Why Practicing Reiki Requires Courage

Let's look fear in the eye, shall we?

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reiki and courage

Being a quality and dedicated Reiki practitioner is no small feat.  The outside observer may think, “Well, all you have to do is be there and hold out your hands.”

Even in my Reiki classes online, I teach that the best thing you can do when sending Reiki is “get out of the way” so the Spiritually-directed energy can flow through you. You just need to “be to be” and create a space where the healing can take place.

Nothing to it, right?  Well, not so fast.

Remember, every time you send Reiki, the Reiki flows through you and out your hands (which are an extension of your heart) to the person receiving the Reiki treatment.

Therefore, every time you give a treatment, you essentially receive one as well. Hence the common saying,  “Give a treatment, get a treatment” that is so popular in Reiki circles.

Now Reiki is an extremely powerful healing tool. It heals us on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. And I probably don’t have to tell you that healing isn’t always “fun”, at least not at the time.  :  )

intention and reiki

The power of intention in our Reiki practice to effect change is well-known.

When it’s obvious that I am healing and processing some old beliefs or changing my thoughts to a new, more truthful paradigm, I do set the intention that the changes take place as easily and effortlessly as possible.

Since intention is so important when practicing Reiki, proposing a relatively painless transition for yourself does work.

Well, it works as much as it’s supposed to work. (Therein lies the catch.) The Reiki always works and always heals, just usually not in the way we expect it to or think that it should.

A brain on Reiki.

This brain sure could use some Reiki!

For example, if my soul is truly ready to get over an ex-boyfriend, let’s say, and I set the intention for healing during a Reiki session, the Reiki may work by bringing all the painful thoughts I repressed about him to the surface to be released and let go of.

But, instead of having my desired reaction after the session of feeling freer and being able to forget about him, I may have obsessive thoughts about my ex for a day or two. Now, that’s no fun!

But it is the Reiki working, and what soothes me during those times is knowing that, by virtue of going through this, the Reiki  really is cleaning and clearing me out. Those lower-vibrational blockages are leaving me for good, so that I may vibrate at a higher frequency and therefore attract a partner who is even more “in tune” with who I am and the life I’m destined to live.

reiki strength

We are stronger than we think we are.

Another thought that I always remind myself of during a “healing crisis” is how so many of them have occurred before, and yet here I still am, strong and thriving. I made it through, even if I wasn’t so certain I would at the time!

I think of how I am so much healthier inside, and all the positive changes in my life since I began my journey with the healing Reiki energy.  Remembering all the days I’ve felt like this before helps me get through these troubling times.

So, yes, being a Reiki practitioner requires deep courage, for every time you give a session, you are openly saying to the Universe, “I am willing to heal. I am open to change, and I am willing to heal.”

reiki fire

Sometimes my hands really feel like this!

When we remember that we often attract people to work on who have similar issues we do – thanks to the Law of Attraction and also soul contracts we made with these individuals – we can see our bravery even clearer.

Essentially, we are throwing ourselves into the fire to be cleansed and purified!

reiki pat on the back

Thank you for all that you do through Reiki to make this world a better place.

So let’s take a moment to pat ourselves on the pat for being willing to heal. So many people spend their entire lives running from their emotions and difficult sensations.

We, however, we are fighting the good fight. We are willing to take open and honest looks at ourselves so that we can make a stronger impact on humanity.

Let’s commend ourselves for that.

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