How Reiki and Other Healing Modalities Go Hand-in-Hand

Massage, personal training, physical therapy, etc...

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healing with Reiki

Let all the love you hold in your heart flow from your hands.

The beauty of working with the healing Reiki energy is that you can use it alongside virtually every other healing modality out there.

Are you a massage therapist? Turn your Reiki on before every session. Hang the power symbol above your table and watch your clients’ reaction.

Do you use another type of energy medicine or energy work? Blend your Reiki seamlessly into it too!

The intelligent Reiki energy only works for the highest good of all concerned, so you never have to worry about it backfiring or creating any “negative” or unwanted effects.

Reiki symbol

Reiki symbols enhance the healing energy

Reiki can be the perfect complement to any medications or supplements you may be taking as well.

For example, if you currently take probiotics or Salmon Oil or any tinctures, Reiki the bottles and ask that the Reiki energy help your body receive the nutrients and benefits.

More and more hospitals are recognizing Reiki as a valuable addition to surgeries and people with illnesses. The prestigious Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York allows Reiki practitioners to work with people recovering from surgery; the National Institute of Health has used Reiki in their palliative care unit since 2000.

As anyone who has received a Reiki treatment or received a Reiki attunement can attest, the power of healing with hands and Reiki’s potential is undeniable. So, turn your Reiki on anytime you need it.

Why not use all the powers at your fingertips? (pun intended.)

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