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Reiki I Online Video Course

Become a Reiki practitioner today!

Get instant access to the entire Reiki level 1 online video course!

Awaken your natural healing abilities

Reiki has been known to heal everything from headaches and broken bones to anxiety, depression and cancer.

Learning Reiki will increase your psychic abilities. Teach you how to stay calm in this busy world of technological overload and to-do lists. Improve your life in ways you can’t even imagine.

Perhaps most importantly, the Reiki 1 class will help you get in touch with your true purpose and remind you why you chose to be on this planet in these exciting times.


reiki 1 online class certificateAfter your Reiki 1 online course, you will:

  • be a Reiki 1 practitioner, attuned to three Reiki symbols
  • know how to give a complete in-person Reiki session to yourself and others
  • have an easy technique for deep relaxation and peace of mind at your fingertips (literally)




An Introduction to Reiki
  • What Reiki is
  • How it works
  • The many ways you can use this spiritual healing practice to improve your life



Your Reiki 1 Attunement
  • A guided meditation to get you in the best possible space to receive your attunement
  • Music by Christo Pellani, one of the foremost sound healers in the world
  • Your Reiki level 1 attunement online directly from Sedona, AZ



The History of Reiki
  • How the Usui Reiki Shiki Ryoho system came to be
  • An in-depth look at the founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui
  • More on the wonderful lineage of Reiki practitioners who walked before us



The Five Reiki Principles
  • How you can use these five ideals to master your thoughts, train your brain and harness the infinite power of your mind



The Reiki Symbols
  • A discussion of the three Reiki symbols you will be attuned to
  • The various ways you can invoke these symbols and tap into the specific energies they represent



How to Give a Complete In-Person Reiki Session
  • A behind-the-scenes look at a Reiki session
  • A demonstration of the traditional Reiki hand positions as well as how to practice intuitive, esoteric Reiki
  • A step-by-step guide for a self-treatment so you can send Reiki to the person who deserves it the most


How to Protect Yourself From Unwanted Energies

Learn how to keep your energy safe and secure.

girl in Sedona explaining energy

What to Do If Someone Cries During A Session

Since this will almost certainly happen at some point…

rose quartz crystals on Sedona red rocks

A Distance Reiki Healing Session From Sedona

This is YOUR time to relax and receive.

girl offering Reiki from Sedona red rocks


– you have always been sensitive to energy

– you pick up on the thoughts and feelings of the people around you

– you are ready to start being your best self!

You understand there is more to life than meets the eye.

You are a massage therapist, yoga teacher, physical therapist or use the power of touch in your work.

You are a vet tech, veterinarian, groomer, dog trainer or just love animals!

You want to learn how to thrive in the energetic reality we live in.

If you are ready to active the powerful healer within, this Reiki 1 online class is for you.
Learn this ancient Japanese healing art today


Signing up for the training is simple:

1: Click the red ENROLL button below to buy the Reiki 1 class.

2: Enjoy the process of becoming a Reiki practitioner!

As soon as you sign up, you get instant access to the entire Reiki first degree course. You receive a username and password and your bonuses are all set up for you as well.

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Your purchase is safe and secure.


What does Lifetime Access to the Reiki level 1 course include?

Lifetime Access to the Reiki 1 training online includes the ability to go through the course and watch the videos as many times as you like (including your Reiki 1 attunement and bonus long-distance Reiki healing session.)

You have access to all the class materials, videos, handouts and guides. You can also share your questions and experiences with the other students taking the Reiki 1 course.

Once you send me your address, you receive your Reiki 1 certification in the mail with your name hand-written in calligraphy by none other than my talented mom.

Do long-distance Reiki attunements really work?


We go over how Reiki works in much more detail in the class, but basically, there is no time and space when it comes to energy. Energy travels at the speed of light across any distance, and cuts through seemingly “solid” objects like buildings and steel with ease.

For example, have you ever thought of someone you haven’t talked to in years, and then they call you the next day?

Essentially, you sent energy their way… they unconsciously received it… and that energy then gave them the urge to call you.

Amazing, right? That’s just how this whole energy thing works!

So you can 100% receive all the energy from a Reiki attunement online that you would from an attunement in-person. Energy is everywhere at the same time in the quantum field.

Do I need anything for the Reiki 1 class?

Just the desire and intention to become a Reiki practitioner.

Oh, and also the willingness not to be too shocked when you realize just how powerful you really are!

I have a question, who should I contact?

Feel free to email me any time at brooke @ I’d love to answer any questions you have.

When is the best time to start my Reiki 1 training?

The time is always now, isn’t that what they say?

Besides, we need you!





  • Instant access to the entire course
  • Printable course materials and guides
  • A bonus long-distance Reiki session just for you
  • Filmed in Sedona!
  • Your personalized Reiki 1 certificate



I was able to get off pain medication I had taken for years for my neck after I learned how to send myself Reiki.

I've successfully helped my father, my daughter, my son... my entire family!

I've started my own Reiki practice and feel a sense of peace like never before.

Jen Ormondroyd
Nurse and Reiki Master Teacher in Florida

Now that I regularly practice Reiki, I feel that no matter what happens, I am okay. And I didn't feel that way before.

Reiki never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes I feel like I'm floating. I've had some of the best days of my life when I send myself Reiki.

Meghan Elliott
Chef, Musician, Mom and Reiki Master in Alaska

A LOT of positive changes have occurred in my life since taking Reiki.

Thank you so much, Brooke, for being an excellent teacher!

Your teachings and energy have changed my life.

Dr. Alicia Holland
Reiki Practitioner, College Professor and Author




  • Instant access to the entire Reiki level 1 online course
  • Printable class materials and guides
  • A bonus long-distance Reiki session just for you
  • Filmed in Sedona!
  • Your personalized Reiki 1 certificate


  1. dove says:

    I would love to speak with someone about becoming certified with your Reiki program

    1. Reiki Training Classes says:

      Hi Dove,

      What a beautiful name by the way! It’s so calm and peaceful. I have a woman who helps me with my website (she’s a computer programmer) and her name is Ocean. Since my name is Brooke, like a creek, I really appreciate names related to nature.

      Anyway, I am so happy that you are interested in my Reiki program! My Reiki certification program is through online video courses, and you can take Reiki I or all the classes up to the Reiki Master Level. I also have my Animal Reiki course that focuses on sending healing energy to animals. I actually just finished putting together the Reiki II course and will be opening it publicly this week. The Master Course will be available in about six weeks or so.

      But if you simply want to become attuned to Reiki and learn how to do an in-person Reiki session, the Reiki I course is a perfect place to start.

      You download the handouts and guides, and can log in and watch the videos online as many times as you want. Once you’ve gone through the Reiki I training, if you have questions or want me to clarify anything, we can talk over the phone or on Skype for 15 minutes or so as well.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me!

      Take care Dove,

  2. Carolina says:

    Very excited to learn reiki for myself, to help others and my pets. In burn recovery and drug recover and this is getting me thru. When, how can I start? Thankfully, Carolina

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Carolina,

      I am so happy to hear you are so interested in Reiki!

      Since it’s an online video course, you can enroll and go through the Reiki I training at your own pace and as many times as you want. You create a login and a password, and log in online, so you can sign up and start the class whenever works best for you.

      You receive your Reiki I attunement in Reiki I, so you can definitely already practice Reiki on your pets after the Reiki I class. If you want to really delve deeper into how animals work with energy, how giving Reiki to them is different than to people, and animal spirit medicine and animals’chakras, here is more information about my Animal Reiki training course.

      That is so great that you are recovering and that Reiki is helping you. It really is so empowering and such a great tool to help us help ourselves.

      Take care Carolina,


  3. Kihm says:

    I would like to find out how I can participate in the online Reiki training courses. Are there books or software to buy for the course?
    Thank you for your work and teaching.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Kim, terrific! This page explains all about my Reiki I video training, and you can find out more about the Reiki II course and the Animal Reiki course by clicking on the header above.

      About whether there are books or software or anything to purchase, no, there’s nothing else that you need. Basically, you just log in to the class website, and the videos, the downloadable materials, and everything is right there and included in the class. So there’s nothing extra that you need to get! Thanks, Kihm! Take care.

  4. Samanthi Menike says:


    I would like to learn Reiki, but I can’t afford to pay LKR 20,000 for this. I’m a single parent raising three kids without working.

    Can i buy this for LKR 5000 (US$ 38). This is what I can afford to pay.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Samanthi,

      Thanks so much for reaching out. To tell you the truth I had to look up what currency LKR is. : ) Now I know it’s the Sri Lankan rupee!

      I am getting video courses of my online Reiki trainings all set up and ready, and they’ll be available mid-August. I saw that you joined my Reiki email newsletter as well, which is great because that’s how I’ll be letting everyone know how to sign up for the classes and everything.

      I know that I’m so lucky to live in America and be in a better place financially than so many people in the world. I’m not sure what it’s like for you in Sri Lanka, but judging from the underdeveloped countries I’ve been in around the world, I know there is just no way a lot of people who want to can afford to take my Reiki classes.

      So this is what I’m going to do – I’m still working out the details of everything, but I am going to arrange the video trainings so that every time a person buys all three levels of the Reiki classes (Reiki I, II and the Master Class), that someone like you who can’t afford to pay the full price will get access to all the classes as well by paying whatever he or she can afford. (I’d like to have some form of exchange, since when we give and receive we keep the circle of energy flowing.)

      So, I will let you know through the Reiki newsletter how the whole process will work! The Reiki video online training will be ready mid-August. We will figure it out one way or another. : )

      Take care Samanthi!


  5. Maria says:

    Hi! Good day!
    I’m very interested in the online reiki classes, but I live in Dubai and because of my job, my schedule is very tight!
    Is it still possible to do the course?
    And do we get a hard copy of the certificate afterwards? Or do you send it via email?
    Thak you so much!

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Maria!

      Thanks so much for your comment. I just looked at what time it is in Dubai just out of curiosity, and you’re eleven hours ahead of me here in California : )

      Coordinating with student’s different time zones is actually one of the reasons why I’m getting my online Reiki video classes all set up, since with the online video trainings people can log in and watch the videos whenever is most convenient for them.

      I’m really excited about the video classes actually! I filmed them in Sedona up to the Reiki Master Teacher Level, and also filmed Animal Reiki. Students will be part of a private group of other students and Reiki Masters and practitioners, so you get a chance to talk about any questions or experiences that come up during the class.

      The Reiki video trainings will be available in a few weeks in mid-August, and I’ll be letting everyone know about them through my Reiki newsletter, so that’s the best way to stay in touch about them! You can sign up through this link:

      And yes, you get a hard copy of your certificate when you’re done. My mom writes your name in calligraphy actually, and she’s so talented! Here’s an example of what the Reiki I certificate look like: Reiki I Certificate example

      I’m happy to answer any more questions if you have them, Maria!

      Take care,


  6. Haley Wilson says:

    Hi, I was wondering it you have an instructor # or something I can use to put on my CE?

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Haley,

      I haven’t set up my online Reiki classes to be part of a Continuing Education program yet unfortunately, so I don’t have an instructor number. I do plan to do that in the future, though, especially because you aren’t the first person who’s asked me that. I used to be a massage therapist, so I know all about Continuing Education credits!

      I would love to attune you to Reiki at any rate!

      Take care,


  7. Ingrid says:

    HeIlo, I am very interested in learning Reike, I would like to get clarification on how many classes are required to become a Reike practitioner and then how many are required to transition into being a Reike Master? I am a RN looking to make a career change that will allow me to still help people and change lives but in an enviroment away from the hospital setting as well as allow me to work as an independent business owner. Do you find Reike to be a lucrative field?

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Ingrid,

      Great questions, and I’ve actually taught a number of students who are RNs. They had great experiences with Reiki because they could use it on patients, and they also learned how to keep themselves strong and their energy separate from the people they help.

      But I also understand wanting to make a career change! I was actually in a similar position as you; I had a mobile massage practice on top of teaching both in-person and online Reiki training classes. It got to be too overwhelming trying to juggle everything, and I felt just like you – I wanted to still help people and empower them to understand they have the ability to heal themselves, as well as continue to have my own business, but something needed to change.

      So I took a leap of faith, and stopped doing mobile massage and teaching Reiki in-person so I could concentrate solely on teaching online Reiki classes. I find it lucrative enough for me, but honestly that might be because I already have a website that a number of people see every day, and I teach enough students.

      But, I can’t really speak for someone who wants to make a living with their own Reiki practice – where they have an office or go to people’s home and practice Reiki from there. I know you CAN do it : D, and here in Southern California, up in LA, I know a few people who do Spiritual Healing and Reiki full-time. (They usually include Reiki in their Spiritual Healing practice, and include other healing modalities as well.)

      So, I think it also depends on where you live, and if people are more open and aware of the benefits of Reiki. You also have to be willing to put yourself out there, and get business cards, a website where you advertise in the local Google results, etc. Something else you could do is make the transition gradually, like have something else in addition to Reiki that you do part-time until you’re set up and ready to have a full-time practice. And if you want to teach Reiki, even better! I think that’s where you could really have a successful business, where you can make money with classes as well as giving Reiki sessions.

      To become a Reiki practitioner, you only need to take Reiki I, which is three classes long. But, you are able to start practicing Reiki on yourself and other people after the first class! (I just like to spread it out over three weeks, so people have a chance to work with the energy and for me to answer any questions they have.) I have one student who wanted to speed up the process, though, so we meet twice a week, and she became a Reiki Master after two months.

      To become a Reiki Master, you take Reiki I (3 classes long), Reiki II (5 classes) and the Reiki Master class (8 classes). So, if you took them back-to-back, it would be about four months to become a Reiki Master and teach classes of your own if you wanted to. You could start offering Reiki sessions immediately, however. I know many Reiki I students who are extremely powerful.

      If you take the three levels separately, the price is $800, but if you pay for them upfront (and you can wait until after Reiki I to make sure it’s the right fit,) the price is $700.

      Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions, Ingrid! I wish you the best of luck in your career transition, everyone should get to do fulfilling work that’s right for them.


  8. Mukund says:

    Hi Brooke,

    I am really amazed to see you taking the efforts and personally reaching out to everyone having doubts in the Reiki training sessions. I have heard of Pranic Healing sessions and also Reiki, but don’t really know the difference between them. In any case, I would like to proceed with reiki training and would love to have my mind and body in sync. I have lots of animals I look after everyday, some in joy and some in pain. Want to work for them and heal as many of them as possible. Hence I want to do this course.

    The only thing is I am from India and how would the timings suit you? I want to start on immediate basis. Kindly help. Thanks a ton

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Mukund,

      Thanks so much for your comment and your kind words : ) I think that’s so great that you want to learn Reiki to help your mind, body and soul and also to help animals – I am a real animal lover. They communicate with us on so many levels, don’t they?

      I can definitely include Animal Reiki into your Reiki I class, so that by the end you will know how to give yourself Reiki as well as give a complete session to someone else or an animal.

      About you being in India and the time difference, I’m not worried about that at all. It seems that lately so many students are from Europe, Africa or even the Middle East, and we can always figure out a schedule that works for both of us. Usually, what happens is it will be the morning for me and evening for you, or vice versa. We can figure it out!

      I’m excited to have you in a class : ) So, as soon as you sign up and pay through PayPal, which you can do on this page: by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button, I will send you an email to set up the class schedule.

      And if you have any problem with PayPal for some reason, I’ve had people pay through Western Union, which worked just fine. So just let me know!

      Thanks again Mukund : )


  9. Mary g says:

    I am very interested in taking this course but am wondering if I can do this as a profession after completing the course. Will this course allow me to practice reiki?

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Mary,

      Great question. Let’s see, the answer is a bit complicated, so please bear with me:

      You asked if you can practice Reiki as a profession after taking the Reiki I training class:

      If you mean legally will you be able to have a Reiki practice after taking the Reiki I training, the answer is YES. However, it’s a bit of a clarified yes. Different states have different laws when it comes to touch therapy. Some states require you to have a massage license, or be a minister who uses touch for religious purposes, while other states have no regulations at all regarding touch.

      The reason that I said YES is because you can still offer complete Reiki sessions (and charge for them, have your own business and be quite successful) without ever touching your clients. Reiki can be offered with your hands above the person’s body, and if you are a Reiki II practitioner and know the Distance Healing Symbol, you can also send Reiki long-distance.

      If you do intend to incorporate the hand positions into your Reiki sessions and touch your clients, however, some laws may apply. Since the laws vary from state to state, it’s difficult to give a concrete answer.

      You will definitely understand and know how to give a complete Reiki session, but legally, some states might consider Reiki to be touch for ‘therapeutic’ purposes, and thus require some sort of license such as a massage license that allows you to touch people.

      Although Reiki is not a religion but rather a system of healing, some practitioners will become ministers in a church that uses touch therapy in order to protect themselves and get around the laws. But I wouldn’t recommend that at all unless you really were a member of that church, since it seems disrespectful to that church to be using it just for that reason.

      I personally have never heard of anyone being sued over Reiki, but there are some practitioners who get malpractice insurance for $199 a year from the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP). Here is the ABMP’s list of massage requirements by state.

      Even though Reiki requirements aren’t the same as for massage, hopefully that will give you an idea of how lax or how strict your particular state is when it comes to the law and touch.

      If you have a Reiki practice, you also always want to tell your clients that you are not a medical doctor and aren’t offering medical advice.

      If you’re not sure about the laws surrounding touch therapy in your state, you can always call your local government and ask. Be sure to tell them, “Reiki is not massage, it is a form of energywork.”

      The reason that this answer is so long is that currently, the practice of Reiki itself isn’t regulated federally or state-by-state. For example, it’s not like a person has to have this many hours of Reiki training or have been trained by an “accredited Reiki Master” or anything like that in order to call themselves a Reiki Practitioner and have a Reiki business.

      Because of the lack of regulation, the lines are still blurry as to whether Reiki is touch therapy, or energywork, or if a license and insurance is required, etc. etc. I do know that William Rand of Karuna Reiki in Hawaii has a Reiki association where you have to be attuned by someone in his program to be a part of the association. But unfortunately, since my Reiki Master Teacher, even though she attuned me to all the Karuna Reiki symbols, didn’t learn through his particular program, they won’t allow me to be a part of the association.

      It’s an interesting topic, because on one hand, regulation can be great to ensure quality control, but on the other, it can inhibit legitimate teachers from teaching in their particular style. Also, if it costs a certain amount to be “accredited” and a person cannot pay, regulation can kind of leave some people behind who would otherwise be great teachers.

      Whew, that was a long answer to a simple question!

      Anyway, thanks again, and I would love to attune you to Reiki if you are so inclined.


  10. Lusine says:

    Hello, do I understand correctly that the cost for the 3-week course is $150? I noticed on other sites an hourly rate of $100 – $150 (I may be confusing with a Reiki healing session), but would you mind confirming the cost for the Reiki course, please? Also, how many classes does the 3-week program include? Once – twice a week, or every day? Or is it a total of certain number of hours distributed within 3 weeks? Thank you in advance.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Lusine,

      Thanks so much for your question. Yes, you are absolutely right, the cost for the three-week Reiki I training course is $150 altogether. During the Reiki I course, we meet once a week for an hour each week over Skype. So, the total hours we meet are three hours, and for $150 that comes out to about $50 per class. (I hope that’s not too confusing!)

      I like to spread the Reiki I class out over three weeks so students have time to practice using symbols, practice doing Reiki sessions on other people and basically just get accustomed to having that higher frequency of Reiki within them. (So many people go through a bit of an adjustment; I know I certainly did years ago!)

      By the end of the Reiki I class, you will have received your Reiki I attunement and know how to give a complete Reiki session to yourself, another person or an animal. You will also be attuned to and learn three Reiki symbols (the Power Symbol, Peace Symbol and Centering/Grounding Symbol), learn the traditional hand positions, and understand the Five Reiki Principles.

      The class is a private one-on-one session over Skype. Originally, I was teaching group classes, but it got to be too difficult with people from all over the world in different time zones and with different schedules. My schedule is flexible, which is nice as well, so I hold the classes whenever is convenient for students.

      Honestly, I haven’t really looked at what other Reiki Masters are charging for their Reiki training courses or healing sesssions, but it sounds like they are typically more expensive. The main reason that I wanted to keep the Reiki I class affordable is so as many people can take it as possible who want to. Even at $150, I receive a lot of emails from people in underdeveloped countries who simply cannot afford even the $150.

      I’m putting the finishing touches on a Reiki I video course that I want to put out as soon as it’s done, which will be nice because that way students can go at their own pace and also watch certain sections over and over again if they want. That way, I will feel good because I can offer them to people in Third World countries at a discounted rate if they need that.

      Thanks again for your question, and I would love to have you in the Reiki I class if you think it will be a good fit!


  11. dr asrar khan says:

    i want to learn reiki online

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Dr. Khan,

      Sounds great, we can certainly use all the Reiki practitioners in the world that we can get!

      The best way to go about signing up for one of our online Reiki training courses (or the full online Reiki class package, for that matter) is to pay the $150 for the three week online Reiki I class through this link:

      If you click on the PayPal link that says, ‘Buy Now’, you will be taken to a page on PayPal where you can pay for the course.

      Very soon (hopefully, very, VERY soon!) I will be finishing up my online Reiki video course series that you can purchase, which will allow you to take the full Reiki I training online and be able to watch the different modules or parts of the course as many times as you need to. I am still figuring out the pricing, I may use a pay-what-you-can model, which will allow people all over the world, including those in underdeveloped countries, to take the classes and pay what they are able to. But we shall see!

      Thanks again for your comment, and I hope to see you in a Reiki training very soon!

  12. Ellen says:

    I’m looking for an NCBTMB-approved provider of continuing education for CEUs in reiki training (starting at the beginning). (Just to mention, I have a chakra energy balancing background.) I don’t see the NCBTMB-approved provider seal on your site; are you an approved provider?
    Thank you, Ellen

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Ellen,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Unfortunately, no, we aren’t an NCBTMB-approved provider at this time. I am also a massage therapist, and we have debated becoming an approved provider of CEUs, but just aren’t there yet, I’m sorry to say. You are not the first person to ask that, however, so we are definitely going to look into it. I wish you the best of luck on your journey, and would love to attune you to Reiki if you end up getting your CEUs another way!

      Take care,

      Brooke Betts
      Reiki Master Teacher

  13. Conn says:

    I live in the UK. Can I still do the courses all the way to Reiki Master?

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Conn,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, you can definitely still do all the courses (Reiki I, II and the Reiki Master) from the UK! The farthest student that I attuned was all the way in Uganda. My schedule is flexible as well, and I am available in the mornings and evenings, so we should be able to work out the time difference as well (I believe you’re eight hours ahead of us here in California.)

      We are also going to start a special price for people who do want to take the Reiki I, II and Master Courses altogether. If someone buys each class separately, the total price is $800, but we are going to offer a price of $700 for people who want to buy the three classes upfront.

      I’ll send you a private email as well.

      Hope you’re having a great day!

      Brooke Betts
      Reiki Master Teacher

  14. Gina Downs says:

    I am wondering if this course has a set schedule? I run my own business and each week is different for me..there may be a week when I will not have time for a class..can I skip a week if necessary?…and still continue the next week?

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Gina,

      First of all, I love your email name, ‘The Pet Nanny’! Reiki is such a great tool to have, especially for people who work with animals, since animals are so in tune with energy, much more than we people are. To answer your question, there isn’t a set schedule for the Reiki classes. We’ve found that it’s just too difficult with people’s different schedules and time zones and everything. So the class is a one-on-one private class that lasts for three weeks and is an hour each week via Skype.

      Thanks to that, we can definitely skip a week if you needed to! Our schedules are very flexible and we can definitely figure out something that works for you. I will send you a private email as well with a couple more details about the course.

      Love love

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