Step Into Your Power with an Online Reiki Course

the power of ReikiYou do know how powerful you are, right? Deep down, we believe you must. There is no one else like you, no one else that came to this world to do precisely what you came to do. If you’re having trouble remembering that lately, maybe you should step into your power with an online Reiki course or class training. While the benefits of Reiki are many, perhaps no other can have such a dramatic impact on your life as how Reiki returns you to your power.

When you know the Reiki symbols, you can focus your energy toward specific goals, intentions and experiences. There’s no coincidence that the first and most well-known Reiki symbol we learn in a Reiki course training is the Power Symbol. You learn the Power Symbol to move that “spiritually-directed universal life force energy” toward whatever you want.

the power symbol

Power up your hands with the Reiki power symbol.

We create our universe. And sometimes, unfortunately, we may create something that seems “negative” or is an extremely difficult experience for us so that we’ll grow.

Once you have a Reiki attunement, you begin the process of clearing out those old experiences, false thoughts of who you are and limiting beliefs so your true nature can shine. The healing Reiki energy helps dispel all that wasted, false energy covering your power so you can share it with the world.

Another benefit of online Reiki training courses is that you will always have with you the knowledge of a self-healing modality you can use on yourself whenever you need it. Therefore, never again will your fate be left “up to the Gods”. You will forevermore have the power to change your destiny. Many of our students here at Reiki Training Classes also report an increase in their psychic abilities. This makes sense because we are all inherently psychic, we just repress or ignore that wisdom and consciousness in so much of our everyday life.

come into stillness with Reiki

True power is often quiet, unassuming…

But every time we practice Reiki and let the healing energy flow through us, we are reminded of what’s really important. Often, Reiki students say their “problems” just seem to disappear as they give a session. Practicing Reiki helps bring you into the present, and few things are more powerful than living fully and being completely embodied in the now.

the power of online Reiki classes

Live your best life today!

So no worries if you are feeling less than powerful at this moment. Sign up for an online Reiki class today, and watch your world transform right before your eyes. Here’s to an empowered, alive YOU!

Heal Your Past Lives with Reiki Energy

healing Reiki energy and past lives

You are the sum total of all your experiences, and Reiki can help heal those that don’t serve you anymore

As human beings, our fascination with past lives will probably never go away. Does your previous life as a servant contribute to your less-than stellar self-esteem today? Does your love of beautiful things come from when you lived as royalty? Do certain writers, actors or stars of yesterday seem to speak directly to you? Perhaps more interestingly, when you just know the person you just met and feel an instant connection, does that stem from a past life too?

heal your past lives with Reiki

Healthy roots can bring nourishment to a tree.

Luckily, with people seeing mainstream movies like Cloud Atlas, we as a culture are becoming more and more familiar with the concept of past lives. The beauty of Reiki, (particularly the long distance healing symbol) is that you can send Reiki to your past lives and watch your world transform right before your eyes.

Because we know that you deserve to live the life you came here for, even if previous experiences (either in this lifetime or others) have clouded that vision a bit. Time to get your confidence in all that you are with Reiki!

In our Reiki II Online Course, you receive a Reiki attunement that includes the distance healing symbol. This powerful Reiki symbol, handed down to Dr. Mikao Usui from Spirit or Source itself, allows you as the Reiki practitioner to send the healing energy across space and time. Which means you can definitely send it to yourself as you were in past lives, as well as the soul part of you that lives eternal.

learn the long-distance Reiki healing symbol online.

Only your soul comes with you…

So, if you know the Distance Healing Symbol and are ready, here’s how you can heal your past lives with Reiki energy:

  • Start your Reiki past life session as you would any other. Ask that the Reiki only work for the highest good of all concerned, set sacred space and bring in your higher self and your guides (especially your Reiki guide!)  But for this session, also ask that you be allowed to view your Akashic records, and that you only be shown what will benefit you in this lifetime.  (Just in case you’re not familiar with your Akashic records, the Akashic records is a library if you will of every single thought, experience and belief you have ever held in any of your lifetimes. A number of cultures reference the Akashic records, and they hold our “karma”, which can be both positive and negative.)
  • Reiki long-distance healing symbol

    Heal yourself with Reiki, all of you.

    Viewing your Akashic records in a past-life Reiki healing session takes practice, so go very easy on yourself and know that whatever arises is absolutely perfect. You may see yourself in a library session, images or feelings may arise, or you may see absolutely nothing. Still, you can trust that the Reiki will be healing even if your mind is blank. Everyone’s experience is different.

  • Whatever comes up for you, go with it. Allow the images, feelings or sounds to come and go as they wish. After a while, many Reiki practitioners start to piece together images of someone they automatically know is them. If a person flashes through your mind, ask who it is and the first person who pops into your head will likely be them. (We incarnate in soul groups, which means we usually incarnate with the same people over and over again to balance karma and learn our lessons together.)
  • past lives and Reiki

    Reiki your past to live your future.

    Regardless of whether the experiences are loving and feel good, or scary and sad, stay with them. They are being shown to you for a reason, and you need not know what that is for you to heal. These memories are coming up so you can feel them, experience them, process them and then let them go. Just think of all the room for positivity you’ll have afterward!

  • Draw with your hand or visualize in your head the long-distance healing symbol, and send love, healing and positive energy to yourself and that situation. With this symbol, you can clear out limiting beliefs about yourself that are hindering your full potential in this lifetime. If you know the Karma Clearing Symbol or the DNA Healing Symbols we teach in our Reiki II and Reiki Master Level Class, throw those in as well. Why not?
Free yourself with Reiki

Free your mind with Reiki… and the rest will follow.

You will just know when your Reiki session is complete, and finish the session as you normally would. You may want to write down any memories that you had while they are still fresh in your mind.

A wonderful book to read about past lives is Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss.

So there you have it. Try and see! You may just find (as we did) that by getting rid of old emotional beliefs and patterns you hold from previous lives, your life will change dramatically. You will understand your soul, and hopefully have that much more compassion and love for yourself. So have fun meeting you…

Preparing for Online Reiki Classes

How to Prepare for Reiki Classes Online

online Reiki courses help live life to the fullest

Online Reiki courses help you live your life to the fullest.

Good for you! You took the leap and signed up for an online Reiki class. Your Reiki course training is scheduled to start in a week or so, but what can you do in the meantime to help you get ready?

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until your actual attunement to start getting ready. Since Reiki symbols and energy will be “downloaded” into your body during your attunement, what better way to prepare than to cleanse your body as much as possible beforehand?

The Reiki energy from your attunement will do that anyway, but we here at Reiki Training Classesknow from experience that the cleaner your body is inside to start with, the less of a healing crisis you will likely have afterward. For those of you not familiar with a healing crisis, the Reiki energy “cleans out” lower-vibrational energies from your system. And unfortunately, that process isn’t always fun.

Reiki attunement clearing

A Reiki clearing makes way for the new.

Okay, so how do you go about cleansing your body beforehand?

How to prepare your body for an online Reiki class attunement

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco for the week prior to your Reiki training attunement as much as you can
  • Eat natural, unprocessed foods like a lot of fruits, vegetables and organic protein
  • Focus on thinking positive thoughts

 Why you want to avoid caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes before your online Reiki class

preparing for your Reiki class online

Orange juices help cleanse your sacral chakra.

Everything is made up of energy, and puts out a vibration into the world. Substances like these contain lower-vibrational energies, and the more you put them into your body, the more the Reiki will have to cleanse with an attunement. And as anyone who has gone through a healing crisis or cleansing process knows, they are typically not very fun.

If one week seems like too much time, even avoiding these substances for three days before your Reiki class attunement will have an impact.

Reiki course prep

Feed your life with life itself, and feel it coursing through your veins.

Eating lots of protein, fruits and vegetables can help

Many Reiki practitioners experience a strong desire for protein after a Reiki attunement. For some reason, something about energywork and Reiki in particular causes the body to crave protein. This could be that the clearing out of your system requires extra energy, and energy comes from protein.

Fresh, green juices as well as lemon and ginger can help flush your system in preparation for your online Reiki training as well. Drink lots of water, too!  (Before and after your attunement. Get that lower vibrational energy out to make way for the new.)

 Positive Thinking Before Your Reiki Attunement

Reiki training positivity

“As a man thinketh, so shall it be.”

Of course you can always benefit from thinking positive thoughts, but prior to your Reiki attunement they can be particularly powerful.  Amplify your energy and vibration with thoughts about how empowering it will be to use your Reiki on the person who deserves it most (YOU), how you will learn a healing modality you can use for the rest of your life and how your Reiki class may open doors for you that you never realized even existed.

Essentially, prepping your body makes it easier for the healing Reiki energy to flow through your body during a Reiki attunement. Think of the Reiki like a river or brook. The water will flow through regardless, but the fewer rocks and debris that dams up the river, the easier the water can flow.

healing with Reiki

Capture as much magical healing Reiki as you can possibly stand.

And life is supposed to be easy, not to mention fun. Yes, we are here to learn lessons, but we are also here to experience the magic and wonder of life in all its beauty. And your online Reiki class can open you up to experience more of the connection with everything we all share.

So help yourself get ready for the ride of your life by prepping yourself before your Reiki course training. Be your own best friend and the world will be yours for the taking.

What a Reiki Course Training Cannot Do For You

This is a follow-up post to What Reiki Training Classes Can Do You For You.

The shining light of Reiki

The shining light of Reiki

Because even with the countless benefits of taking an in-person or online Reiki class, you should know that there are some things that won’t be solved solely by taking the course and receiving the attunement.

Now, we are not saying not to take a Reiki class. Quite the contrary! The whole world should be attuned to Reiki. However, we have seen a phenomenon recently with healing modalities such as Reiki where people love the feeling of feeling good, but deny and suppress any bad feelings as being “not of the light”.

Love your shadow with Reiki

Reiki classes will shine light on your shadow

This can become dangerous, as literally everyone has negative feelings and beliefs that could stand to be healed. And it makes sense why we do this, too, because who in their right minds wants to feel bad?

However, covering up negative beliefs and ignoring them with healing modalities like Reiki will never heal those wounds. In order to truly heal, we must uncover them and deal with them so they can truly get better.

Taking a Reiki class and receiving an attunement will give you the opportunity to look at your issues. The intelligent Reiki energy will stir up those emotions. However, it is still up to you to look at them and see them for what they truly are. Emotions caused by beliefs about yourself and the world around you that you formed when you were a child.

Since our rational mind doesn’t really form until we reach the age of 7, a lot of the beliefs you hold were created before you had the ability to reason. Therefore, you assumed that everything that happened was your fault, or that the world was a certain way because of your experiences.

Sun energy

The Reiki light sets the stage for your performance of healing yourself

Therefore, you should never blame yourself for holding these beliefs. You are doing the best you can. We all are.

At the same time, however, you are being given a gift when your issues move from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. Deal with them, and your life will be so much better for it. You’ll see.

So, remember, while Reiki training classes are life-changing and life-affirming and all that jazz, there is one thing they cannot do: heal you of their own accord. Reiki classes and training programs can assist you in the process, but only you can heal yourself. So why not do it?


What Reiki Training Classes Can Do For You

your mind on Reiki

Reiki- much more than a band aid

Yes, your stuff will come up. It is coming up for a reason, though, so you can heal it and let it go from your physical body.

You see, the saying that “time heals all wounds” is not entirely true in our book. While the strength and force of the pain does diminish over time as we go through the grieving process of the loss of whatever wounded us, the emotions that we don’t process from the wound get stored in our body and can remain there indefinitely.

These emotions being lodged in our bodies doesn’t come without consequences, however. Emotions that we don’t process get tucked away and cause physical illness, sometimes ten, twenty years down the road.

That is why the best way to ensure true body health for yourself is to feel your emotions as they arise. This is what children do, and once the feeling passes they go on about their business as if nothing was wrong.

How to feel your emotions as they arise

Feeling your emotions sounds easier said than done, doesn’t it? We live in a society where we’ve been taught to deny how we feel, to be strong no matter what and act like everything is okay even when we don’t necessarily feel that way.

But with practice, feeling your feelings becomes easier. Let’s say you feel bad when something happens. Unless it is a life crisis that everyone deals with such as death of a loved one or loss of a relationship, your reason for feeling bad probably has more to with your beliefs around the situation than the truth of what is going on.

So a great way to help yourself stay with the feelings is to recognize that you feel this way because of false beliefs you adopted as a child. These beliefs are not true or real, even if the emotions they cause surely feel that way!

Also, have compassion for yourself for feeling the way you do. It makes perfect sense, especially given these false beliefs you adopted when you were growing up and didn’t know any better. Compassion for yourself is really the key.

Break free with a Reiki class

Reiki classes help you break free from false beliefs about yourself

So, in a nutshell, Reiki classes and training programs can do a great deal in improving your mental and physical health, allowing you to live more fully in the truth of the beautiful person that you are. Not too shabby for a healing art, eh?