True Healing with Reiki

Reiki depth

Reiki goes well beyond the surface to reach the roots of a problem.

They say that people always end up teaching what they need to learn, right?

Well, in literally every Reiki class I teach I always talk about how the powerful Reiki energy heals us at a very deep, deep level. No surface band-aid healing here.

The very meaning of the word “Rei-ki” in Japanese means “Spiritually-directed Universal Life Force Energy”. When we practice Reiki, we harness that energy all around us and specifically focus it with a laser-like attention on the healing of the person, place, situation, what have you.

Since the energy is directed by Spirit, we as Reiki practitioners don’t have to actually do anything, but rather simply be a vessel for the energy to flow through and onto the recipient. We leave the healing up to the Universe, and then we surrender and allow it to take place, however it may look. Continue reading

How to Use the Reiki Long Distance Healing Symbol

reiki past lives

Send Reiki to your past lives so they don’t hold power over you.

In Reiki II, you learn the Long Distance Healing Reiki Symbol, which allows you to send healing Reiki energy across space and time.

With this powerful Usui Reiki Symbol, you can send Reiki back to your past, forward into your future, across the globe or even further into the Universe, the possibilities are endless! Continue reading

Should Reiki Symbols Be Kept Secret?

Dr. Usui founder of Reiki

Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki Shiki Ryoho himself.

If you search for Usui Reiki symbols and their meanings, chances are you’ll find a number of websites, some with the symbol names and pictures on them, some without. Should the Reiki Symbols be kept secret or shared? We here at Reiki Training Classes have mixed feelings about this. Continue reading

Combining Reiki and Sound Healing

Adding Sound Healing therapy into your Reiki practice can be quite powerful indeed. As the late and great Edgar Cayce wisely said:

The future of medicine will be sound.

Indian Sound Healing

Tingshaws from India.

There are a number of ways to incorporate Sound Healing and Sound Therapy into your Reiki sessions. You can do Reiki Drumming over your client, which we go into further detail in a previous article Healing with Reiki Drumming.

You can use tingshaws, the small yet powerful ‘chimes’ (for lack of a better word) that come from India at the end of a Reiki healing session to let your client know you have finished. Continue reading

A Reiki Family

mother daughter reiki team

Since they are alive, plants take exceptionally well to Reiki!                                                                    P.S. Can you see their auras in this picture?

My favorite mother/daughter Reiki team, who just moved to Columbia and will be spreading this healing Japanese technique in South America! Continue reading

Reiki for Kids

children and reiki

Eleven year old Mariana with her Reiki doll and Reiki certificate.

One of my all-time favorite emails started out like any other, asking the typical questions about what taking an online Reiki class entails, such as how long they are (Reiki I is three weeks), how much they cost (Reiki I costs $150), and so forth. But the last sentence was the best:

“Does it matter that I’m only ten years old?”

Continue reading

Sedona Reiki Retreat Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from our June Sedona Reiki I and II Certification Retreat. What an unforgettable and powerful week we had, practicing Reiki, learning about Animal Reiki, eating organic homemade meals to raise our vibration, enjoying sound healing and yoga classes, taking amazing hikes… and so much more!

retreat fun

Sedona retreat face painting fun for the child within.

Read more about our Sedona Reiki Retreats here or contact us to find out about our next retreat!

retreat lunch pic

Yet another delicious (and healthy!) meal.

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Reiki and Skepticism

After years of both practicing and teaching Reiki classes, my current belief about this beautiful and powerful Japanese healing practice is this:

Serve my Reiki with a healthy dose of skepticism, please.

reiki and skepticism

“Are you SURE Reiki is real? Show me.”

“Now, why would you say that?” you might ask. “You always talk about the magic of Reiki and the power of believing, why would you encourage people to look at Reiki with a skeptic’s eye?”

The reason is simple: I believe that Reiki is an experiential healing art, which means that you will only believe it and know it to be true through your own experiences working with Reiki. Continue reading