How to Use Reiki to Remember Your Purpose

Even though your "purpose" is just to be the highest expression of YOU!

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Find your purpose with Reiki.

ee cummings on courageWe all crave a purpose-filled life, don’t we?

We want to understand why we’re here, and what gives life meaning. We only have a short time on this planet after all, maybe a hundred years if we’re lucky. So what is life all about, and let’s figure this out, not to mention quickly!

But, hey, no pressure :  )

To make matters worse, there are as many purposes out there as there are people. My purpose may be to write, it may be to raise a child who will grow up and do amazing things, or it may be even to smile at that one person on the street that one day, which in turn helped give them the energy do something great to help out our world.

Reiki hands around worldWho knows, really? And are we supposed to not enjoy our  lives until that one day we wake up and magically have it all figured out, or until we somehow turn into one of those lucky few who eats, sleeps and breathes whatever it is that makes them feel really, truly alive?

I personally think our purpose is just that, to do whatever makes our heart sing and puts a smile on our face and passion in our heart. Our purpose is to feel good, to be happy and free and to add our unique contribution to the world, however that looks.

Reiki has really helped me remember my purpose, and used correctly, I believe it can help you too. Practicing Reiki has the uncanny ability to bring us into the present moment. And our power is always in the here and now, meaning that when we’re worried about the future or still in the past, we are giving away our ability to create and manifest in this moment.

Every second of our lives, we are literally creating our future, but without being fully present, we often create more of the past or even worse, what we’re trying to avoid happening later on.  What we focus on expands. And if we are giving a Reiki healing treatment, focusing on healing and our breath and feeling the energy flow through us, we are widening our scope of creation and any resistance (aka fear) we usually have that so often annoyingly resides between us and what we really want disappears.

When Reiki helps us get out of our monkey minds – where nothing gets accomplished but rumination and going around and around in circles – what we truly want to do can sometimes become very clear.

Perhaps we have a flash of inspiration, or we realize that in service to others, we also serve ourselves. Focusing on other people besides ourselves and our perceived problems can often provide us with great clarity and insight.

Reiki in CambodiaI know that when I did Reiki and massage at an orphanage in Cambodia for kids that have HIV and AIDS, I felt as though I could have stayed there forever. Helping others feels good, because in reality we are always helping ourselves as well. (By the way, at the orphanage, all the kids wanted to give US Reiki!)

cambodia reikiI first became interested in healing arts such as Reiki about eight years ago after getting really sick. On a Monday, I put my dog to sleep, that Wednesday, the doctors said my mom’s breast cancer had spread, and on Thursday I was in the hospital where the doctors told me they suspected I had cancer.

Now, eight years later, I can talk about that difficult time in my life and put it into perspective, fitting it into the bigger picture of my journey. But could I have done that then? No way.

Nowadays, I intend to write an eBook How I Cured My Cancer Naturally and You Can Too, which will hopefully help people that have cancer and empower them. I teach in-person and online Reiki classes, which help people understand how energy works and their ability to heal themselves. I live a very healthy lifestyle and influence my friends and family around me in a positive way.

But could I have known this is what I would have been doing before all that happened? Of course not. I share my experience to hopefully show that not knowing our purpose is quite okay. Maybe we’re not supposed to understand how everything fits together just yet. But as long as our intention is there, and we genuinely want to be a force for good in this world, in my opinion that is more than enough.

We can send Reiki to the situation, to assist us in our understanding of what brings us meaning, but after that, we must let it go. Although easier said than done, once we’ve Reiki-ed the situation (did I just create a new verb?) there is nothing more to do.

Reiki girl

Of course, we can take action if we feel inspired to do so – I am not suggesting we sit idly around and wait for our purpose to fall on our heads – but as long as we set our intention that our lives be filled with meaning, and we commit to acting upon any instincts we have, even if they scare us a little (maybe especially if they scare us a little), we are in pretty good shape.

We literally create our reality with our minds. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

visualizing with Reiki

A couple additional ways to use Reiki to help you remember your purpose:

  1. Draw Reiki symbols on your affirmations that you read and say aloud each morning. Write affirmations that resonate with your personal vibration, like “I commit to facing my fears” or “I understand that everything happens in perfect timing.” For I truly doubt that anyone can figure out something so important as a “purpose” by placing pressure on themselves.
  2. Give yourself self-treatments with the Mental/Emotional Symbol if you know it, a very powerful symbol with a wonderful invocation of, “I have the ki/key.” You can also give yourself the Divine Purpose symbol (one of my favorites, with the invocation of, “I am fulfilling my Divine Purpose here now”) as well as the Higher Self Connection Symbol and any others that feel right.

By raising your vibration with a self-treatment, you will automatically attract situations, people and events into your life that resonate with that higher frequency, making it easier to magnetize yourself to what you really want – even if you don’t fully know what that is yet!

The powerful healing tool that is Reiki can help us in so many ways if we just let it. Every time that we send Reiki, whether to ourselves or another, we are tapping into Universal Consciousness and allowing energy directed by Spirit to flow through us. And since Spirit is simply another name for our Higher Selves, that all-knowing part of every one of us, every time we let those extremely wise and knowledgeable vibrations flow through us, a little of it simply must move into our conscious minds.

With the right intention, we can soak up that wisdom and understanding and be the people we are meant to be.

Remember your beauty

Every last one of us.

  1. Teri says:

    Hi Brooke :)

    I think I’ve gone through your website with a fine-toothed comb … I loved every part of it, your stories, the pictures …!

    You’ve truly offered such a beautiful service, your words and heart simply but powerfully convey your loving essence. I resonate with what you’re doing and am so inspired to know you’re out there :)

    I’m a Reiki Master Teacher myself and have used reiki in my holistic health practice for ~ 15 years, but I haven’t been teaching it. I found your site because I’m working on my website and have been drawn to create a program and online course myself, and I know I will incorporate Reiki healing.

    Thank you again for being you, and for further inspiring me to help our Universe and others heal :)


    1. The Reiki Master says:


      Thank you so, so much for your kind words. They made my day when I first read them, and honestly a couple more days since then when I re-read them : ) Your message really came at the perfect time for me – I have been struggling a little bit with everything – questioning some things. and also so focused on finishing the online classes that sometimes the fun and joy and magic of it all got lost in the shuffle a little bit.

      But to get an email like yours, it really helps me, and also reminds me why we do what we do in the first place – because we care about others and want to empower them and remind them of their power to heal themselves! So thank you : )

      I think that’s so great that you are going to create an online program and course – it is a tremendous amount of work, more than I really anticipated starting out, but I also had some unexpected speed bumps along the away and lost my momentum for a little bit. I’m also not that technical, and tried to do a lot of the technical stuff myself – so if you’re not technical, I would suggest that the more you can hand off to someone else to do, so you can focus on creating the content, the better!

      But if it’s something you really want to go – and what a great service to incorporate and share everything you’ve learned – it’s so worth it. Especially once you’re finished! ; D And I learned a ton along the way too of course.

      Take care, Teri! And namaste right back : )


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