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Reiki pendulum

Oh pendulum, how did you get to be so wise?

Just in case your questions about using pendulums during your Reiki sessions or treatments wasn’t covered in our previous articles, here are some additional frequently asked questions:

Are pendulums accurate?

Depends. They can be entirely spot-on eerily accurate, or completely inaccurate. This depends not on the pendulum, as it has the potential to deliver the correct answer each and every time, but rather on your mind and emotions and whether you can get them out of the way.  Receiving an accurate answer from your pendulum during Reiki sessions requires you to be completely and fully present in the here and now.

How can I trust that my pendulum is giving me accurate information during Reiki treatments?

The bottom line is this. While you can (and should!) use pendulums in your Reiki sessions for guidance and support, you cannot make a wrong decision with Reiki really. To play Devil’s advocate, let’s say you asked the pendulum if you should move to the client’s head during the Reiki session or stay at her feet. The pendulum says, “Yes”, meaning stay at her feet, when in reality you ‘should’ move to her head.

trust your intuition in ReikiThe Reiki healing energy is no dummy! It will still travel to her head if that’s where she needs it most. So never fear that your Reiki pendulum is giving you the wrong answer. Rather, have fun using your pendulum! You may find that you ask it a question, and before your pendulum answers you already know the answer. Go with your gut, not the pendulum. Maybe your pendulum is testing you to see if you trust your intuition!


Does each pendulum have an ‘owner’, per se?

Well, your pendulum does use your energy and your vibrations to provide you with answers and insight. Therefore, you shouldn’t let other people handle your pendulum, since they might send their vibrations into it and ‘confuse’ it, so to speak. If someone does touch your pendulum, just be sure to use the ‘safe clearing’ symbol if you know it, and then power your Reiki pendulum up again with the Reiki power symbol. Your pendulum should be just fine!

Can pendulums predict the future?

No, not really. Your pendulum is giving you answers for the present moment. Pendulums are not really a tool that can be used in predicting the future. That’s what a skilled psychic is for!

So be grateful for the answers, but remember to be flexible. And luckily, the only moment you should be thinking about is the present one anyway. What else do you have really?  The past has already been determined and anything can happen at any time in the future.

I’m confused. When I use my Reiki pendulum, am I getting messages from Spirit, my Higher Self or my subconscious?

pendulums tap into your subconsciousUnfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Basically, you are getting information that your subconscious believes to be true. That being said, Spirit and your Higher Self can speak to you through your subconscious.

But if you use your Reiki pendulum in the traditional way of asking it questions, generally the responses you receive will be from your subconscious. It is the dominant force in your emotions, after all!

Now if you want to receive answers from your Higher Self, you can make statements to your pendulum during Reiki sessions such as, “My Higher Self knows _____ to be true.” You can also use the Reiki symbol that calls in your Higher Self if you know it.

Even if you don’t know the symbol, you can invite your Higher Self to be with you while you use the pendulum and during the Reiki treatment by saying something to the effect of, “I invite my Higher Self to be here now.”  All the Reiki Master teachers here call in our Higher Selves before we teach Reiki training classes, give Reiki attunements or give Reiki treatments. We highly recommend you do too!


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  5. Pendulums can be very interesting. Some people believe that it is the subconscious that swings the pendulum, while others believe it to be outside forces. Either way, get ready for some mysterious answers. I like how you offer both points of view on your posts.

    This is how I like to train my pendulum. I sit with my elbows on the table, pendulum still, and say a YES question aloud, like, “is it daytime right now?” and then say aloud, “yes yes yes yes yes yes” and see which way the pendulum swings. I do this a few times. Then I do it for a NO answer and then for CAN’T ANSWER. The pendulum swings in a circle one way or another, or back and forth, or some combination.

    Once I get a good idea of how the pendulum will swing or circle, I begin to ask it realistic questions. Some questions I ask are if people like me or if there are aliens here on earth. I like trying questions I don’t know the answer to and seeing what happens. Thank you for sharing about healing using a Reiki pendulum. I am a psychic and work with energy all day long, but I have not officially been attuned to Reiki yet. Your website makes me consider it.

    • Hi Maria,

      Yes, we definitely recommend taking a Reiki class online or in-person if you have access to a Reiki master nearby. We know a number of psychics and intuitives who feel their psychic capabilities were greatly enhanced by becoming attuned to the Reiki healing energy. While we agree with you that everything is energy, why not become attuned to Reiki, right? It certainly couldn’t hurt!

    • Isn’t that amazing, Greg? We agree. That subconscious, boy… The good news is, once you realize its power over your thoughts, (and thus your emotions and life), you can take steps to change it.

      A couple ways to work with your subconscious are through hypnosis and also mirror work (where you look at yourself in the mirror and make positive statements such as, “I love myself and accept myself exactly as I am. I am great.” or something to that effect.)

      When you actually see the results of your subconscious working FOR you instead of against you, you’ll be hooked. We guarantee it! Best of luck to you,

  6. I am loving pendulums these days. Thanks for writing about them! My life has gotten a lot easier since I now carry my Reiki pendulum with me everywhere I go.

  7. Goodd blog you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours nowadays.I honestly appreciate people like you!
    Take care!!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Micheline! Writing about Reiki is so easy because it’s something I’m so passionate about.

      Take care as well…

      Reiki Master Teacher at Reiki Training Classes

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