What Taking A Reiki Healing Course Can Do For You

Um... besides make you feel more ALIVE!

by Reiki Training Classes in Healing With Reiki
Break free with a Reiki class

Reiki classes help you break free from false beliefs about yourself.

Reiki- much more than a band aid

Reiki – much more than a band aid

During an online or in-person Reiki class, at one point or another, your “stuff” will likely come up. (I’m referring to past beliefs, hurts, pains, negatively that stems from this or previous lifetimes.) All that junk comes up for a reason, though, so you can heal it and let it go from your physical body.

You see, the saying that “time heals all wounds” is not entirely true in my book. While the strength and force of the pain does diminish over time as we go through the grieving process of the loss of whatever wounded us, the emotions that we don’t process from the wound get stored in our body and can remain there indefinitely.

your mind on Reiki

This is your mind on Reiki.

These emotions being lodged in our bodies doesn’t come without consequences, however. Emotions that we don’t process get tucked away and cause physical illness, sometimes ten, twenty years down the road.

That is why the best way to ensure true body health for yourself is to feel your emotions as they arise. This is what children do, and once the feeling passes they go on about their business as if nothing was wrong.

How to feel your emotions as they arise

Feeling your emotions sounds easier said than done, doesn’t it? We live in a society where we’ve been taught to deny how we feel, to be strong no matter what and act like everything is okay even when we don’t necessarily feel that way.

But with practice, feeling your feelings becomes easier. Let’s say you feel bad when something happens. Unless it is a life crisis that everyone deals with such as death of a loved one or loss of a relationship, your reason for feeling bad probably has more to with your beliefs around the situation than the truth of what is going on.

So a great way to help yourself stay with the feelings is to recognize that you feel this way because of false beliefs you adopted as a child. These beliefs are not true or real, even if the emotions they cause surely feel that way!

Also, have compassion for yourself for feeling the way you do. It makes perfect sense, especially given these false beliefs you adopted when you were growing up and didn’t know any better. Compassion for yourself is really the key.

So, in a nutshell, Reiki classes and training programs can do a great deal in improving your mental and physical health, allowing you to live more fully in the truth of the beautiful person that you are. Not too shabby for a healing art, eh?

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