Sedona Reiki Retreat Pictures

Pure magic it was.

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reiki retreat hike

Here are a few more pictures from our June Sedona Reiki I and II Certification Retreat. What an unforgettable and powerful week we had, practicing Reiki, learning about Animal Reiki, eating organic homemade meals to raise our vibration, enjoying sound healing and yoga classes, taking amazing hikes… and so much more!

Reiki retreat fun

Retreat face-painting fun for the child within.

Reiki Retreat fun

Playing a lil’ ball never hurt nobody…

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retreat lunch pic

Yet another delicious (and healthy!) meal.


sedona retreat home

Our humble Reiki retreat abode in magical Sedona…


retreat hike pic

Retreat participant Rev enjoying Sedona’s beauty.

The energy in Sedona is palpable, and the opportunity to get attuned in Sedona is a chance of a lifetime. Simply being in Sedona raises one’s vibration as we are forced to rise to the high vibrational frequency of the land itself, not to mention the many spiritual people and forces the area attracts from around the world.

Sedona is filled with countless hikes, a variety of healers (including many Reiki practictioners!) and an energy that cannot be denied. We had an amazing, indescribable, fabulous week and are already looking forward to our next Sedona Reiki Retreat!

Sedona retreat beauty

A closeup of the breathtaking beauty that is Sedona.

  1. Claire says:

    Does the Sedona Reiki retreat happen every year? What are the dates? I am interested in participating. I read through the website and through the retreat information, but I did not see any sections about signing up for upcoming retreats. Let me know.

    1. Reiki Training Classes says:

      Hi Claire,

      I don’t have set dates for the retreats unfortunately, and do plan to do a retreat in Sedona this year but am not sure about the exact dates just yet. I let everyone know about the Reiki retreats through my free Reiki newsletter.

      Thanks for your interest in my retreats though, I would love to have you there!

      Take care,


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