Reiki and December 21, 2012

Is the world coming to an end?

by Reiki Training Classes in Healing With Reiki
Everything is a cycle.
the world of Reiki

It’s the end of the world… as we know it. (An even better one awaits!)

While anytime is a great time to send Reiki, focusing the healing Reiki energy on a particularly special date in our history as human beings is sure to be extra potent, don’t you think?

As the Reiki Master Teacher/ Earthling/ energy enthusiast that I am, I certainly do. That’s why I have already sent Reiki ahead of time to tomorrow (12/21/12) and have also turned on my Reiki for the next twenty four hours.

Regardless of what you believe will happen tomorrow- December 21, 2012, the end of one of the Mayan calendars- take advantage of this special time.

The Mayan Elders whose ancestors created the calendar have not said it is the “end of the world”. Quite the contrary, they see this special date as the end of a 5,200 year cycle in humanity. And as all cycles move within a circular system, when one ends another begins.

a Reiki portal

Some see tomorrow as a portal. Where you go is up to you.

Astrologers, physics and so many people have predicted what this date means. Perhaps a rise in human consciousness all over the world, perhaps a day when the Earth will undergo massive changes, perhaps an apocalypse, an ascension… who knows really?

I particularly like one astrologer’s belief that the date marks the end of a cycle, but the energy has been building up to this end for many years and will continue for a few hundred years after tomorrow.

Another energy worker believes the veil between us and the spiritual world is extremely thin at the moment and a great time to connect with your ‘people’ and beings on the other side.

numerology and Reiki

Walk through the gates, why don’t you…

December 21, 2012 also marks our Winter Solstice, which is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and think about what lies ahead.

It is also an 11 Master Number day in numerology, so if you see 11:11’s or 1:11’s everywhere you go, take them as a sign you are on the right track! (Even though we never really fall off, the rails beneath us connecting us are often much stronger than we think.)

the energy of the world inside youI see this date indeed as a powerful one, indeed, but perhaps for a different reason.

Just as all Reiki and energywork healing is essentially self-healing, all love begins with self-love.

The way love works is simple: it begins inside you, for you, and then radiates out further and further until it reaches other beings and life around you.

I see the “ascension process” as an internal one, and that the Mayans perhaps saw this date as marking a new cycle when humans will finally start recognizing what powerful beings they are.

Reiki hands holding the world

You’ve got the whole world, in your hands…

We can do anything, amazing people/beings that we are, we just have to recognize we can.

And what better way to be empowered than to give yourself the Reiki Power symbol? Perhaps even picture it in every cell of your body, or power it up times a million for your healing pleasure.

Reiki love symbol

A little unconditional love never hurt anybody…

One Mayan Elder I spoke with by the name of Miguel Angel Vergara sees this powerful time as an especially important one for women (and for the feminine energies within us all.)

Women have been disempowered for so, so long, and he sees this new age as a dawn, if you will, for the new feminine to emerge. So embracing your nurturing side with some self-healing Reiki and by giving yourself the unconditional love and support symbols is a good idea too.

Reiki and planetary energy

The planets are aligned and working in your favor

So, on the eve of this special day, a day when the planets are aligned just right for a massive shift in human consciousness, I wish you the best of the best in your life.

This world is a beautiful one, made even perhaps more so by the gift we have of the Reiki healing energy. Maybe days like December 21, 2012 are here so we can remember that.

So, celebrate the miracle that is you tomorrow! Every day thereafter too.

diving into life with Reiki

Go… YOU!

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  1. Annette says:

    I was fascinated with December 2012 when it happened and I like how you relate it to Reiki. I enjoy your articles about Reiki too. I took a Reiki training five years ago but it would be nice to brush up on it again. Thank you.

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