The Best Thing You Can Do To Strengthen Your Reiki Practice

Hint: It's probably not what you think.

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reiki quoteWhen you see a title like that, you might think, “She is probably going to suggest that I practice Reiki every day.” After all, the more you practice Reiki, the stronger it gets, right? Nope.

Or maybe you expect me to remind you to do the Gassho meditation – how you start every Reiki session, with your hands in prayer position at your heart center, giving thanks and opening up to the healing Reiki energy – every morning and night before you go to bed. Wrong again.

quote about ReikiBecause although you may have every intention of doing these practices – which are both wonderful, by the way – “life” will inevitably get in the way, and your child will need his lunch packed for school, or your dog will need to be walked, or your demanding boss will require your full attention yet again, all all your good intentions will go out the window.

And over time, without a clear plan for how you can make headway on your biggest dreams and lifelong goals, those little day-to-day necessities can end up taking priority over your larger mission here on Earth. The reason you came to this planet in the first place can get pushed deep inside or “saved” for that rainy day, which never quite ends up coming.

So, without further ado, the absolute best thing you can do to make your Reiki practice as strong and powerful as can possibly be is to do something, no matter how small, each and every day that makes your soul sing. For when your heart is happy, your vibration is high and you will emanate Reiki. Best part is, the outcome of whatever you end up doing at that moment is completely irrelevant.

reiki bliss

Reiki naturally builds within when we go after what we want.

Let’s say Bella wants to go part-time at her job and start her own private Reiki practice. She took my Reiki healing classes online and will be the very first Reiki practitioner in her town.

How exciting! And most likely terrifying at the same time, right? : ) Of course it is! Those things we truly want usually are. So Bella’s brain can easily move to, “Well, what if I don’t have enough clients?”, “What if my income isn’t enough to support my family?”, or “What if I fail?”

Sadly, those irrational fears often prevent us from doing what we most want in life. And if we continue to ignore what our heart and soul is encouraging us to do, over time we start to vibrate at a slower frequency. The fear literally grows inside us and creates an energetic blockage inside our body. The vibration we put out to the world becomes slower and slower when we’re out of sync with our true nature, with that frequency that vibrates at the same rate as Universal Consciousness.

paulo coelho quote

Beloved writer Paulo Coelho most certainly holds a ton of healing light energy that he shares with us through his words!

In truth, it doesn’t really matter whether Bella’s Reiki practice actually succeeds or not. Rather, it is the fear that might prevent her from even pursuing it in the first place that will eat away at her soul. Once she begins to pursue her dream, she is fighting the good fight. Que sera, sera (Whatever will be, will be).

Luckily, Bella may just succeed, since the Universe often rewards us when we take those risks we long to take. Once we’re in the flow and going after what we want, those good feelings that accompany our courage will attract more good feelings about ourselves and our capabilities. Our positive ball of energy will continue to grow inside us until we eventually succeed, one way or another.

Reiki joy

Happiness abounds!

So if your true love is dance, then move. If being a mom to your son is why you incarnated, then make time to enjoy him every day, even if that simply means being present for a couple minutes before he falls asleep at night.

The best thing you can do every day to strengthen your Reiki practice may very well have nothing to do with Reiki at all, at least not at first glance.

But when you let your light shine, which you do naturally anytime you pursue something you love, you dissolve any energetic blockages of fear and doubt residing within. And not only are you practicing Reiki in that moment, you are Reiki.

Now, off you go!

Walt Disney quote about dreams

Our true nature IS Reiki.

  1. Sowmya G S says:

    I am interested to learn Reiki. Is the online Reiki training suitable or should I do a normal one? How much does the course cost and how many stages are there? May I know in Detail?

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Sowmya,

      Definitely! Here is all the information for the online Reiki video course training. You can also enroll through this link:

  2. prabir das says:

    I want to learn reiki treatment. Pls give the best way how to learn..

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Prabir,

      Sure, the best way to learn how to give a complete Reiki treatment is through the online Reiki I video training! I’m happy to hear you want to learn Reiki… we need all the Reiki practitioners we can get!

  3. Mary Cefalu says:

    I LOVED this article!

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Thanks so much Mary, I really appreciate that! : ) It’s so true that the best way we can be a better channel for the healing Reiki energy is to embody it, right? For me, two things that never fail to make my heart happy are writing and dancing. And I feel so connected spiritually when I’m doing those things, so often it’s a better choice for me to do one of those than practice Reiki in that moment. If I just went salsa dancing last night (true story, by the way), when I went to send some Reiki today to one of my closest friends who so needs it, it was so much easier because I had gotten so much of my resistance out of the way the night before!

  4. Jen says:

    Now that I have signed up for the Reiki I course, what can I expect to happen? And when do I start?

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Jen, I just sent you a private email so we can set up the times for our online Reiki classes over Skype. And we can start whenever you are ready! My schedule is flexible. : )

  5. Online Reiki training fee payment says:

    Please how can i pay for your online Reiki programme as we don’t make payments via credit card.
    As a prospective student from Nigeria. West Africa.


    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Adah,

      Thanks so much for your email. Western Union has worked just great for people who want to take an online Reiki class but live in places where they don’t use credit cards. I will send you a private email with the Western Union details. I really hope it works out and you can take the Reiki training. : ) It will be nice to help spread Reiki to Nigeria!

      Take care,

  6. suryarajesh says:

    i have 1st degree in reiki how can i take 2nd

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Suryarajesh,

      I would love to have you in a Reiki II course! As of right now, the best way to take the online Reiki II class is via Skype. Here is more information about the Reiki II training. Also, since you signed up for my Reiki newsletter, you get 15% off any online class, so your class price will be $212 instead of $250.

      I am in the process of recording my online Reiki training courses into videos that people can buy and then watch at their convenience again and again at their convenience, but I am not quite finished with them yet! So in the meantime, I am offering private Reiki classes online over Skype.

      Thanks Suryarajesh!

      Brooke Betts
      Reiki Master Teacher

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