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  1. Ahmad Conditt
    December 30, 2011

    Sup. I mainly wanted to let you know I’ve been reading your posts for a while now. Please keep the good information about Reiki coming.

    • The Reiki Master
      January 3, 2012

      Will do, Ahmad!

  2. Francine Egan
    January 3, 2012

    Thanks a bunch for sharing Reiki with all the people! It is quite obvious you really understand what you are speaking about. Bookmarked.

    • The Reiki Master
      January 3, 2012

      Thank you Francine! While we are all works in progress and will undoubtedly continue to learn about this healing energy for the rest of our lives, the time came when we felt we were ready to share our Reiki knowledge. Hopefully you will feel the same after taking some Reiki courses or a training!

  3. Jason Torres
    February 4, 2012

    Great to meet you, I found reiki training classes via Google and you have a lot of good content. Take care. Jason

  4. Parker Myers
    February 20, 2012

    That fear will get you every time. It took me three years after my first original Reiki attunement to actually practice on other people. The idea of just starting regardless and learning through practice is a wise one indeed.

  5. Adriana
    February 24, 2012

    thanks for sharing! fear is such a big obstacle that’s not always talked about.

  6. Amelia
    January 30, 2014

    I am just getting my feet wet, and though my soul knows no doubt I was directed to this place to find my life purpose as a healer, recent weeks have left me fearful… Thank you for sharing this and reminding me the fear is only my ego!!!!! Much love to you <3

    • The Reiki Master
      January 31, 2014

      Much love to you right back, Amelia! And thank you for commenting on this post; you made me reread it again, something that I very much needed to do : D. The need was for a project other than Reiki, but getting past that stumbling block of fear that can sometimes paralyze us is pretty universal across most areas of our lives, I’d say.

      I looked at your website, and it’s great! Thank you for everything you’re doing for animals. Not to mention for people, too, since I personally believe that the animals we “walk with” in life are such beautiful souls who came here specifcially to help us on our journeys. Their commitment and love for us is so amazing! One of my friends once referred to her dog as her “heart walking outside of her”, and I found that to be so appropo.

      Best of the best of luck with Redondo Beach Reiki!


  7. Angela
    February 15, 2014

    Sorry but this is pure BS. “But perhaps the most important reason you must receive something for your Reiki work is that there must be an exchange in order for the Reiki to transfer! You must receive something in return for your effort. This is a Universal Law of Nature. If you violate a Universal Law, unfortunately you accrue karma that must be balanced at some point.”

    When you give reiki to someone you are receiving something in return. The ability to do and practice what you love. Because with out that person’s willingness to receive energy from you, you would not be able to perform what should be a heart felt act.

    Now I am not saying don’t charge. But I am so tired of hearing people quote the Universal Law in this way with energy work. To justify why charging. Talk about setting up Karma or as I refer to it energetic attachments.

    Every experience, every exchange there is a give and take. you can’t get around it.

    It is the human brain that sits there and labels it of equal footing exchange. And what is equal to one may not be equal to another. Meaning I may found value in something small where you find the value in something bigger.

    When Jesus healed people do you think he quoted the universal law and said okay now what are you giving me in return? Or how about Buddha and his disciples that followed him around? Or Osho Zen? Or Mother Theresa?|

    The knew what they were getting in return. The ability to share with others and possibility of effecting changes in others which brought them to their heart space and a fullfilling life.

    • The Reiki Master
      April 29, 2014

      Thanks for you comment Angela. I am glad you felt free to express your opinion! I understand what you are saying that every exchange involves some give and take, but I personally do feel that “the ability to do and practice what you love” isn’t quite enough. If I am getting to do what I love every day, which is teaching Reiki and doing Reiki sessions, but not getting compensated for it, then the stress of worrying about how to eat and pay rent and stuff can get in the way of the enjoyment. I might not be as clear a channel for the Reiki, and if worse came to worse and I had to get a job to survive, then my teaching would suffer. So it’s a fine line when it comes to money and how it relates to spiritual services, I think. But I definitely respect your opinion!

      Reiki Master Teacher

  8. caroline mullin
    April 21, 2014

    Thank you for your blog, I hope it spurs me forward. No more excuses right!! Funny when I do the cards, I keep getting “practice, practice, practice”. I guess they are telling me, as does your blog, that you learn by doing. Love & LIght from Ireland xxx

    • The Reiki Master
      April 28, 2014

      Thank you so, so much for your comment Caroline. I find it fascinating how so many of us tend to think we’re alone in our excuses, or our procrastination, or in thinking, “I will start my Reiki practice when…” and the when never quite seems to happen : )

      I agree with you, I think your cards are saying to “Just begin.” If we are merely the channels for the Reiki energy anyway, what do we really have to “get better at” except for perhaps learning to be a better channel. Which, we can do by sending Reiki and learn through experience. Even though we humans can tend to complicate things…

      Sending you lots of love and the Peace Symbol from Southern California!

      Brooke, one of the Reiki Master Teachers here

  9. Kacey Crawford
    June 17, 2014

    What a timely article for me Brooke! I have trained in Reiki, Bowen Therapy & Kinergetics and finding my own inaction so frustrating. I’m so keen to start my healing practice & haven’t been able to work out what’s stopping me. Thank you for the gentle nudge I’ve been needing :)

    • The Reiki Master
      June 21, 2014

      Thank so much for your comment Kacey! You are more than welcome, it’s so interesting how we seem to so easily forget our power and ability to create great change in the world, isn’t it? Good luck with everything, your combination of skills sounds very powerful indeed.


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