The Benefits of Animal Reiki

How we can help our animal friends with Reiki

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Man doing Reiki on bear
animals and reiki

Giving Reiki to a dog at an orphanage in Cambodia

The benefits of sending Reiki to animals are countless. First of all, animals are generally extremely receptive and grateful for the healing energy. Secondly, they add so much to the world (and often our personal world!) with their mere presence that we need to return the favor!

For healthy animals, receiving Reiki promotes feelings of relaxation and well-being and allows them to remain fully connected to universal Source energy. For animals with physical and emotional issues, Reiki can help restore them to their natural state of balance.

Animal Reiki can help to:

• Increase the bond between person and pet
• Lessen physical pain
• Reduce separation anxiety, depression and grief
• Reduce stress
• Stop behavioral issues like nervousness, hyperactivity and aggression
• Stop destructive behavior
• Heal trauma and/or abuse from the animal’s past
• Shorten recovery time from surgery, injury or illness
• Manage pain from chronic conditions
• Ease age-related issues like arthritis and joint pain
• Ease the transition when a pet passes on as well as help with the grief of those they left behind
• Train animals by strengthening the trust between training and animal

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