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Last modified: Aug 8, 2019

My intention for my website is to teach visitors what Reiki is, how this sacred Japanese healing art works and the many benefits of practicing Reiki. I also want to explain how people can enroll in my Reiki classes online and provide information on each of my four Reiki healing online courses that I have available: Reiki 1, Reiki 2, the Reiki Master Teacher course and Animal Reiki.

As the user, I want to offer you an interactive, personalized and fun experience while on my website. Therefore, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy, I collect, store and use different information. Because I do this, I want to explain to you the types of information I collect as well as what I do with it so you have a solid understanding of how this all works.


The Way I Collect Information

The way I collect information from your device varies according to the page you are on, what you decide to do on my Reiki website and the service you are asking me to provide. My server collects information automatically, and I also use Google Analytics to collect and store information.

If you sign up for one of my online Reiki certification classes online, I will request additional information from you (such as your name, payment information and so forth) in order to complete your request. I also collect information such as your email address and name if you add a comment or participate in my website in some other way.


Information I Collect from Website Visitors

When you visit Reiki Training Classes, information is collected automatically such as your Internet Service Provider, your IP address, what device you are using and information about any cookies you have installed.

A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your device. The cookie identifies your device so I can personalize your experience and tailor content specifically to you. I may also use cookies to deliver targeted ads to you through third parties like Google and Facebook.

You are not required to allow cookies by any means. However, if you do not enable cookies, you may not be able to see certain sections of this website. I will also have no way of customizing the content to provide you with the best possible user experience.

If you leave a comment or send a message to me through the contact form, I also collect your name and email as well as any other information you provide so I can respond to you and answer any questions you may have.


Information I Collect from Customers

When you decide to purchase one of my courses, I collect and use the identifiable information you provide like your name, email address and phone number. I also automatically collect your IP address, device you are using and browser information. I use MermberPress, Stripe and PayPal to collect information such as your billing address, payment details and purchasing activity.

This information allows me to process your courses and online products and authenticate your payments. It also helps me improve my service and course offerings so I can better serve you.


What I Do with Information I Collect in the Aggregate

I collect information in the aggregate to improve your user experience and to determine the best marketing strategies going forward.

This information is collected on a generalized basis. It does not personally identify you, but rather gives me and my team a better sense of what you and other users are doing on the website so as to improve it.

For example, I might add your information (time of day on the site, how long you stay, your state or country) to that same information I’ve collected from other visitors in the aggregate. However, you can rest assured that this information never identifies you personally.

I use this info to answer your questions and offer you the best service and experience with my website and products I possibly can.


What I Do With Personally Identifiable Information

I use the personally identifiable information you provide to speak with you about your preferences, any new services or information I am offering, any changes or updates to this Privacy Policy, or for any other topics I think may interest you.

I may also use this personally identifiable information to help you process any problems you have on the site or transactions and purchases you make. For example, if you are having difficulties purchasing one of my Reiki online courses, I will pull up your information to get you the access you deserve. I only use your information as the law allows.

Since I may not notify you every time I make updates to this Privacy Policy,  I suggest you revisit this page from time to time so as to be aware of any changes that have taken place.


What I will Never Do With Your Information

I will never, under any circumstances, share, disclose or sell your information to any third party or anyone unauthorized by you. That is my bottom line, and you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure.

You are also free to unsubscribe from my Reiki newsletter at any time.


Any Advertisers and Affiliated Sites

I uphold an extremely strict Privacy Policy. You should know, however, that I cannot be held responsible for the activities of any advertisers or websites I am affiliated with. They have their own Privacy Policies that may or may not coincide with mine.

Should you click on an advertisement for another website, for example, you may at some point be requested to enter in certain information. I am not responsible for how those sites use your information. I strongly recommend you to read their Privacy Policies for a better understanding of what they do with the information they collect when you offer details to a third party.

These advertisers or third parties may also include cookies in their ads to collect your information. Advertisers often do this to serve up new ads that you have not already seen. I cannot control outside parties’ use of cookies, and are not responsible for anything those sites do with the information they collect.

If you decide to offer personally identifiable information in the comments or anywhere on this website, you should know that this information may be seen and used by third parties unbeknownst to me. Therefore, offer your information wisely.

I will not purposely collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If I ever find out that I have inadvertently done so, I will remove this information from my databases right away. If you think I may have any information about children under the age of 13, please let me know.


Changes To This Privacy Policy

I reserve the right to update and change this Privacy Policy at any time, with or without alerting visitors. Therefore, I once again highly recommend that you revisit this policy now and again. When you visit my website, you agree to the current Privacy Policy and accept any changes I’ve made.


How to Contact Me

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or my privacy policy practices in general, you can reach me personally via email at:

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