Oh, what Reiki can do for you…

I've lost count of the benefits!

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Reiki circle

What amazes me about Reiki is how it always, always works. Sometimes, (okay many times, since my human mind still thinks it’s running the show and that it knows what’s best for me,) sometimes I don’t realize quite how the Reiki worked until days or years later when I can see the situation in retrospect.

But increased trust that life just works? Check. Tangible results in healing physical issues? Si. Unexplainable synchronicities or occurrences that leave me marveling at the magic of being alive? Every day.

So before you sign up for your online Reiki I course, you may want to read this important warning:

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  1. Ershad Banu K says:

    Hi my name is Ershad Banu K nan I love to be a reiki trainer! The online Reiki course training is absolutely fine n perfect

  2. vijitha says:

    I would love to learn reiki

    1. Reiki Training Classes says:

      Hi Vijitha,

      I would love to have you in a class! The online Reiki I course training is the perfect place to start. : )

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