EarthLite Reiki Tables

EarthLite reiki tables
The consensus is in: The Reiki Training Classes team prefers Earthlite Reiki Tables to all others.

Of course, you’ll want to weigh certain factors to determine the right table for your particular needs – See our Guide to Finding the Best Portable Reiki Table for You – but all things considered, we cast our vote with portable Reiki tables by Earthlite.

Why EarthLite, you ask? Let us explain:

 EarthLite Reiki Tables Support The Environment

The EarthLite brand manufactures their Reiki tables with the utmost respect for our planet, this beautiful Earth that we live on and borrow resources from.  EarthLite never uses wood that comes from rainforests, which only depletes them, but rather builds their EarthLite Reiki tables using hard maple wood from Canada for the legs and braces, and Baltic birch plywood for the top portion of the table, both of which are sustainable. EarthLite also uses an environmentally-friendly foam for the padding on the Reiki tables as well as water-based vinyl and laquer. Continue reading

Portable Reiki Tables FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Reiki Tables

reiki tableWhere can I get the best Reiki table?

Many Reiki masters prefer portable Earthlite Reiki Tables for their high quality and comfort. Others like Oakworks Reiki tables. It really depends on what you’re looking for. For more info on the factors you want to consider, see our guide to How to Find the Best Reiki Table for You.

How much does a portable Reiki table typically cost? Continue reading

Reiki Table Do’s and Don’ts

portable reiki tableSearch for portable Reiki tables online, and chances are you’ll come across a plethora of choices. Do you want a BestMassage Reiki table? Or is an EarthLite portable Reiki table the better option?

Should you get a more expensive Reiki table right off the bat, or wait a bit and see how a more affordable Reiki table works for you and upgrade when the time is right? The Reiki Training Classes team has compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts when shopping for your portable Reiki table: Continue reading

Reiki Tables: How to Find the Best Portable Reiki Table For You

Best Reiki tables

Find the best Reiki table for you

 How to Find the Right Portable Reiki Table

Congrats, you’ve completed your Reiki training class and are officially a Reiki practitioner! Now what? 

If you haven’t done so already, the first thing you want to do is buy a portable Reiki table to use when you work with clients. Reiki tables abound, however, so finding the right table for your particular needs can sometimes seem overwhelming at first.

Here are some tips for finding the best Reiki table for you: Continue reading