Reiki and Psychic Ability

Psychic Readings up to 75% Off

One of the many, many benefits of taking an online Reiki class  is that your intuition will almost certainly increase.

You will find that you just “knew” So-and-So was going to call you or that XYZ was going to happen. Not to mention the other benefits having Reiki gives us of being more balanced, centered and grounded at the same time!

Reiki power

We are each the writers of our own story, the creators of our life. What magic will you make today?

Why will you become more psychic after taking a Reiki training class or course?

Well, all being “psychic” really is is having the ability to tap into universal consciousness, that all-knowing presence, oneness, all that is, Spirit, God, Source… whatever you prefer to call it.

When you receive a Reiki attunement/ initiation, the powerful Reiki energy enters your body and begins to clear out any lower-vibrational frequencies to make you a better channel for the Reiki energy.

And as you practice Reiki or give someone a Reiki session, all you have to do is set your intention for the spiritually-directed universal life force energy that is Reiki to flow through you to the recipient. You are simply the channel for the energy to pass through to the person. Continue reading

Step Into Your Power with an Online Reiki Course

the power of ReikiYou do know how powerful you are, right? Deep down, we believe you must. There is no one else like you, no one else that came to this world to do precisely what you came to do.

If you’re having trouble remembering that lately, maybe you should step into your power with an online Reiki course or class training. While the benefits of Reiki are many, perhaps no other can have such a dramatic impact on your life as how Reiki returns you to your power.
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Preparing for Online Reiki Classes

How to Prepare for Reiki Classes Online

online Reiki courses help live life to the fullest

Online Reiki courses help you live your life to the fullest.

Good for you! You took the leap and signed up for an online Reiki class. Your Reiki course training is scheduled to start in a week or so, but what can you do in the meantime to help you get ready?

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until your actual attunement to start getting ready. Since Reiki symbols and energy will be “downloaded” into your body during your attunement, what better way to prepare than to cleanse your body as much as possible beforehand? Continue reading

How to Study for Your Online Reiki Class

Reiki online class attunement

Many students feel the healing Reiki energy flowing in during their attunement

Here at Reiki Training Classes, our online Reiki I class lasts for three weeks and meet virtually once a week. You receive a course packet and syllabus explaining the courses and what will be covered each week. At the beginning of Week One, you receive your Reiki attunement, and then after that we discuss the Reiki principles and concepts.

A common question our students ask is, “What’s the best way to study?” They want to know how to best apply what they learn and have it sink into their brains.

Well… the good news is that the conventional idea of “studying” is not what we recommend for remembering what you learn in your online Reiki class. Yes, really. Going over the material because you feel like you have to, or because you want to make sure you are doing it perfectly, is totally unnecessary. Continue reading

Your Reiki Training Class Just Finished. Now What?

Reiki training course certificatePerhaps you just finished your Reiki Level I or Level II class, or maybe you even completed a Reiki Master training course and can do Reiki attunements. What’s next?

Many students feel a combination of excitement and fear at finishing a course at the same time.  They may want to start doing Reiki and getting paid to do so, but may not know exactly how to go about marketing themselves and getting out there. How do you let the public know that you are armed with positive Reiki healing energy and ready to start practicing? Continue reading

Online Reiki Classes FAQ

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    The healing Reiki energy at work

    Are Reiki classes online as good as those in person?

We’ve answered this question in more detail in the article ‘Reiki Classes Online – Do They Work?‘  But, in short, yes, it is our consensus that they do. Continue reading

How to Find the Right Online Reiki Course For You

Choosing Between Online Reiki courses

Online Reiki Course

Need help finding the right online Reiki course? Never fear, the team at Reiki Training Classes is here to help. Here are some basic questions to help you narrow down your search: Continue reading

Taking Reiki Classes Online – The Pros and Cons


Reiki classes onlineSo you’ve decided to become attuned to the Reiki energy and are looking at Reiki classes online. Great!

Being able to give the higher energy to yourself and others is life-changing. But should you try to find a Reiki master who can teach you in person, or will you get the same thing from an online Reiki class?

Here are the Pros and Cons to taking Reiki classes online: Continue reading

How Does An Online Reiki Training Class Work?

What Goes On in an Online Reiki Training Class

online Reiki training class

The light within me honors the light within you.

Now, obviously, not all online Reiki training classes are created equal. Each Reiki Master has the ability to structure the class according to how he or she believes they can best attune the student and teach about the Reiki energy.

Since the online Reiki certification is not currently regulated by any organization, the discrepancies can be even greater.

Still, there are usually some basic consistencies in virtually every online Reiki training class on the Internet. Here are the basics we believe should be included in your Reiki course online: Continue reading

Reiki Classes Online – Do They Work?

Reiki classes online symbolsCan you find quality Reiki courses online?

You can find anything online if you look hard enough! The question is not whether you can find online Reiki classes taught by quality teachers, but whether the Reiki attunements they give you will actually work.

Can actually be passed down in an online Reiki course? Reiki attunements, if you don’t know, are how Reiki masters open up their students to the higher energy, or Universal Life Force.  The Reiki students become, “attuned”, or at one with this energy, so to speak, and are then able to let the energy flow through them.  But are the Reiki attunements given in online Reiki classes and courses as effective as those in person? Continue reading