Combining Reiki and Sound Healing

The future of medicine will be sound - Edgar Cayce

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singing bowls for sound healing

Adding Sound Healing therapy into your Reiki practice can be quite powerful indeed. There are a number of ways to incorporate Sound Healing and Sound Therapy into your Reiki sessions. You can do Reiki Drumming over your client, which we go into further detail in a previous article Healing with Reiki Drumming.

Indian Sound HealingYou can use tingshaws, the small yet powerful ‘chimes’ (for lack of a better word) that come from India at the end of a Reiki healing session to let your client know you have finished.

You can play singing bowls or a gong during the healing session, or perhaps have the client use his or her voice to help express and release stuck energy in the body. When the client uses their voice in this way, they vibrate internally and literally can heal from within. Also, no other instrument known to man has as many overtones as the human voice, not to mention that everyone knows the particular vibration they need best.

Since I use Reiki every single chance I get throughout the day (I don’t think a day has gone by when I haven’t done Reiki on something since I became attuned to this magical healing energy four years ago), it goes without saying that I add Reiki into every Sound Healing Session that I do.

My Sound Healing sessions happen about once a month in Southern California, and include singing bowls, the gong, a water drum, ocean drum and the Native American flute, among other instruments. They last about an hour, during which everyone lays on the floor and essentially soaks up the sound.

Before the Sound Healing, I go through the Reiki flash cards I initially made when I first learned the 50+ symbols my Reiki Master Teacher attuned me to. I visualize the Sound Healing in my mind’s eye, adding a large Power Symbol, Peace Symbol and Master Healing Symbol over the middle of the room and in each of the four corners.

sound healing Reiki practice

Practicing for a Reiki-infused Sound healing

I also use the Imbuement Symbol to imbue each instrument, so that every time I play it the sound waves emanate Reiki into the room, and often have Reiki practitioners sending Reiki throughout the sessions as well.

Since everything is made up of sound, with every single cell, person and thing having its own unique vibration, sound therapy is the perfect complement to Reiki. Both healing tools have the ability to clear energetic blockages in people and literally change their energetic makeup by raising their vibration.

Every time I offer Reiki to someone, I am creating a three-way healing triangle that allows the healing to take place between me, the client and Source Energy.

My particular vibrational frequency, which changes second to second and moment to moment, affects the client’s vibration as well. Which is why we as Reiki practitioners have to pay attention to how we are feeling and what energetic frequency we are emitting while we offer Reiki. And what is the best way to keep our vibration as high as possible? Why, self-love of course, the answer to almost all healing, really.

we are all sound and Reiki

But let’s get back to Sound. Few healing modalities have the ability to facilitate deep healing the way Sound Therapy can. For a couple years, I was lucky enough to go to a Sound Healing class every Tuesday and Thursday.

Before the class began, I would put a few Reiki symbols over myself and the room, and then “let go” and let the sound move through me. I truly considered that class my medicine, and attribute my healing to sound therapy every bit as much as to Reiki. And you are looking at a legitimate Reiki aficionado over here!

So if you’re looking for a new potential tool to add to your Reiki sessions, try some type of sound and let me know what you think!

  1. David says:

    Sounds great work, I am also a player of native american flute (I love my drone flute) I was attuned to Reiki master over twenty years ago and now a practitioner / teacher in training of qi gong and tai chi for around the same period, also now training in biodynamic craniosacral therapy. I also have a singing bowl and a didgeridoo which I got during a five year stay in Oz. I am finding myself using Reiki again regularly during hands on and distance treatments and would like to offer sound healing too as part of my work, I too have found the sound of the voice is very powerful, vibrating from the inside. I was interested in the imbuement symbol, was wondering if you’d be willing to share it with me, I could send you some Reiki in exchange or something perhaps. Thanks

  2. Anthony Burton says:

    I always use some sort of recorded sound along with Reiki sessions, usually Tibetan chimes/bells or Native American flutes. This last week I also included my own sounds from a Tibetan singing bowl, and the client told me that she really felt it in her crown, third eye, and throat chakras. I’m going to explore this further. However, singing bowls are expensive, and since much of my Reiki work is actually onsite, transporting them can be problematic.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Me too, Anthony, I love to use Tibetan singing bowls and Native American flute! Recordings are great, but I agree with you, there is nothing like an actual singing bowl or flute or drum to really add those vibrations to the Reiki session and enhance the healing effects.

      Singing bowls can be expensive, it’s true, but you can get the ones that are machine-made in Tibet for about $60 or so. I think an investment in one is well worth it if you are going to have a Reiki practice where you go to people’s houses or offices. I also love tingshaws, which are an Indian instrument, two chimes that you click together, that I always use when I’m done with the Reiki session. It’s a gentle way to bring the person receiving the Reiki back into this time and space without saying, “HI, I’M DONE!” : D

      P.S. Tingshaws come in different notes too, of course, if you want to be extra fancy with your sound healing…

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