How to Prepare Yourself To Send Animal Reiki

Because animals deserve our very best, no?

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animal reiki pic gorilla eye

Reiki for Animals on Jaya the dog

Let’s say you’ve recently taken my Animal Reiki online course training and are going to start volunteering at your local animal shelter or add Animal Reiki to your existing private Reiki Practice.

First of all, kudos to you! You are furthering your ability to send Reiki, for every time you practice Reiki, the stronger it gets as it clears out your inner channel for the energy to flow through.

Not to mention that the animals of the world can certainly use the Animal Reiki. They have been encouraging me to “Get on with it, already!” and do everything I can to help this world transition to a more heart-centered one.

The more that I “get on with it”, the faster we can help everyone wake up, raise their vibrations and thus help the animals currently suffering. For when we are vibrating at higher frequencies, we naturally are repelled by animal cruelty and factory farming and the like.

centering before reiki

Even one minute of closing your eyes and listening to your breath will help center you for your Reiki session.

So if you will be working with animals and sending them Animal Reiki (well, just “Reiki” really, but we humans love to classify things, don’t we? ; ) the best thing you can do to prepare beforehand is to center, balance and ground yourself.

You want to do this before sending Reiki to people as well, but when practicing Reiki on animals it is particularly important because of their higher sensitivities to energy.

Reiki meditation

Closing your eyes to the outside world before a Reiki session allows you to open your eyes to your inner world.

Chances are that you were attracted to Reiki in the first place because you have natural empathic abilities that were ready to be used constructively. Whether or not you used your intuition or learned to repress it from society, your empathy was there, even if it remained dormant and latent.

And just look at how we empathic people can pick up the energy of others. Since animals are so much more empathic than we are, and simply live in a world dominated by energy, they will read our vibration immediately.

And is an animal going to want to be around a person with scattered, sparky, unbalanced energy? Or would he or she prefer that calm, gentle person, who, through a consistent Reiki practice on themselves and possibly others, has cultivated deep peace within and an ability to be truly present when sending Reiki.

Reiki energy wave

If only we could see energy like this… Perhaps animals can?

Let’s say we humans pick up someone’s ‘negative’ vibe as a low, annoying hum in the background. To an animal adept at perceiving energy- since he uses energy as a guide for his actions all day long- that person’s vibe will sound like a fire truck’s siren as it races down the road.

Therefore, we want to enter the Animal Reiki session feeling comfortable and relaxed. If you’ve had a stressful day, even taking a minute to close your eyes, practice a simple Reiki meditation – like the Gassho Meditation with your hands at your heart – or paying attention to your breathing can help you immensely for the upcoming Reiki session.

animal reiki meditation

You can invite the five elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether – to be present in your Animals Reiki session as well.

The higher your vibration, the easier it will be for the animal to relax and perhaps even take a “Reiki nap” – where the recipient sleeps outwardly so they can heal on the inside.

Your energy field can literally raise the field of the animal. Thanks to entrainment, which means that one vibration will affect those around it, you literally have the power and ability to raise the vibrations of others.

animal totems with reiki

Idea: Send Tiger Energy to a cat during an Animal Reiki session. One cat who receives regular Reiki, Maya, loves it!

For example, if you put two grandfather clocks together that are swinging at different rates, after a while they will sync up and swing together. If your vibration is high, eventually the animal’s will raise up to meet yours. It has to.

So put your focus on keeping your vibration positive. This is an extremely powerful state of being to be in – to be relaxed and free of any expectations about the outcome of the Reiki treatment – yet empowered and confident at the same time.

The more we can direct our vibration, the better we can affect the animals we are working to help. Pets such as our dogs raise our vibrations all the time by encouraging us to spend time with them and simply being so cute. Let’s pay them back by continuing to think in ways that keep us strong and our vibrations high. They deserve that and then some, don’t you think?

Reiki dog running

Pure, positive Reiki energy in action!

  1. Peter says:

    Hi can you tell me a little bit more about helping animals with animal Reiki? Thank you

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Peter! Sure, here are a couple things to know that can help when it comes to sending pets Animal Reiki:

      Pets often mirror the emotions of their owners, they love us so much that they will take some of our lower-vibrational energy and try to transmute it for us. So, sometimes, issues we have can show up in them in an exaggerated way. For example, I might have stomach problems and a hard time digesting food, and my dog might have the same issue! It’s really amazing, but I’ve seen it in my personal life and also had this confirmed by a couple people who are veterinarians and vet techs.

      So, when you’re practicing Animal Reiki, you can feel good that you’re also likely helping the pet’s owner as well.

      Also, you can use other healing modalities with animals like aromatherapy (a drop of lavender on a dog’s third eye), color, and massage. Animals respond really well to acupuncture too. The only thing to remember with aromatherapy is how sensitive animals are to smells, so a little goes a long way!

      Finally, you can also use animal totems, or animal medicine in your Reiki sessions, either on people or other animals. Maybe you are working on a person and you see a lion in your mind’s eye all of a sudden. You can send the person lion energy, which is strong and fierce but also relaxed and ‘king of the jungle’. You can consciously call in different animals’ guidance and support too, they are here to help!

      We go over a number of other techniques in the actual Animal Reiki online course training, such as more on Animals and Energy and How to Give a Complete Reiki Session to an Animal (both in-person and long-distance.) Hope this helps you Peter!


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