How to Explain Reiki to People

"Ray - whaaat?"

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Reiki cartoon

I love this cartoon for so many reasons. First of all, if you’ve been a Reiki practitioner for a while, you’ve almost certainly had someone give you an “interesting” response when you told them you practice Reiki.

a Reiki nutMy most recent experience was about a week ago when a neighbor asked me what I did for a living. When I told him that I teach in-person and online Reiki classes, he said, and I quote, “Oh, I didn’t know you were a “Chakra Nut!”    :D  Now I have been called different things in my life, but this was definitely a first.

I just laughed it off, because truth be told, I guess I am a ‘Chakra Nut’.  I do practice healing and energywork according to the ancient yogic chakra system. I do balance my chakras erry single day with sound healing (done with my own voice, of course, since our voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument known to man).

Reiki and the chakras

Intention is everything.

Not to mention how I use a powerful visualization technique daily where I envision each chakra in perfect health with its corresponding color emanating from it in pure light energy in every direction.

reiki for the chakras

After all, if I am going to be a Reiki Master Teacher and tell each and every student I come across that the best possible thing they can do to be a powerful Reiki practitioner is to raise their own personal vibration, I may as well practice what I preach!

I guess I am a ‘Chakra Nut’ after all… oh, well. I guess there are worse things to be when all is said and done.

Besides, in fifty years (hopefully much sooner if we can add as many Reiki practitioners to the ranks as possible!) terms like “Reiki” and “chakra balancing” and “energy work” will be household words.

As Reiki practitioners, we are just a little ahead of our time, that’s all. I say this not to make ourselves feel important or better than those people not yet acquainted with how to heal themselves, but rather so we remember to have compassion for our fellow humans who are still asleep.

wake up with Reiki

Upon waking up, an affirmation a day will surely keep the doctor away…

We were there once too, and probably not that long ago for many of us. The Earth’s vibration is raising so rapidly that a lot of people are “waking up” each and every day.  Just because someone hasn’t yet learned (or remembered, perhaps I should say) that everything is energy, and that just because we can’t see energy with our physical eyes doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, doesn’t make that person any less spiritual or connected to Source.

When I’m speaking with people in spiritual circles who are familiar with “spiritual talk”, I give a much different explanation of what Reiki is than if I’m speaking to a group of businessmen or someone from an older generation. In laymen’s terms to someone whom the concept of an energetic world is completely foreign, I usually just describe Reiki as “an ancient Japanese healing technique”.

reiki with Mr. Miyagi

Is this Mr. Miyagi’s version of the Gassho Meditation?

I ask them if they’ve seen the move The Karate Kid and if they remember when Mr. Miyagi used his hands to heal Daniel San’s leg in the Final Tournament. If they remember this great movie, I explain how what Mr. Miyagi was doing was “Reiki” and focusing energy on Daniel San’s leg so it could heal.

The more we can get Reiki out there for the general public to practice on themselves and their families, the better, right? Who cares how we get the word out, what’s important is that we do.

Well, my friends, at the risk of sounding like the ‘Chakra Nut’ I am, it’s time to do my daily meditation and breathwork. In order to heal the world, we must start with ourselves, right? Happy Reiki-ing!

reiki from Mr. Miyagi

Just looks like a typical Reiki class to me!

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