Healing with Reiki Drumming

Any time you put two of my passions together (Reiki and drumming,) I won't complain.

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Wolf drum for Reiki

If you use a drum for Reiki with an animal spirit painted on it, maybe that animal will be more inclined to show up in your Reiki healing session!

healing with Reiki drumming

the Reiki drum can take you places you never imagined…

As we all know, hearing music can be exceptionally healing. Sound healing works by transmitting the vibrations of the music into your body, where the healing vibrations work to balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Your fight-or-flight response, which gets turned on in times of stress or anxiety (and in this modern world we live in most of us have more than enough of that!), is calmed by healing, soothing music.

a reiki drum with a power symbol

Drumming in particular is very tribal, and can return us to memories of times ago. If you believe in past lives – and I do very much believe we have other, concurrent lives – drumming can serve as a bridge between this world we live in and the underworld.

Now, the underworld is not what many people have been brought up to know as “hell” or of a lower vibration. Quite the contrary, the underworld houses our spirit guides such as spirit animals, archangels, ascended masters and so forth.

And when you add Reiki to the mix, well, forget about it. The combination of the two healing modalities can bring people into a state of well, just knowing that everything is, has been and always will be okay.

online Reiki drum

Although technically any drum or instrument can be a “Reiki drum” if you put symbols on it, imbue it with the healing Reiki energy or intend for your Reiki to flow alongside the sound vibration, a specific practice known as “Reiki Drumming” has emerged in recent years in the healing world.

Whether you just completed your online Reiki class or are an experienced Reiki practioner and want to learn more about healing Reiki drumming, here is a basic rundown of the one of the many techniques involved:

How to Practice Reiki Drumming

First off, you start the Reiki drumming session as you would a typical Reiki session. You ask your client to pick a particular issue they want to heal or let go of, and have them speak of their desire to transform the issue.

healing drum therapySet that as the intention of the healing, and ask Spirit or Source that you are able to step aside for the healing Reiki energy to work through you and complete the task.

As always, invite your Higher Self, your client’s Higher Self, any ascended masters, angels and spirit guides that you work with to assist in the drumming.

Next, draw the Reiki symbols over your drum, “turn on” your Reiki energy and let the games begin. Picture the traditional Reiki Power Symbol over yourself, the drum and your client, and then imagine it seeping into each of your’s and your client’s chakras. Invite the seven directions to join in, and start to drum over the client.

As with a traditional healing Reiki session, you will be guided to go to the best place for the healing. Wherever you are drawn to is where you should be. Drum for about five minutes or so, a couple feet away from your client. Because the client’s ears are closer to their upper chakras, once you get to the heart and up, drum more softly.

When you’re done, it’s nice to close the session out with a finishing drum beat and then slowly fade out the drum. Thank the Reiki and all beings involved in the session, and finish with a closing symbol.

There you have it! Perhaps more than anything else, with Reiki drumming, have fun and enjoy yourself. Music is one of the great pleasures in life, right? It’s what feelings sound like.  So get to drumming!

For more information about my online Reiki classes, how healing Reiki energy works or how to find the best portable Reiki table for you, browse through the Reiki Training Classes articles today.

  1. Kellie says:

    Thanks for this Beautiful guidance. I am a reiki practitioner and a drummer…never thought of marrying the two but it makes so much sense. Thank you. I want to paint the symbol on the underside of my drum. Blessings!

    1. Reiki Training Classes says:

      Oh, good, Kellie, I am so glad that reading my post about Reiki drumming sparked some ideas for you! I love the idea of painting symbols on your drums; I put the Reiki symbols on all kinds of things : )

  2. Tina Wells says:

    Thank you so much for this information.
    I have been drumming for about twenty years, for my own grounding and healing. I received my reiki master certification in 2011′. I absolutely love the idea of using these two powerful healing modalities together. Thank you again for the valuable information.

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