Reiki for Kids

Because most of them are way ahead of us when it comes to healing!

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Kid giving Reiki to dogs

Bamboo and Latte getting a joint Animal Reiki session from my twelve-year-old cousin Jeremy, a Reiki II practitioner. I can speak from firsthand experience, the kid can send ReikI!

One of my all-time favorite emails started out like any other, asking the typical questions about what taking an online Reiki class entails, how they work (Reiki I is three weeks), how much they cost (Reiki I costs $200), and so forth. But the last sentence was the best:

“Does it matter that I’m only ten years old?”

Of course, the answer to his question is a resounding, “No”.

Not only does it not matter, I personally have found in teaching Reiki to children that they tend to “get it” faster than us adults.

Mariana and her Reiki certificateHere’s eleven-year-old Mariana with her Reiki doll and Reiki I certificate.

Let’s just say that the girl is good! She stayed focused during the whole class and helped her mom (not to mention me) in ways that we’ll probably never understand or realize.

Mariana really wanted to continue on with Reiki II and the Reiki Master class, but they moved to Columbia not long thereafter and there just wasn’t time.

But I have no doubt this amazing human will become a Reiki Master in this lifetime. She’s already a master in many, many ways.

Reiki and kids just seem to go hand in hand.

One, children seem to be able to tap into that connection we all share with Universal Consciousness easier than we can. Child psychologists and researchers have shown that before age 7, children are extremely aware of energy and “conscious”, even if their parents or social structures negate their connection to All That Is.

“Oh, you’re just making that up,” a parent might think about his child’s comment that he saw a scary person by his bed at night. Or a mom might say, “Isn’t that cute…” when her daughter explains how she talks to their family dog who passed away the year before. Children have less blockages and barriers to prevent them from recognizing the truth about energy and how our world works.

Reiki for kids girl in grassOne of my favorite quotes is the famous, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”

If a ten year old kid learns Reiki and how to do the traditional Usui hand positions on himself (not to mention others!), he has a tool at his disposal for the rest of his life when it comes to healing himself. If he hurts his knee, he can send Reiki to it. If he wants his football team to win the game (an actual example from my eleven year old cousin), he can transmit the healing Reiki energy to the game.

Knowing Reiki not only empowers children and helps them understand they have the ability to heal themselves, it gives them an action they can take to do so, anytime, anywhere.

kid meditating and practicing reiki


Also, kids love to learn! In teaching Reiki to children, I’ve found that my little students are not only eager to practice, they often make comments that make me realize that while they may be younger than me, it is very clear in those particular instances who is the teacher and who is the student.

Take my eleven year old cousin Jeremy for example…

The night before I taught my first in-person Reiki class ever, I practiced giving Reiki attunements to my mom and Jeremy. My mom has always humored my fascination (okay, obsession) with Reiki, even though it is always clear she is just going along with it. Jeremy knew absolutely nothing about Reiki before we started. I sat them down and attuned them together without explaining anything about what Reiki is or how it works.

Afterward, I asked them if they had felt anything during the attunement. My mom, ever the realist, didn’t feel anything, but JerBear immediately started to describe the different colors and light waves he saw around him.

Reiki for kids pic

The next day, I was giving my mom a massage and Reiki for a back injury, and Jeremy wanted to help. I let him, even though I hadn’t taught him anything about Reiki yet or even explained what it was.

Here’s Jeremy being the gracious model for the Usui hand positions section of my Reiki I manual.

To my surprise, Jeremy started to put his hands over my mom, moving them in a very tai-chi fashion, as though he was pulling energy out of my mom. He looked very focused and “in the zone”, and I didn’t want him to feel self-conscious because I was looking at him, but every time I could I would steal a glance. I was blown away with his concentration, but he took the cake when he started to draw what looked like symbols over my mom!

children do reikiI asked him afterward what he did during the Reiki session, and let’s just say the kid was very busy! I would tell you precisely what he did, but he asked me not to tell people and I want to honor and respect his decision.

Essentially, however he was practicing Reiki and doing everything ‘right’ without even knowing what ‘right’ was. Among other Reiki techniques, he pulled energy from my mom and gave it to “Spirit” to be changed (a word I have never heard this football kid ever use in his entire life!)

When it looked like he was drawing symbols, in actuality he was drawing words he explained. Although, in truth, words are just symbols that mean a particular thing, right? After all, the Usui Reiki symbols are just ‘words’ drawn in the Japanese language of Kanji.

teaching kids reikiWhen Jeremy practiced Reiki on me a few weeks later, I could feel the energy flowing right away even though he never laid his hands on me as soon as the session began. The Reiki treatment was extremely powerful, lasting all of about ten minutes, and when it was over he had once again hit the nail on the head.

He explained to me, very nonchalantly,  that he had just pulled fear out me and replaced it with courage.  :D  (Which just so happens to be one of my core life lessons I was currently working with.)

Now in the healing arts we often hear about love and fear, and as adults, we talk about fear of failure, fear of success, fear of absolutely everything, even fear of fear and being afraid! But I don’t quite think eleven year olds do the same.

So, as a Reiki Master Teacher, I will happily take students of any age any day, regardless of how many years they may be in this lifetime. Of course, it also goes without saying that children, as most humans, are typically very receptive to receiving Reiki as well. They may not have the patience for a longer session or you may have to send the Reiki long-distance. Overall, however, children really seem to enjoy the attention and relaxation a Reiki session offers.

To conclude, here is beautiful eleven year old Mariana Ortiz giving Reiki to her mom in an extremely powerful session:

teaching Reiki to children

Mariana sending her mom the Power Symbol and Peace Symbol. What a beautiful sight to see…

  1. Beatrice Villavicencio says:

    I would love to be able to have my 11 year old son learn more about reiki , he knows about it because as a cancer patient I began to have reiki sessions which truly helped me through chemotherapy and radiation Isaiah saw first hand how it helped me and continues to be interested in learning more , please let me know which would be my next step in helping him learn more. Thanks Beatrice

    1. Reiki Training Classes says:

      Hi Beatrice,

      Thanks so much for your email. Wow, I think that’s so great that Isaiah is so interested in Reiki. And also it’s the hardest thing for a child to see his mom going through all that. And for you too, I hope your return to health and well-being is filled with ease and peace and joy.

      I went through cancer 11 years ago, and my mom did as well at the same exact time. We are both doing just great. I am thinking of you and your family and sending all my Reiki-infused well-wishes and love!

      Let’s see, about your son, I wish I knew of some Reiki classes for kids, but I don’t. I know they are definitely out there, but I haven’t seen any online courses and I’m not sure if there are any in-person kid’s Reiki classes where you live.

      I would definitely recommend an in-person class over an online course, just because I think for a kid to have that in-person interaction and experience practicing Reiki is especially important. But that’s coming from me, an adult who’s not as used to being on computers all the time as these kids are! : ) So if you think he would do well with an online course, then that would be an option! I would love to have him take my online class. The content is geared more towards adults, but I think a powerful 11 year old would do just fine. He could skip over anything that’s “boring” and “grown-up” : )

      Also, I offer to everyone who takes my Reiki I training a phone call or Skype session so we can talk about any questions or anything that comes up. I could have my Reiki table ready and go over anything with him afterward that he had questions about.

      A person becomes a Reiki practitioner when they receive the attunement. The attunement is a fifteen minute process where they sit with their eyes closed while the Reiki Master Teacher “tunes them in” to the healing Reiki energy. It’s an initiation or activation of the person’s natural healing abilities.

      In my Reiki I class, there’s an online video Reiki attunement that he would receive, and then he would be a Reiki practitioner. There are also two videos that show me walking through the process of how to give a complete Reiki treatment to another person. There are hand positions that the practitioner can use, but they certainly aren’t required! When it comes to Reiki, there are very few rules. Intention is the most important thing.

      Whenever I’ve received Reiki from my cousin who I attuned when he was 10, I have been blown away every time. When I tried to explain “What Reiki is, how it works, etc etc,” he kind of dismissed me with a “Yeah, yeah yeah… : )” But after receiving his Reiki, I understand why. He is light years ahead of where I will ever be, and honestly every kid I’ve taught Reiki is as well! It just comes more naturally and easily to them. They’re more in touch with their abilities, more open and they really just get it in ways that most adults I know have to try.

      I’ve never taught both adults and kids in a big group. I did teach a mother and her ten year old daughter in a private Reiki course. The mother told me later that she was a bit worried that her daughter would lose interest, but her daughter absolutely loved it!!! The daughter was the one who really wanted to continue on with Reiki II. : )

      Also, I’m not sure if Isaiah likes to read. If he does, my book Reiki for Beginners might explain more just about how Reiki works and the different levels and so forth. Here’s the link if you want a hard copy: My book Reiki for Beginners: How to Heal Yourself with Reiki

      Above all else, I think the most important thing for him to get is to understand that he has a natural ability to heal himself and help others heal themselves. We all do! And for him to learn the basics of how to do that, which more than anything are about tapping into your intuition and trusting what you receive. Luckily, kids do that much more easily than we do!

      Best of luck with everything… if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me!


  2. Tamara Miller says:

    Hello, I just found your post and have been thinking about teaching Reiki to children also. How great it would be to be able to heal your own anxiety at such a young age. Could you send me the the details also about teaching reiki to kids. I would very much appreciate it.
    Thanks Tamara

  3. Rosaline says:

    This is a great idea, teaching about energy to kids. As a mom of three girls and a third grade teacher, I know that kids learn so fast. Can you send me the details of your Reiki class for kids? Can my three girls take the training at once? Thank you!

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      How exciting Rosaline! I just sent you a private message with all the details for the Reiki I course, and yes, your three girls can definitely take the class at the same time! We can hold the Reiki trainings over Skype, and even if I can’t see them all at once, they will be able to see me. ; ) I look forward to talking with you further!


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