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What is Reiki Healing Energy?

Reiki is ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ that comes through a Reiki practitioner attuned to the Reiki energy.  The Reiki healing energy flows from the Universe, through the Reiki practitioner and to the person, situation or object they are sending Reiki to. Everything is energy, and Reiki energy just so happens to be a form of energy that is directed by Spirit to heal.

How does the Reiki energy work?

Essentially, the Reiki energy goes where Spirit directs it to go. This very smart and always beneficial energy heals at a cellular and atomic level. It literally changes things by breaking up stagnant energy, adding in positive energy if needed, and creating space for healing to take place.

We also go into further detail in the article “How Does Reiki Healing Energy Work?

What is the difference between Reiki healing energy and other types of energywork?

Dr. Usui ‘discovered’ the Reiki energy and put a name to it in Japan around 1922. We put ‘discovered’ in parenthesis because we believe the energy has been around as long as we have.  Probably longer! But we love Dr. Usui for creating a specific modality and allowing people to pass down the ability to send Reiki energy specifically.

Although other forms of energywork are spiritually-directed as well, Reiki healing energy contains a number of symbols that each have their own energy. These symbols can be used for specific purposes, such as to heal karma, to strengthen relationships or to quiet a person’s mind.

What can I use Reiki healing energy for?

This is where we redirect you to the article ‘How to Use Your Reiki Healing Training’.  But let us just say that we use it all day, every day. Even the words you are reading now have been imbued with Reiki healing energy!

How can I use the Reiki healing energy?

People can transmit and send Reiki healing energy once they are attuned to it. An attunement is the process by which a Reiki master passes down the ability to send Reiki energy to a student. Once the Reiki student receives the attunement, he or she can then get to work using the Reiki healing energy.

There are different levels of Reiki. Though each Reiki master has the discretion how they want to organize their classes or attunements, they are generally broken down into Reiki I, Reiki II, and a Reiki Master Level attunement. You can get attuned online or in person.

Can practicing Reiki create harm?

No. The beautiful Reiki healing energy is always, we repeat always, will only work for the highest good of all concerned. Now, you may not feel that the Reiki is working for your highest good if you cry when receiving it or feel bad, but trust us, it is.  Crying is a release, and the Reiki has allowed you to get that negative energy out of your body, to be replaced with an energy of your choice. So choose a positive one, eh?

What color is associated with Reiki?

Reiki is often associated with purple energy, which also just so happens to be the color of the Divine and Spirit. Makes sense. We like it, we like it.

21 thoughts on “Reiki Healing Energy FAQ

  1. That’s really interesting how you explain Reiki. Had never heard it explained that way before. Thanks for posting all the great information!

  2. Our pleasure Brian. Sometimes it is hard to put into words a healing modality like Reiki. It transcends our limited language skills in so many ways. Nice to hear you are getting something out of our explanations at least! If nothing else, we imbue all our articles with healing Reiki energy, so as you read them you do get a healing out of that at least. So, read on, read on…

  3. what’s up,

    i discovered your website via google because i’m interested in learning more about online reiki classes. i live in los angeles and was deciding between taking a class here or online.your articles helped me a lot and i’ve decided to take an online class from hawaii.

    thank you, and take care.


    • Hi Jay,

      That is great news. Good for you! We are proud of you for taking that first step and becoming a Reiki practitioner. As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Although that originated prior to the Internet, we love that the World Wide Web has now made it accessible for students like yourself to connect with teachers in Hawaii. Best of luck to you Jay!

  4. Hi Reiki Training Classes!

    Please let me know if I can write a guest article for your website. I became a Reiki Master this past year and am wanting to establish myself in the online Reiki world.

    Looking forward to working with you.

    Jenny Adamas

    • Hi Jenny,

      Yes, we welcome any guest writers who wish to share their take on Reiki. Surely just as each of us sends Reiki energy in our own unique way, they is an equal variety of perspectives on this healing energy. We will send you an email to discuss further, and look forward to your input!

    • Hi Bryan,

      Yes, yes and yes. (Since apparently one yes wasn’t enough to answer your question!) We at Reiki Training Classes believe that everyone in the world should be attuned to the healing Reiki energy, but particularly healers. Reiki can jumpstart a person’s psychic and intuitive abilities and helps healers raise their vibration. The many benefits outweigh the non-existent negatives. So if you are a healer (and we are sure you are if you found this website and are even asking that question), then take a Reiki class already!!!

    • Terrific question, Carmen. Purple, in addition to being the color of the Reiki energy, is also the color associated with Spirit. Since Reiki is ‘Spiritually-directed life force energy’, it makes sense that the two would share the same color. In addition, the color purple is often associated with the crown chakra and the third eye. During Reiki attunements, the energy enters the student through their crown chakra. Many people also associate purple with psychic abilities and our intuition when doing color therapy. Hopefully this answers your question! And of course, although purple is considered the ‘official’ color of the healing Reiki energy, if you see the energy as green, by all means go with that. Many people can’t see energy at all, so just be happy you can!

  5. Blessings, I read all the websites about Reiki, and just added yours to my list! I love reading websites with cool pictures :)

  6. I am so totally interested in learning Reiki, to help heal myself and to spread love and peace 2 the world! Your website is so down 2 earth and informative. I appreciate yr every word!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Maria. We really appreciate you, I can tell from your words that you are someone who genuinely cares about making the world a better place. I just sent you a private email with the details for our one-on-one Reiki Level I class : )

      Reiki Master Teacher

    • Thanks for your addition, Benji. While I agree with you that a Reiki attunement is not an absolute necessity in order to harness the universal life force energy all around us, in order to use the Japanese healing system Dr. Mikao Usui specifically called “Reiki”, I think an attunement is necessary to be initiated into the beautiful practice. I do many other forms of energywork myself, but Reiki feels different to me. I’ve had people I was sending Reiki to be able to tell the difference as well. With a Reiki attunement, not only are you initiated into a lineage that leads back to Dr. Usui, your attunement will typically be part of a Reiki training class where you will learn the traditional Reiki hand positions, symbols, and so forth. So, in my opinion, if a person wants to be able to send Reiki, they should definitely receive an attunement from a Reiki Master. Not to mention that the attunement process itself is usually quite powerful for the person being attuned! I still remember every one of my Reiki attunements.

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