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Animal Reiki Online Course

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animal reiki online training class certificateThe online Animal Reiki class:


  • Find out how to give a complete Animal Reiki session
  • Understand how animals make sense of the energetic reality we live in
  • Work with their chakra systems
  • Communicate telepathically with animals
  • Tap into the full power of animal spirit medicine, and much, much more!




An Introduction to Animal Reiki
  • The subtle differences between offering Reiki to animals instead of people
  • How Reiki helps animals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually



Animals, Reiki and Energy
  • How animals perceive our energetic universe
  • A conversation about whether or not to attune animals
  • How to communicate telepathically with animals



How to Give a Complete Animal Reiki Session
  • A detailed explanation on how to give a full Animal Reiki session
  • An in-depth Animal Chakra Guide
  • A checklist to have on hand when you give an Animal Reiki treatment



How Our “Pets” Help Us Energetically
  • The many ways our beloved animals support the growth of our souls
  • Why our animal friends are our best teachers
  • A conversation with a man and his wolf dog



How To Work with Animal Spirit Medicine
  • A discussion of how our animal guides show themselves to us
  • The various ways you can invite them in and tap into the specific energies they represent
  • Common meanings for different animal totems


A Guided Meditation to Connect with Animal Spirits

Meet your animal guides (at their discretion) with a twenty-minute meditation featuring incredible flute player David “White Cloud” Burkhart.

How to Use Reiki When Animals Leave the Physical World

Learn how to help animals and their families when the animals are getting ready to transition to the spiritual realm.


You are a Reiki practitioner and want to add Animal Reiki to your repertoire. Are you ready for your new clients, though?

You work as a vet tech, veterinarian, groomer, dog or horse trainer, animal massage therapist, wildlife rehabilitator, animal communicator, or in an animal shelter, sanctuary or doggie day care.

Your dogs thrill you and you want to understand how to better offer them Reiki in exchange for all the gifts they give you.

Your cats are demanding you take the Animal Reiki class because they have waited long enough.

The online Animal Reiki course is for anyone who wants to help the incredible animals we share this planet with.


Start to learn Animal Reiki today!


Signing up for the online Animal Reiki training course is simple:

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NOTE: The Animal Reiki class is geared toward people who are already Reiki practitioners. If you are brand-new to Reiki, you want to take my online Reiki I course alongside this one.

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Common Questions…

What does Lifetime Access to the Animal Reiki training include?

You can sign in to the course and watch the videos as many times as you’d like, including the Guided Meditation to Connect with Animal Spirits.

You can download all the Animal Reiki materials:

  • The Animal Chakra Guide
  • How To Communicate with Animals
  • The step-by-step reference How to Give an Animal Reiki Session

You also receive your personalized Animal Reiki certificate in the mail with your name handwritten in calligraphy.

We also talk over Skype or on the phone for 15 minutes or so so I can answer any questions that may come up.

Do I receive a Reiki attunement if I sign up for the course?

No, there isn’t an attunement in the online Animal Reiki class. I created the course this way so anyone can take the training, regardless of their level of Reiki.

Even if you aren’t a Reiki practitioner – yet! – you can still get a lot out of the class – insight into how animals think about energy, a better understanding of their chakra system, ideas about how to talk telepathically with them, and the chance to connect with your animal spirit guides in the meditation.

But, you can only practice actual Reiki once you receive a Reiki attunement in a Reiki I course, since Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is passed down from teacher to student during the attunement.

If you’d like to receive an attunement, you can take my Reiki I course alongside Animal Reiki. You receive your Reiki I attunement in the Reiki I course.

Who can I contact if I have a question?
Feel free to email me any time at brooke @ I’d love to answer any questions you have!

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  • 2 additional video bonuses
  • Filmed in Sedona!
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What Animal Reiki students have to say…

I so enjoyed speaking with you the other day- you were so helpful and I really appreciate all the information.

It was so nice to do a "face" to "face" with you over Skype.

I really have learned so much from you and appreciate you having your Reiki courses online and your accessibility. Thank you again!

Patty Boudreau
Reiki Practitioner in New York

My cat is a different cat after I took Brooke’s online Animal Reiki class. I sent healing to him when he was mistreated as a little kitten. He used to hide in the farthest corner he could find, but now he is very affectionate and loving. Out of all my cats, he is the one who asks for Reiki the most! I am so grateful for Brooke and all she's done for me and my family.

Mona Deneubourg
Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive and Chocolatier in Belgium

Learning Animal Reiki took my Reiki practice to a whole new level. Brooke took the time to answer all my questions and her love for teaching Reiki is so obvious. I use what I learned about animal spirits and Reiki every time I give a reading. I love Brooke and give her class my highest recommendation. If you have the chance to take her class, do it!

Bethanny Sage
Reiki practitioner, Dancer and Astrologist in California

Receive your Animal Reiki certification today!

Lifetime Membership


  • Full, instant access
  • Downloadable course materials
  • 2 additional video bonuses
  • Filmed in Sedona!
  • Your personalized Animal Reiki certificate



  1. Zoe says:

    HI, How long is the whole video?

  2. Reiki Training Classes says:

    Someone just emailed me with a couple questions about the Animal Reiki class, so I wanted to answer them here just in case anyone else has the same questions! –

    1) From your experience, which people are more happy to accept Reiki for their animals : dogs and pet owners or horses owners?

    I’ve found that people with dogs are more likely to be open to paying for Reiki services, more so than people with cats or horses or other animals. I think the dog industry is so huge – people buy toys and snacks and clothes and everything for their dogs! Even though I do think horses are the most connected animals when it comes to energy, still if I was just starting a Reiki business, I would focus most on people with dogs, and promote my services in veterinarian offices, doggie day cares, pet stores and places like that.

    2) Will the class be of equal value for doing reiki to all sort of animals?

    Yes, I think my online Animal Reiki training is of equal value for all animals, even though I do focus mainly on dogs, cats and horses. I think it’s most important to understand the ideas around how animals relate to energy and how to send them Reiki without it being overwhelming or frightening for them. I do talk a little bit about sending Reiki to wild animals, and we also talk about animal spirit medicine, but the focus is definitely on sending Reiki to domesticated animals like dogs, cats and horses.

  3. kapi sahu says:

    please send details about the animal reiki class


    1. Reiki Training Classes says:

      Hi Kapi, do you have any questions in particular about my online Animal Reiki training? There is a lot of information above; if you have any other questions about the course please feel free to ask me!

  4. Heather says:

    Hi Brooke,
    Just wanted to say, how nice you have an image of Kevin Richardson with one of his beloved Lions!
    He seems to be an awesome person dedicating his life to giving his Lions the best life possible with also enrichment walks and bringing awareness to Canned Hunting & the declining numbers in the wild.

    1. Reiki Training Classes says:

      Hi Heather,

      Thanks for your comment! I actually didn’t know about Kevin until I was looking for images for my online Animal Reiki class, and I found one of him and one of the lions. So, of course, I had to spend the next few hours looking at pictures of Kevin with the lions, watching documentaries and anything I could get my hands on. : ) So fascinating! I agree, what a special, amazing person.

      It’s so nice actually to connect with someone who feels the same way I do about him! : D

      Take care,


  5. Jason says:

    This looks just up my street! Will hopefully enroll on the animal reiki course soon :)

    1. Reiki Training Classes says:

      Sounds great, Jason, I hope to “see” you in the class! : )

  6. Celeste says:


    I am interested in learning animal reiki from you I am sure you have plenty of wisdom to offer but I am concerned about your saying you would teach this to someone who had only had Reiki 1. The levels are there for a reason. Self-healing, self-awareness, and a dedication to cultivating a sensitivity to energy means and a healer can give insights about The various “bodies” and how they are functioning. Hopefully someone practicing on an animal would have experience on humans (after themselves). I would hope. Animals are vulnerable enough. While I get that you want more “healing energy” to be available to them, I’m certain that a Reiki level 1 initiate that can ONLY practice reiki on themselves, is not a candidate.


    Celeste Creel
    Reiki Master Teacher

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Celeste,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. I definitely understand how you would feel that way. In my experience learning Reiki, I did learn how to offer Reiki to other people in my Reiki I class. In Reiki I, we focused on self-treatment and treatments in the same room, in Reiki II we learned distance healing through space and time, and in the Reiki Master Class we learned the Master Symbol and how to attune others. I teach the same way, so everyone who has taken my Reiki I online course knows how to give Reiki to others as well.

      I do agree with you that our Reiki strengthens the more we practice and the more experience we have with it, as well as what we learn from practicing and studying Reiki. I have taught so many very powerful Reiki practitioners, though, who although it may be their very first Reiki class, are so very powerful. I would never want to limit that for them or for the people and animals who can benefit from them by requiring people to be a certain level before offering Reiki to animals. Also, literally every single person who has ever been interested in my online Animal Reiki training or taken the class has always had the best intentions and been kind, good people. I don’t think they would even be attracted to an Animal Reiki course otherwise! I think with the Internet and the increased sharing of information that we do need to share as much information with as many people as possible. We need our hearts to open en masse at this point! But I do appreciate your sharing your views, please take care,


  7. Lauren Clark says:

    Does the Animal Reiki course come with certification? Is there a animal reiki master?

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Yes, once you take the online Animal Reiki training, you receive your Animal Reiki certificate in the mail with your name handwritten in calligraphy and you will be certified in Animal Reiki.

      That being said, I wanted to create the Animal Reiki course so that anyone who wanted to take it could, regardless of whether they were a Reiki I or II practitioner or Reiki Master. So I don’t focus on Reiki symbols or give a Reiki attunement in the class.

      For people who are brand-new to Reiki, I recommend taking my Reiki I online video training either alongside the Animal Reiki course or first. There is so much to talk about in a Reiki I class, and I wanted the Animal Reiki course to be just about those incredible animals.

      I don’t have a specific Animal Reiki Master course, no. But I am finishing putting together my general Reiki Master Teacher online course for students who are ready to become Reiki Masters and Reiki Master Teachers.

      People who aren’t attuned to Reiki (yet! :) have still taken the Animal Reiki training course and they’ve said they still got a lot out of it.

      I hope that answers your questions, please feel free to ask me if you have any others!


  8. Dr. Brian Leggiere says:

    Shalom/ Namaste,
    I am interested in learning Animal Reiki. I completed level III Reiki training as well as Reiki Healing Drum, Wu Tai Chi and Ba Gua instructor training and I am a licensed Psychologist and Orgonomic therapist in NYC. I look forward to your animal Reiki course when it becomes available. Thank you so much

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you so much for your interest in my Animal Reiki class.

      The online training is ready now, can find out more about what we cover and also enroll through this link:

      It is so funny, I actually just had tea with a woman who took my in-person Reiki classes back when I was teaching in-person. She took them all the way up to the Master Level (she’s since become a good friend), and she is a Psychologist as well. She incorporates Reiki into her practice a lot. There was actually another person in her classes as well who is a Psychologist and incorporates Reiki, EFT and energywork into her practice as well.

      I think that’s so great that we can learn all these different modalities now and incorporate them into our own unique style and blend of healing, for ourselves as much as anyone else! I love Tai Chi and Reiki Drumming, by the way. I’ve done more Qi Gong than Tai Chi, but wow, what a powerful practice.

      If you have any questions about the Animal Reiki training, please feel free to ask me!

      Take care : )


  9. Sandra says:

    Hi, I have my Reiki Level 3. I will be doing some kids Reiki classes and I am also interested in working with animals. Can you please send me some more info on this online Animal Reiki Class.. Thank you very much!

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Thanks so much for your interest in the Animal Reiki class – I am finishing it up as we speak and it will be ready by Winter Solstice (December 21st.) It’s so interesting that the Animal Reiki class is the most popular one by far, regardless of the level of Reiki practitioner. I guess Reiki practitioners as a whole are just nice, caring people : )

      Also – that’s so great you will be teaching kids’ Reiki classes! I’ve only taught three kids – I taught them separately, but they were all about ten years old at the time. Every single one picked Reiki up so easily – my little cousin actually started to send my mom Reiki and give her a legitimate Reiki session before I even showed him anything! He was using his version of “symbols” and everything, it was fascinating. I think you picked a great niche!

      Let’s see, about the Animal Reiki class, it is an online video course training that can accompany any level of Reiki. Basically, what that means is that there isn’t an attunement in the class, as opposed to the attunement you would receive in Reiki I, II or the Reiki Master Teacher Class. I wanted anyone who was interested in the Animal Reiki class to be able to take it, regardless of their level.

      The Animal Reiki training is divided into different sections, and some of the sections are Animals, Reiki and Energy – The Basics, How to Give a Complete Animal Reiki Session, How to Use Animal Spirit Medicine and How Our Pets Help Us Energetically.

      There are also Bonus Sections on How Reiki Can Help When An Animal is Leaving the Physical World and also a Guided Meditation to Connect With An Animal Spirit.

      It’s a really great class, I continue to be amazed at how intelligent, incredible and helpful the animals of our planet are. When you buy the class, you receive Lifetime Access and can watch the videos online as many times as you want and as often as you’d like. There are also discussion areas below each section where you can leave comments, questions and any experiences you have!

      You receive your Animal Reiki certificate in the mail as well.

      After the class, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how animals perceive our energetic reality and have ideas about how to incorporate Animal Spirit Medicine or animal totems into your Reiki practice (and everyday life!) You’ll also know how to give a complete animal Reiki session and some of the nuances between sending a human Reiki and an animal Reiki.

      I haven’t figured out the price completely yet – (I am focusing on finishing the class first!) But I think it will be around $150, with an option to purchase the class for $100 for the first week after it comes out.

      Take care, Sandra, if you have any other questions, just let me know. : )

  10. Erom says:

    Are you still offering the online animal reiki class and do you have to have already taken other Reiki classes to be able to get certified in it?

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Erom,

      I am finishing up the Animal Reiki video class as we speak, and it will be all ready on the Winter Solstice – Dec 21st. It’s an online video course, and I purposely created it so that no, you don’t have to be a particular level of Reiki to take the course. I wanted anyone who wanted to, regardless of their level of Reiki, to be able to take the training.

      There isn’t a Reiki attunement that comes along with the course like there is in the Reiki I, II and Reiki Master Teacher course trainings. But that being said, the class does assume that the student has taken at least the first degree or level of Reiki, Reiki I. If someone hasn’t taken Reiki I yet, and takes the Animal Reiki online video training, I know they will surely still get a lot out of the course and will understand how to offer an animal healing energy. But since they haven’t received a Reiki attunement, the energy they would be sending to the animal wouldn’t be of the particular healing frequency that is Reiki. Hopefully that makes sense?

      Anyway, I’d love to have you in the Animal Reiki class if you are so inclined! Animals are just the best.

      Take care,


  11. Maureen says:

    I’m very interested in your on-line Animal Reiki Training. I’m a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher and would like to add a certification for Animal Reiki Training. I believe there are so many animals that are in need of this healing. I’ll subscribe to your newsletter so I stay updated on when you will be offering it.
    Thank you

  12. Clara says:

    i am interested in taking this Animal Reiki Course. I have Reiki 1 and am hoping to develop my practice.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Clara!

      That’s so great, there are so many animals who could use you. I am putting the finishing touches on the Animal Reiki video course, which we filmed in Sedona, and I’m not teaching any one-on-one private Reiki classes at the moment while I get that class and the Reiki Master Teacher video class all ready.

      But I’m so excited for the Animal Reiki class, it’s always been my favorite. I’m glad you signed up for my newsletter, since that’s the best way to hear about when the class is ready.

      I’m really excited about it, actually, Animal Reiki is always my favorite class! You learn more about animals and energy, you learn how to give a complete Animal Reiki session, and there’s a meditation to connect with Animal Spirits as well.

      Even though you haven’t taken the Animal Reiki class per se, since you’re a Reiki I practitioner, you can still “turn on” your Reiki and send it to animals in-person. The best thing I’ve found is that since animals tend to feel energy much more strongly, it’s nice to just send Reiki to them either without touching them or while lightly touching them. You don’t really need to worry about going through the traditional Reiki hand positions or anything like that! :)

  13. Kim says:

    Hello- I am Reiki, level 2, and would love to do this online program. Can you email me with more info on how it works, with the scheduling especially?

    Thanks so much!

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Kim,
      I think that’s great that you already know distance healing, since you’re a level 2 Reiki practitioner and distance healing works really well with animals! Yes, I will definitely send you an email with more information on the Animal Reiki online class! I’ll answer your question here as well in case anyone reading it has a similar question.

      Basically, the standalone Animal Reiki class lasts for three weeks. We meet once a week for an hour over Skype and the cost of the class is $150. What many students have been doing, however, is adding Animal Reiki into their Reiki I, II or Master Class. In that case, we talk about Animal Reiki and sending Reiki to animals during one of their classes. So, for example, if someone is taking Reiki II, which is five weeks long, one of those five weeks will be dedicated to Animal Reiki if the students wants that.

      I hope this isn’t too confusing! If you do want to just take the Animal Reiki class in and of itself, I would still give you an attunement in the first class to a few symbols that work really well with animals in case you weren’t already attuned to them. Thanks for your question, I hope it works out Kim!


  14. georgi says:

    I am interested in training for sea life reiki. I am a certified master and
    I would like to know if you have online courses for animal reiki.
    If not, can you direct me to the source

    Thank you, Georgi

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Georgi,
      Yes, I definitely teach an online Animal Reiki class. Since you’re already a Reiki Master, the class would be three weeks long – we would meet once a week for an hour each time over Skype for the class, and the class would be $150. Here is the link where you can purchase the online Animal Reiki private class: I would attune you to symbols that are great for using with animals, and since you already know distance healing we could get started working with animals that live in the sea right away and really focus on that whole other world under water.

      I have a special love for dolphins in particular, and I would love to teach you Animal Reiki!

  15. Aloo says:

    Hello Brooke,
    I don’t know why my messege is removed.
    and I’m writing again.

    I’m animal communicator and reiki master who want to learn animal reiki.
    I wonder though my english is not good, can I learn and recieve attunement with you? I really really want to learn it :)
    please send me a reply. thank you.

  16. Aloo says:

    Dear Brooke,

    I wish to learn animal reiki. and I’m a animal connunicator and reiki master for 4years in Korea.
    let me know about class time with you in detail.
    I wonder my english is not good. is possible to learn your class?
    I expect to hear you good sign :)
    thank you!

    1. The Reiki Master says:


      Yes, I would love to teach you about Animal Reiki. Animals are my favorite ‘people’ to send Reiki to. : ) I will send you a personal email right now!


  17. Judy Roberts says:

    I would like to know more about the online animal Reiki class.
    I understand it’s an hour a week for three weeks and using Skype.
    What is covered in the classes?
    Thank you.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Judy,

      Thanks for your question. The animals of our world definitely need Reiki! I have to warn you, you might become a magnet for animals : ) I have found – and this is not an exaggeration at all – 7 or 8 stray dogs come to me in the past year for help. One time, I was even upstairs on the second floor, and my dogs were barking downstairs, so I went to see why they were barking and there was a stray dog right outside the window pawing the window!

      To answer your question, yes, the Animal Reiki class by itself is usually three weeks long, although you can definitely incorporate it into a Reiki I, II or Master class if you wanted to take that instead. I’ve taught students who are already Reiki Masters as well as those who are brand new, so we can tailor the class to your level and knowledge.

      About what’s covered in the online Animal Reiki class, we go over how to give a complete Reiki session to an animal or group of animals. We send Reiki to different animals depending on what the student wants – either all the dogs + cats in shelters, to their own pets, or to all the birds in the world, for example. We talk about communicating with animals, animal totems or spirit medicine, and also more about the purpose of our pets – why they chose us and how they can help us in this life.

      Hope that answers your question, if you have any other questions about the Animal Reiki class, please feel free to ask!

      Brooke Betts
      Reiki Master Teacher

  18. Vera Stodden says:

    I am in love with animals and want to work with them. Do you think realistically I can make money from Animal Reiki though? Any insight would be helpful.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Vera,
      Great question. I know sometimes that doing what we love and making a living from it can seem like they are worlds apart at first!

      I do know a couple people who are Animal Reiki practitioners and make money from it, but they live in places like Sedona and Los Angeles where so many people are open to Reiki, and having an Animal Reiki practitioner come to their house to work on their cat or dog is not much of a stretch.

      So I think it depends on where you live, as well as how much drive and determination you have to really get out there. I know a person can definitely be successful financially as an Animal Reiki practitioner, but you would want to have business cards around town, at pet groomers and veterinary services, and probably advertise in the local online search results as well. You would want a website, and to get your name out there and known. Basically, you have to take smart action to grow your Animal Reiki business if you want to succeed.

      I also know people who are in roles like veterinary techs, mobile groomers or dog walkers/trainers , and they take the online Animal Reiki course training as a supplementary skill to use in their current job. I also know Reiki practitioners who offer Reiki for people and have an option for Animal Reiki as well. I wish Animal Reiki was more mainstream (!), but I think people are just waking up to how beneficial Reiki is for both people and animals. I bet that in another twenty, thirty years, there will be many Animal Reiki practitioners with very successful businesses indeed.

      As an Animal Reiki practitioner, you could also volunteer at a nearby animal shelter, which although you wouldn’t necessarily receive money for it, you would surely receive other rewards and would be doing a really beautiful service to the many, many animals in need.

      Basically, I think being a successful Reiki practitioner, whether for animals or people, is like anything else. You get back what you put into it, and with enough passion and effort, you can make anything happen!

      Good luck Vera!

  19. nora purcell says:

    would I get a certification for the course and when does it begin?

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Nora,

      Yes, you will receive certification for the Animal Reiki Course. Because we’ve found that it’s been too difficult to coordinate times online with people’s schedules and living in different time zones, we’re now teaching the class as a one-on-one private three week class through Skype. The class is one hour a week for three weeks, and costs $150. I will send you a personal email as well with all the information!

      Thanks again for your question,

      Brooke Betts
      Reiki Master Teacher

  20. Kirsten Moller says:

    I’m a pet groomer and recently got interested in Reiki. I am not certified in Reiki though.

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Kirsten,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I think as a Pet Groomer that Reiki would be especially beneficial because you already work hands-on with animals every day! That is really exciting, I bet that you’re recently becoming more and more interested in Reiki because the time is right for you to learn it and be able to use it. I will send you a private email with the details of the class, we’d love to have you in the Private Animal Reiki Class if you are so inclined!

      Take care,

      Reiki Master Teacher

  21. Manette Kohler says:

    please email me when animal Reiki class is available

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Manette,

      Good news, we are now offering the Animal Reiki class! We will send you a personal email with the details, and for everyone else, you can also purchase the Animal Reiki Class at .

  22. Sherri Rosenbloom says:

    I am very much indeed interested in taking this course. When do you think you would have it ready for?
    I am a Reiki Master myself and am thinking of offering Animal Reiki as part of my services.
    Thank you and have a blessed day!

    1. The Reiki Master says:

      Hi Sherri,

      We apologize for taking so long to respond to your comment, we had some technical problems and are just seeing your comment now. But good news, we are now offering the Animal Reiki Class. And we think that’s a great idea to incorporate Animal Reiki into your existing services. We will send you a private email with more details!

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