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Reiki Master Teacher Brooke

The first word I ever said was “light”. And my mom says that when I was 2 or 3 years old, I told everyone I came across that I loved them. In the grocery store, walking up and down the aisles of planes, every person I saw knew exactly how I felt.

I hadn’t yet learned to stifle my emotions, to think of love as something you give and withhold from people, something that has to be earned instead of offered freely and spread far and wide.

As I got older, I started to learn the ways of us silly humans: Run, don’t walk, from your feelings! Push down any and all painful feelings as far down as they’ll go in the hopes they’ll wither away, even though, they then run your life from thereon out and determine how happy you allow yourself to be.

On rare occasions I still did catch glimpses of that unconditional love, from dogs mainly, those amazing creatures who seem to have figured it all out much better than we have. But, for the most part, that eternal connection to All That Is and that love for everyone and everything was few and far between.

I kept mosey-ing on in life, having more than my fair share of fun and adventure, but never tapping into pure source energy or even knowing it was there for the taking really.

Until one week when everything changed. Everything always changes, of course, we’re always in a constant state of flux, but when you hear the words, “You have cancer,” is one of those times where you can feel it, taste it, know it down to your bones that nothing will ever be the same again.

On a Monday, I put my most precious dog to sleep, that Wednesday we found out my mom’s breast cancer had spread – how much, TBD – and that Thursday I was in the hospital having emergency surgery and hearing doctors saying they suspected a cancer of my own.

Once the doctors confirmed their diagnosis of a supposedly incurable Stage IV cancer, (I say “supposedly” because how can someone else ever determine our destiny when it’s a privilege that’s ours alone?) I just wanted to feel normal again. So I tucked away all the horror, rage and grief as far down as I possibly could.

I did start to switch up things that weren’t working in my life: I changed my food and my habits, visualized the tumors shrinking away until Poof! they evaporated into nothing at all. But not until I learned Reiki did I truly get to the core of it all.

Because, Reiki, well Reiki heals you from the inside out. It gets to the heart of the matter and changes you on a spiritual level, which then affects your thoughts, which affect your emotions, which affect the physical piece of your puzzle.

Above all else, Reiki teaches you to feel. And amazing things happen when we feel. Reiki gets all up in there and breaks up that stuck, repressed energy almost all of us carry inside that stifles our magnificence and our shine.

So once I learned Reiki, I cleared everything out and easily stepped into my true self. LOL. Just kidding. It didn’t happen quite that way, although that certainly would have been nice!

what healing success looks like

After my Reiki I attunement, I was furious. And I mean furious. Screaming in your car so deeply you scare yourself going to the batting cages 3-4 times a week just to get it out muttering Tourette’s-filled sentences furious. For an entire year, I ranted and raged. I cried every day the next.

So why do I still sing the praises of Reiki? Because of all the gifts it’s given me: the wisdom that I can clear out my internal clutter that had no business being there in the first place; the awareness that I can transport myself to a place of relaxation, power and joy in any moment; the knowledge that I dictate my reality and not the other way around.

You can make your prison cell more comfortable, but making it more comfortable and breaking out of prison are two different things. – Adyashanti

Nowadays, when challenges (a.k.a. opportunities to grow) come up, I know to feel my feelings instead of shoving them down. If my stomach hurts, I know which Reiki symbols to draw to make it feel better. And if it still doesn’t feel better afterward, I know the Reiki is still working behind the scenes in ways my human comprehension can only hope to sort of understand.

An attunement for the Reiki Master course

Showing Reiki Masters how to attune others for the Reiki Master class.

I have a much deeper sense of peace and trust. I have an invaluable tool I can (and do!) use oh, only about 100 times a day. I have the five Reiki principles to help me remember – if only for a split second – to forgive everyone for everything (especially myself) and to be kind to every living thing (especially myself.)

I’ve been lucky enough to attune over 500 people from all around the world to Reiki, and I’ve heard so many students’ experiences as well as had my own that any doubts about whether Reiki works are long gone.

I get it now.

I understand that we may try to categorize and make sense of this magical, elusive world, but ultimately we just scratch the surface. We aren’t really meant to understand our existence but rather just experience it instead. That all we have to do is tune in to universal life force energy for help and guidance along the way.

So, yeah, that’s a little bit about me. Just a green-eyed, left-handed, born on Valentines Day, dog loving, Kundalini yoga doing, Cuban salsa dancing machine who had the great fortune to get sick so she could then heal herself and share the tool she used with you.

A girl with strong connections to other planets, galaxies, worlds… not to mention equally strong connections to the beautiful humans here who make life and this hilarious, organized chaos worthwhile.

I’m fascinated by all the other lives our soul is simultaneously having and teach from my “future” selves as much as I can. This is the lifetime to liberate ourselves and wake up, our moment to elevate our consciousness and remember all that we are. Reiki did that for me, and it’s my deepest wish that it does the same for you.

I continue to be amazed at Reiki’s ability to transform lives and would be so honored to teach you this most sacred and powerful Japanese healing art. What a gift and a privilege to be ALIVE and to connect with you NOW.

Maybe, just maybe, if we’re particularly lucky, we’ll get to leave this little blue and green planet just a little bit better than when we got here.

Reiki healing session from Sedona

Giving long-distance Reiki from Sedona for one of the bonuses in the Reiki I online course.

Reiki Master Teacher Brooke

dance I said.

Because life is a dance.

Reiki with the dolphins

Learning from the dolphins about life and stuff.


Learn how to heal yourself, help others and channel universal life force energy with a Reiki I attunement.


NEW COURSE! Send Reiki long-distance through time and space. Work with crystals and pendulums. Learn how to clear karma and consciously manifest.


Find out what animals really think about all this “energy and Reiki stuff” in my most popular class!

  1. Ryan says:

    Looking forward to taking reiki 1. I’m a father of 3, and as you could imagine that leaves little left in the wallet for myself. Is there a cheaper course I can take? I’ve found cheaper online but I prefer your approach.

  2. Jason says:

    Hey Brooke I love your enthusiasm, we need more people like you on this planet, spreading light and love to the world. Keep up the good work!

    1. Reiki Training Classes says:

      Aww thank you Jason, that’s so nice. I have a feeling that you are doing the same thing in the world. : )

  3. Karen says:


    I just signed up and paid for the Online Course of Reiki II.

    Thanks, Brooke!

  4. kk sharma says:

    I want to learn REIKI, Pl. tell me how it is possible to me.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Sure thing, I think the best way to hear about my Reiki video courses that I’m putting together would be to join my Reiki newsletter. It’s free, and that way you’ll know when the classes are coming out (in mid-August) and be able to sign-up and go through the online courses.

      I think based on your email that you may live in or be from India? I’ve taught a lot of students in India before, so that shouldn’t be a problem at all. As long as you have access to the Internet, you should be just fine!

  5. Deborah Krug says:

    I am hoping to complete my journey… I am 62 and I paid to do all of Reiki with another teacher including the Reiki teacher….and all I got was a Reiki 3 ….I feel a little taken back, so I am pursuing this through someone else.

    My son lives in San Diego and is a military figure in nursing. I would like to finish my days completing my Reiki classes. I am out of work and feel this could bridge my income til retirement age. I would be happy to show my certificates. I would like to heal animals. I am also practicing EFT.. Can you help me? I am hoping for an affordable price. Rev. Deborah Krug

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Deborah,

      I’m really sorry to hear that you bought an online Reiki course with someone else thinking it included becoming a Reiki Master Teacher and it sounds like it didn’t. I would be happy to attune you and train you to the Reiki Master Teacher Level, and we can talk a little bit about topics from Reiki I and II just to make sure that you are up to speed on everything! We can go over Animal Reiki as well, animals are honestly my favorite ‘people’ to send Reiki to. And I love Emotional Freedom Technique, that’s so great that you practice that as well!

      The price for the private online Reiki Master Teacher training class is $400, it lasts for 8 weeks and we meet once a week for an hour over Skype. If you sign up for the Reiki Training Classes newsletter, you get 15% off the online course, so it’s $340 for the eight weeks I believe.

      Hopefully that works for you, I would love to train you on how to become a Reiki Master Teacher!

      Take care Deborah,

      Brooke Betts

  6. Brenda Bates says:

    I am interested in Reiki Master- Teacher training. I am a Reiki Master currently .Please ssend me information about your program / and or training for Reiki Master- Teacher . thank you

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I will send you a private email to your email address with the specifics about the Reiki Master course (which includes the Teacher Training and how to attune others), but just really quickly, the private online Reiki Master Training course lasts for eight weeks and we meet once a week online via Skype for an hour. You receive the Reiki Master attunement (even if you are already a Reiki Master, it’s nice to receive another attunement!) as well as the Master Manual with all the symbols I know and a guide to attuning other people. I would also send you my Reiki I and II manuals, so we could make sure you are already attuned to all the symbols I attune students to in those classes. Also, seeing the manuals would give you a good idea of how to structure your classes if teaching is what you want to pursue. The class price is $400 for the eight weeks, and I would really focus on teaching you how to teach Reiki classes if that was what you wanted to concentrate on.

      And… that was not “really quickly” at all : )

      Thanks again for your question, Brenda!

      Namaste right back – the light within me recognizes and sees the light within you.


  7. Anjani says:

    I share the same commitment, having as many Reiki Masters as possible to heal the planet and all its inhabitants. – Anjani

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      : ) Very happy to hear that. Wow, Reiki is really spreading all over the world, isn’t it? Best of luck to you in Mumbai!

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