, maybe the experience is helping you think brainstorm creative ways for healing, maybe the whole point of it was so you would remember how important family is and how love is all that matters.

      I hope that helps Shawna, good luck with everything!

  18. Nereyda Munoz says:

    Hello Brooke:

    I have a portable Reiki table and heating pad to sell and was looking for a site where people who would be interested might visit. That brought me to your site. I bought my table when I was training to become a massage therapist and only used it for training. I was injured during training and during my recovery it was found that I have arthritis in my spine. For that and other reason I dropped out of massage school and no longer have a need for my Reiki table.
    I would appreciate any links you could give me for a place to advertise my portable table.


    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Nereyda,

      I’m sorry to hear that you were injured during massage school; that is no fun… I actually twisted my ankle when I was in massage school as well, dancing of all things!

      Anyway, I wish I could help you, but I can’t really think of any place to advertise your portable Reiki / massage table other than the usual Craigslist or eBay.

      I’ve always had good luck with Craigslist, but since it’s a heavy massage table, you would want to of course take the normal precautions, like have someone else there when you make the exchange and do it in a very public place if possible.

      I actually use my massage table that I had originally bought for massage school for in my online Reiki classes! So I’m not sure if you practice Reiki or have any interest, but if you can’t sell your portable Reiki table, maybe you are meant to use it for another reason. (Maybe even to receive massages or Reiki! ; )

      Good luck Nereyda!

  19. Paula Michaels says:

    Hi Brooke,

    I teach Laughter Yoga. What you offer – Reiki trainings and online courses on how to achieve wellness and wellbeing – is also what we do but from a very different, non competing angle. Our online Laughter Therapy trainings offer a valuable add-on to all service professions. Laughter cannot heal nor solve anything, but it can heal and solve everything. I believe there is a possible synergy between our respective organizations that could prove mutually beneficial. I look forward to exploring possibilities with you.


    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Paula,

      Thanks so much for your email. I have done a little bit of laughter yoga – once very free-flowing and spontaneous where we basically just laughed for three minutes, and I’ve also laughed on purpose in kundalini yoga classes. I love laughter therapy and have found it to be very healing for me personally. And honestly, the few times in my life that I’ve felt low and depressed – I’ve turned to comedy and things that make me laugh to bring me back to myself. And it has always worked! Laughter and movement are the two things that remind me of how great life really is.

      I would be interested in a synergy with you, but I filmed my Reiki classes up to the Master Level as well as Animal Reiki in Sedona, AZ earlier this year, and am putting the finishing touches on the classes now. It took me a while to finish the Reiki I video course – because I really want to give students the best possible experiences – so I’m solely focusing on finishing the rest of the classes right now. (When I try to do too much, nothing ends up getting done!)

      Good luck with everything, however, and please take care!


  20. Linda says:

    Hi Brooke! Is it okay to draw Reiki symbols on my Reiki table? I work in a hair salon and have a portable Reiki table in the back room there. I want to draw Reiki symbols on the legs of the table but not if I need to keep them secret. Thanks! Linda

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Linda,

      That’s such a good idea; I’ve never thought of actually drawing Reiki symbols on the legs of your Reiki table before. What would you use, a permanent pen or paint even? I did have one student put pieces of paper around the room in his home that he was attuning me from. (He lives in Switzerland, and was doing a Reiki attunement on me in our Reiki Master Teacher class as a final project of sorts.) I do think the symbols added to the attunement, because wow was it powerful.

      I usually put Reiki symbols in the room during a Reiki session, but only mentally and by drawing them over the Reiki table and the four corners of the room before the person comes in. Regarding having the Reiki symbols out in the open and whether they should be kept secret or not, that’s a common question that students ask me. I even wrote a post about it last year! (

      In my opinion, we have the Internet now so we can spread and share information to one another. There are so, so many people (not to mention animals, not to mention our planet!) who need Reiki and can benefit from it becoming more and more widespread. I definitely want to show respect and honor to this beautiful and sacred healing tradition as well as respect those who came before (Usui Sensei, Hayashi Sensei), but I don’t think that letting other people see the Reiki symbols in any way detracts from that.

      There was no Internet when Dr. Usui started his system of natural healing. It would have been interesting to hear his take on whether or not the symbols should be kept secret in this day and age. He seemed like he really wanted to spread his Reiki system, and he helped so many people in such a short time.

      I actually have another Reiki student who took all three online classes up to the Reiki Master Teacher Level who got a tattoo of the Usui Reiki Master Symbol on her arm. It looked really beautiful! So I guess it’s a personal decision, really. To me, as long as you set the intention that you are drawing the symbols on the legs of your portable Reiki table because you want to ‘amp up’ your sessions and have a visual representation of the symbols, I see nothing wrong with that at all.

      I wish you the best of luck, Linda!

  21. Denise Farell says:

    Thank you Brooke for all your help! Waiting for my new reiki table to be delivered.

  22. Brenda Sanchez says:

    So much appreciation to my dad who sent me this article as I’m looking online for the right portable Reiki table, especially since tomorrow is Fathers Day. Thank you for your input!

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      I love this, Brenda, thank you for sharing that with me. : ) I’ve never met my father, but I had a pretty good Grandpa I must say. That’s such a great thing your Dad did for you, researching to find the best Reiki table for you! Very special. I hope you like the Reiki table you end up choosing : )

  23. Elena says:

    This was an incredibly helpful blog post. Finding the time to choose a Reiki table was hard. There are so many options. Thank you. Elena

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      You are so welcome, Elena!

      It’s so true, and they say that having too many options can paralyze us when it comes time to make decisions as well. And… we actually end up being less satisfied with the decision we do make because we’re thinking about what the other possibilities had that this one doesn’t. So my advice when looking for a portable Reiki table online is to do (a little) research, but not too much. Think about your price range, what you want and need the Reiki table to be able to do (like if you have to carry it to Reiki sessions, you want to be able to carry it), look at maybe two or three Reiki table brands, and then go from there. The last thing we need to do is get overwhelmed with anything having to do with Reiki! : ) It should be a fun, healing, peaceful endeavor, and the more we can bring that energy into everything we do, the better. Starting any type of business is stressful, even a healing practice! – so the more we can do to keep that stress to the minimum, the better. Best of luck to you!

  24. Diana Lopez says:

    I’m doing a self-healing of Reiki now… my Level 2 Reiki class starts next week….I love your tips…

  25. clare says:

    I have found your website very helpful. I have done Reiki Level one and will be doing Level two, so I am currently looking around at tables. I really like the Earthlite Reiki table. Thanks again.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Clare,

      Thanks so much for your comment! I think that’s great that you are going to take a Reiki Level Two class. Learning how to send Reiki long-distance is so nice, because you’re not limited by what we perceive as “space” and “time” in the way that most people think about those two concepts. You will probably also learn the Mental/ Emotional Reiki Symbol, which is such a powerful one as well.

      Reiki I seems to work primarily on our physical body, while Reiki II works on our mental and emotional layers and the Reiki Master class works on our spirit. Good for you for wanting to delve deeper into the practice of Reiki and get to know your own ability to heal yourself on a deeper level.

      I love Earthlite portable Reiki tables too! (Just in case that’s not glaringly obvious from all the articles about them : )

      Take care, I wish you all the best in your Reiki journey!

  26. Raina says:

    Hey there! Someone in my Reiki course shared your articles about finding the right portable Reiki table. Thank you for this information, I will save it and use it when I have enough money to finally buy my table online! I was confused about all the Reiki tables out there, thank you for making it more simple and giving me some things to consider.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Oh good, Raina, I am so happy to hear that the articles on choosing the right portable Reiki table helped! There are so many different brands out there, I understand completely how you could get confused and find all the different Reiki table choices overwhelming. Ultimately, as long as you get a table that is comfortable for your Reiki clients and where you can adjust the table to your height level, you should be just fine. You never want to let waiting until you find the perfect Reiki table to stop you from practicing Reiki on people! Best of luck to you…

  27. Randy says:

    Do you have any tips for places to get discount Reiki tables online? I’d appreciate it.|

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Randy, I don’t have a specific website I can send you to for cheap Reiki tables online, but I personally see a lot of deals on Amazon. I also think that most of the large Reiki table suppliers do have a presence on places like Amazon and perhaps eBay, so I think looking on those larger sites would be your best bet.

  28. Glenda Martinez says:

    Hi, I have Reiki one and two and now am looking at the Reiki tables to find a good one. I found your website online and I like your suggestions on buying the right Reiki table. I signed up for your newsletter and am grateful to learn more. Many people will benefit from your writing I think. Cheers!

  29. Erik Korner says:

    Wow, this article is excellent, thank you for helping me decide which table to get.

  30. Darren Shakes says:

    Nice site over here! Thanks for explaining how Reiki works and the best online classes to take. If you like to visit my website check it out! Thanks!

  31. Daiya Rennit says:

    Hi there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I will definitely digg your Reiki site and recommend it to my friends. I’m sure they’ll benefit from your site, we’ve been looking for a quality explanation of Reiki for a while.

  32. Sasha Clemente says:

    This is a cool website about Reiki. Thanks a lot for posting this information.

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    Hi you have a nice website over here! Thanks for posting this interesting information about Reiki training classes for us! If you keep writing, I’ll keep coming by! Thanks!

  34. Francine says:

    I use my massage table when I go see Reiki clients, and it works okay for me. Just FYI.

  35. Candie Chinni says:

    Sorry, but I disagree with this post. I like Stronglite tables myself.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Candie, We appreciate your honesty, and hey, to each his or her own. We have given and received Reiki treatments on Stronglite tables, and found them to be very effective. It is simply the combination of factors around Eartlite portable Reiki tables that make them our table of choice. But at the end of the day the most important thing is the Reiki anyway, right? Who cares what type of table you use to practice Reiki? The Reiki certainly doesn’t care!

  36. The Reiki Master says:

    You’re more than welcome, Darren. Now get out there and become attuned to Reiki if you’re not already, will you?

  37. The Reiki Master says:

    Thanks, Wendy Lynn! We try, we try.

  38. Wendy Lynn Thomas says:

    You have some genuinely beneficial information composed here. Good job and keep posting good stuff.

  39. Darren Sagan says:

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