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My all-time favorite portable Reiki table

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EarthLite reiki tables
The consensus is in: My personal preference (and many of the students who take my classes agree!): Earthlite Reiki Tables are the best!

Of course, you want to weigh certain factors to determine the right table for your particular needs – see my Guide to Finding the Best Portable Reiki Table for You. But all things considered, I cast my vote with portable Reiki tables by Earthlite.

Why EarthLite, you ask? Let me explain:

 EarthLite Reiki Tables Support The Environment

The EarthLite brand manufactures their Reiki tables with the utmost respect for our planet, this beautiful Earth that we live on and borrow resources from.  EarthLite never uses wood that comes from rainforests, which only depletes them. Instead, EarthLite builds their Reiki tables using hard maple wood from Canada for the legs and braces and Baltic birch plywood for the top portion of the table, both of which are sustainable.

EarthLite also uses an environmentally-friendly foam for the padding on the Reiki tables as well as water-based vinyl and lacquer.

EarthLite Tables Can Help Ground Your Clients

Because EarthLite Reiki tables are made from renewable wood sources, they help your clients feel grounded and supported during their Reiki healing treatments. The wood designs on the Reiki tables are aesthetically pleasing as well, and make for a serene, relaxed environment.

Since clients can sometimes feel a bit “up in the clouds” after a treatment, the wood element of the EarthLite tables can help them remember that we are here on Earth, even if only for the time being.

Portable Reiki Tables by EarthLite Are Made To Last

In order to qualify for a special safety listing, EarthLite portable Reiki tables were tested to see if they could hold 1,000 pounds. Another test dropped 450 pounds onto the Earthlite tables from six inches above the tables, and the Reiki tables also underwent a simulated use test. Of course, they passed all the tests with flying colors.

Their Portable Tables Come in A Variety of Colors

You get to choose from sixteen different colors. I particularly enjoys the names of the ‘Rose Quartz’ pink option and the ‘Amethyst’ purple choice. Using the names of crystals as colors for Reiki tables is always a good thing in my book! Also, the fabric made up of polyurethane with a biodegradable rayon backing. Yes, yes, and yes!

EarthLite Offers a Lifetime Warranty on Many of Their Reiki Tables

Um, yes please? While you may choose to upgrade your portable Reiki table down the line, or need more tables should you decide to teach in-person Reiki training classes or courses, a Lifetime Warranty is always a good thing to see. This means that EarthLite believes in its products. So do I.

So, there you have it. I have tried and tested and tested and tried the various Reiki tables out there, and the winner is in. While not necessarily the cheapest, portable Earthlite Reiki tables are the best around.

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    Any time, Aaron. Reiki is so valuable and beneficial. It’s time the world knew more about it.

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