NOW OPEN: My Animal Reiki Online Course!

Learn Animal Reiki online and receive your certification today

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Koko giving Animal Reiki to her cat

The Animal Reiki Course


a handshake I trust

I am overjoyed to announce that my new Animal Reiki online course is now open for enrollment!!!

The class is designed for students who are already Reiki practitioners and who have already taken at least the first degree of Reiki, i.e. a Reiki level one course. If you haven’t yet taken Reiki 1 but you adore animals, you can always take both classes at the same time. I would love to teach you if you’re so inclined!

Animals actually are far more in touch with energy and Spirit than we humans are, since they don’t have the (sometimes annoying) filter of the human brain and all its doubts and false programming.

animal reiki

“Why does my mind always get such a bad rap?”

Without the monkey mind casting what-if’s and fears onto Reiki, animals are able to be extremely clear channels or vessels for this spiritually-directed universal life force energy.

Animals understand why they are here and their ability to help humans. Animals can radiate Reiki energy wherever they go.

ama for animal reiki

Ama, Sedona’s favorite wolf dog, puts in an appearance in the Animal Reiki video course.

Bamboo and I in an impromptu Reiki session

Who’s giving Reiki to who?

So have a gander at my new Animal Reiki training online if you’re so inclined, won’t you? And start to deepen your connection with the beautiful animals we share this planet with today!

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