Reiki and Psychic Ability

Reiki hands

Cultivate that magic we call Reiki!

One of the many, many benefits of taking an online Reiki class  is that your intuition will almost certainly increase. You will find that you just “knew” So-and-So was going to call you or that XYZ was going to happen. Not to mention the other benefits having Reiki gives us of being more balanced, centered and grounded at the same time!

Reiki power

We are each the writers of our own story, the creators of our life. What magic will you make today?

Why will you become more psychic after taking a Reiki class? Well, all being “psychic” really is is having the ability to tap into universal consciousness, that all-knowing presence, oneness, all that is, Spirit, God, Source… whatever you prefer to call it. When you receive a Reiki attunement/ initiation, the powerful Reiki energy enters your body and begins to clear out any lower-vibrational frequencies to make you a better channel for the Reiki energy.

When you practice Reiki or give someone a Reiki session, all you have to do is set your intention for the spiritually-directed universal life force energy that is Reiki to flow through you to the recipient. You are simply the channel for the energy to pass through to the person. Or the animal, seeing as we here at Reiki Training Classes are all about Animal Reiki these days! We are volunteering at a local animal shelter offering Reiki, which has been a profound and powerful experience indeed. You can sign up for our online Animal Reiki class here.

reiki channel

All the answers lie within.

But back to you being a channel for the energy. Picture yourself with a straight spine, connected to the Heavens and the center of the Universe as well as firmly grounded with deep roots going all the way down to the center of the Earth’s iron core. The Reiki passes through your Sushumna, or energetic central channel located along your spine.

The more you practice Reiki, the stronger it gets, and the ‘wider’ your channel in a sense becomes. More and more Reiki is able to flow through since every experience you have with Reiki clears out your channel that much more.

reiki light

“Be the Light. Be the Lighthouse.” – Yogi Bhajan

Every time you receive a Reiki attunement, for example, some of the lower vibrational frequencies that had taken up shop along your central channel rise to the surface to be released and therefore healed.

Every time you practice Reiki as well, you are being given the gift to heal yet another blockage within yourself and make your channel wider. And the wider the channel, the more you are able to pick up and receive information from Universal Consciousness.

We all have the ability to be extremely psychic and connected, and everyone can tap into that all-knowing energy. But for the vast majority of people currently on this planet, that capacity stays dormant since they are unaware they can do so.

intuitive psychic Reiki


But not you. If you’re reading this, regardless of whether you are a Reiki Master or someone completely new to the healing art of Reiki, you now know that you have a strong connection to Universal Consciousness you can tap into at any time. We are all intuitive. We are all psychic.

Learning Reiki is a wonderful way to cultivate and strengthen that bond with pure Source energy, and if you do, you just might surprise yourself. We wish you the best of luck in your journey, and hope to ‘see’ you in a Reiki class soon!

Reiki healing

Just for today, I commit to this.

Step Into Your Power with an Online Reiki Course

the power of ReikiYou do know how powerful you are, right? Deep down, we believe you must. There is no one else like you, no one else that came to this world to do precisely what you came to do. If you’re having trouble remembering that lately, maybe you should step into your power with an online Reiki course or class training. While the benefits of Reiki are many, perhaps no other can have such a dramatic impact on your life as how Reiki returns you to your power.

When you know the Reiki symbols, you can focus your energy toward specific goals, intentions and experiences. There’s no coincidence that the first and most well-known Reiki symbol we learn in a Reiki course training is the Power Symbol. You learn the Power Symbol to move that “spiritually-directed universal life force energy” toward whatever you want.

the power symbol

Power up your hands with the Reiki power symbol.

We create our universe. And sometimes, unfortunately, we may create something that seems “negative” or is an extremely difficult experience for us so that we’ll grow.

Once you have a Reiki attunement, you begin the process of clearing out those old experiences, false thoughts of who you are and limiting beliefs so your true nature can shine. The healing Reiki energy helps dispel all that wasted, false energy covering your power so you can share it with the world.

Another benefit of online Reiki training courses is that you will always have with you the knowledge of a self-healing modality you can use on yourself whenever you need it. Therefore, never again will your fate be left “up to the Gods”. You will forevermore have the power to change your destiny. Many of our students here at Reiki Training Classes also report an increase in their psychic abilities. This makes sense because we are all inherently psychic, we just repress or ignore that wisdom and consciousness in so much of our everyday life.

come into stillness with Reiki

True power is often quiet, unassuming…

But every time we practice Reiki and let the healing energy flow through us, we are reminded of what’s really important. Often, Reiki students say their “problems” just seem to disappear as they give a session. Practicing Reiki helps bring you into the present, and few things are more powerful than living fully and being completely embodied in the now.

the power of online Reiki classes

Live your best life today!

So no worries if you are feeling less than powerful at this moment. Sign up for an online Reiki class today, and watch your world transform right before your eyes. Here’s to an empowered, alive YOU!

Preparing for Online Reiki Classes

How to Prepare for Reiki Classes Online

online Reiki courses help live life to the fullest

Online Reiki courses help you live your life to the fullest.

Good for you! You took the leap and signed up for an online Reiki class. Your Reiki course training is scheduled to start in a week or so, but what can you do in the meantime to help you get ready?

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until your actual attunement to start getting ready. Since Reiki symbols and energy will be “downloaded” into your body during your attunement, what better way to prepare than to cleanse your body as much as possible beforehand?

The Reiki energy from your attunement will do that anyway, but we here at Reiki Training Classesknow from experience that the cleaner your body is inside to start with, the less of a healing crisis you will likely have afterward. For those of you not familiar with a healing crisis, the Reiki energy “cleans out” lower-vibrational energies from your system. And unfortunately, that process isn’t always fun.

Reiki attunement clearing

A Reiki clearing makes way for the new.

Okay, so how do you go about cleansing your body beforehand?

How to prepare your body for an online Reiki class attunement

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco for the week prior to your Reiki training attunement as much as you can
  • Eat natural, unprocessed foods like a lot of fruits, vegetables and organic protein
  • Focus on thinking positive thoughts

 Why you want to avoid caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes before your online Reiki class

preparing for your Reiki class online

Orange juices help cleanse your sacral chakra.

Everything is made up of energy, and puts out a vibration into the world. Substances like these contain lower-vibrational energies, and the more you put them into your body, the more the Reiki will have to cleanse with an attunement. And as anyone who has gone through a healing crisis or cleansing process knows, they are typically not very fun.

If one week seems like too much time, even avoiding these substances for three days before your Reiki class attunement will have an impact.

Reiki course prep

Feed your life with life itself, and feel it coursing through your veins.

Eating lots of protein, fruits and vegetables can help

Many Reiki practitioners experience a strong desire for protein after a Reiki attunement. For some reason, something about energywork and Reiki in particular causes the body to crave protein. This could be that the clearing out of your system requires extra energy, and energy comes from protein.

Fresh, green juices as well as lemon and ginger can help flush your system in preparation for your online Reiki training as well. Drink lots of water, too!  (Before and after your attunement. Get that lower vibrational energy out to make way for the new.)

 Positive Thinking Before Your Reiki Attunement

Reiki training positivity

“As a man thinketh, so shall it be.”

Of course you can always benefit from thinking positive thoughts, but prior to your Reiki attunement they can be particularly powerful.  Amplify your energy and vibration with thoughts about how empowering it will be to use your Reiki on the person who deserves it most (YOU), how you will learn a healing modality you can use for the rest of your life and how your Reiki class may open doors for you that you never realized even existed.

Essentially, prepping your body makes it easier for the healing Reiki energy to flow through your body during a Reiki attunement. Think of the Reiki like a river or brook. The water will flow through regardless, but the fewer rocks and debris that dams up the river, the easier the water can flow.

healing with Reiki

Capture as much magical healing Reiki as you can possibly stand.

And life is supposed to be easy, not to mention fun. Yes, we are here to learn lessons, but we are also here to experience the magic and wonder of life in all its beauty. And your online Reiki class can open you up to experience more of the connection with everything we all share.

So help yourself get ready for the ride of your life by prepping yourself before your Reiki course training. Be your own best friend and the world will be yours for the taking.

How to Study for Your Online Reiki Class

Reiki online class attunement

Many students feel the healing Reiki energy flowing in during their attunement

Here at Reiki Training Classes, our online Reiki I class lasts for three weeks and meet virtually once a week. You receive a course packet and syllabus explaining the courses and what will be covered each week. At the beginning of Week One, you receive your Reiki attunement, and then after that we discuss the Reiki principles and concepts.

A common question our students ask is, “What’s the best way to study?” They want to know how to best apply what they learn and have it sink into their brains.

Well… the good news is that the conventional idea of “studying” is not what we recommend for remembering what you learn in your online Reiki class. Yes, really. Going over the material because you feel like you have to, or because you want to make sure you are doing it perfectly is totally unnecessary.

studying for a Reiki online class

The more you practice, the easier it is to feel the energy between your hands!

First and foremost, above anything else, practicing Reiki is fun! It is an amazing tool to use throughout the rest of your life that will help you heal yourself and others, manifest what you desire to create in your life and a beautiful way to connect to Spirit.

And though Reiki is a skill that you can definitely how to practice, and knowing the different symbols lets you use the Reiki energy for specific purposes, remember that you are not doing the work when you practice Reiki. Reiki is “spiritually-directed life energy,” not life energy directed by you. So the best thing you can do is get out of the way and let the Reiki flow through you!

Also, remember that in our online Reiki classes you receive the Reiki attunement at the very beginning of the first class. Therefore, you have the Reiki energy in you, and you will forevermore, regardless of whether you use it or not. If you don’t use your Reiki, it will lie dormant. falling into Reiki

Just as an interesting aside, one of our instructors cried when she received her Reiki Master Attunement and kept saying, “I waited a long time for this.” She was relatively new to Reiki at the time, so we’re convinced she was referring to a past life. So, your Reiki attunement just might stay with you throughout any future lifetimes!

The more you use your Reiki, the stronger it will get. So all you need to do is practice! Family and friends (and pets, of course) are great clients, and luckily you have the best client of them all always at your fingertips: yourself.

We strongly recommend our online Reiki class students to practice Reiki on themselves every single day for the 21 days following the online course. That way, their Reiki is getting stronger while at the same time it may help them get through any Reiki “healing crisis” that may happen.

Reiki energy lighting up the chakras

If only we could see the Reiki energy lighting up the chakras like this!

So, practice on yourself. We cannot stress this enough. At the Reiki II and Reiki Master online class levels, you may want to make flash cards with the symbol on the front and the name, invocation and meaning on the back. The fun part with making Reiki flash cards is that you have just created a divination tool for yourself as well. You can pick a card from your deck each day, and then work with that particular symbol throughout the day.

You can also make sticky notes with your favorite symbols and hang them above your bathroom mirror and on your fridge. Whatever you do, make it fun! We’ve tried our best to keep the Reiki I and Reiki II online class packets down to the most important information so that it sticks more easily.

And remember, every time you turn on your Reiki, you are studying for your online Reiki class. See how easy that was?



Your Reiki Training Class Just Finished. Now What?

Reiki training course certificatePerhaps you just finished your Reiki Level I or Level II class, or maybe you even completed a Reiki Master training course and can do Reiki attunements. What’s next?

Many students feel a combination of excitement and fear at finishing a course at the same time.  They may want to start doing Reiki and getting paid to do so, but may not know exactly how to go about marketing themselves and getting out there. How do you let the public know that you are armed with positive Reiki healing energy and ready to start practicing?

Reiki Master business cards

Get Reiki business cards that express who you are!

Well, first things first. You’ll need to establish yourself as a Reiki practitioner in your own mind. This is key. As such, you’ll want to have business cards that you can hand out to people.

That way, you’ll be ready to go if you meet a woman at the library who’s always been fascinated with Reiki but never had it done or a college student who had her Reiki I but wants to take it to the next level. Business cards are not only extremely useful, but they put it out into the Universe that you are ready to start your business.

And of course you will Reiki your Reiki business cards for maximum positivity and clientele from them, right?  Just checking.

Reiki hands on healing

You can even use our Reiki Training Classes website for information if you wish. Any friend of Reiki is a friend of ours…

If you know how to create a website or have someone who can help you with one, a website is your next step. Having a website ups your authority as a Reiki practitioner exponentially, and establishes you as a Reiki practitioner. Not to mention it attracts business for you!!!

If you do long-distance Reiki, you can put up a PayPal account and do long-distance Reiki for people all over the world. Well worth it for the hassle it may be up front, if you’re not technically-inclined.  Luckily, we over here at Reiki Training Classes have a phenomenal webmaster (who just so happens to be a Reiki master too.)

So, you have your business cards, you have your website… next, always remember to let people you come across know about your Reiki practice. People can surprise you and be interested in Reiki even if they don’t physically “fit the part.” One of our strongest practitioners in our weekly Reiki share is a Latino electrician in his late fifties who you never would guess is an extremely powerful Reiki Master and healer. Feel people out, obviously, but make it known.

a step with Reiki

One step at a time

Finally, practice practice practice! Practice marketing yourself, offer highly-discounted sessions for your family and friends and put healing Reiki energy toward becoming the person you are meant to be.

Remember, every positive step you take moves you forward, even if it may not seem like it at the time.



So put your Reiki training course knowledge and wisdom to good use, will ya? What are you waiting for?!?

Online Reiki Classes FAQ


Online Reiki Classes

  • Are Reiki classes online as good as those in person?

We’ve answered this question in more detail in the article ‘Reiki Classes Online – Do They Work?’  But yes, it is our consensus that they do.

  • What should I look for in a Reiki class online?

Once again, we have answered this question in the article ‘How to Find The Right Online Reiki Course for You’.  To sum it up briefly, you should look at the type of Reiki you want to be attuned to, the cost, the information, whether they offer support, and your gut instinct about the teacher, among other factors.

  • How much do online Reiki classes usually cost?

The price for online Reiki classes definitely varies according to the program you choose. Most Level One Reiki attunements are anywhere from $45 to $300, Level Two attunements from $150 – $1000, and $300 – $2000 for a Reiki Master Attunement.  If the online Reiki class you are looking at is on the more expensive end, make sure it’s a quality online Reiki class. Feel free to ask for testimonials, or perhaps even ask if you can speak with a former student.  A legitimate online Reiki class Master should be happy to accommodate your request.

  • Where can I find the best online Reiki classes?

Our team is working on putting together a list of our recommended Reiki classes online. But for now, almighty Google may be the place to go. You can also look in Reiki forums online, which we will have ours up soon as well. I know, I know. We need to use the Reiki growth symbol to expand our website as quickly as we can! The people need to know.

  • Is my online Reiki certification valid if I take a Reiki class online?

Reiki is currently not regulated, which we are very happy about. While there may be some false practitioners out there (accruing bad karma as we speak), the majority of people doing Reiki do so because they love the energy and want to share it.  And remember, the Reiki energy is extremely intelligent. It will only work for the highest good of all concerned, and can never be used negatively.

  • Does Reiki Training Classes .org Offer Online Reiki Classes?

Not yet! Keyword being yet. But we are working on it. Right now we are too busy giving Reiki sessions and in-person Reiki classes, savoring our sacred lives and expanding this website for Pete’s sake! We hope to start offering online Reiki classes in the not-too-distant future, though. The Internet is such a beautiful way to expose more people to the healing benefits of Reiki.

How to Find the Right Online Reiki Course For You

Choosing Between Online Reiki courses

Online Reiki Course

Need help finding the right online Reiki course? Never fear, the team at Reiki Training Classes .org is here to help. Here are some basic questions to help you narrow down your search:

What Type of Reiki Do You Want to Learn in Your Online Reiki Course?

Essentially, Reiki is Reiki is Reiki, meaning that all the various forms of Reiki out there all tap  into the same Universal Life Force Reiki energy.  However, various Reiki Masters have developed their own brand and school of Reiki.  Within these different schools you learn different Reiki symbols particular to that type of Reiki.

You might want to learn traditional Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki by William Rand, Shamanic Reiki or any of the other types of Reiki out there. If you are brand new and looking an online Reiki course to get your first Reiki attunement, Usui Reiki is the original form. Many new Reiki practitioners start with Usui Reiki if taking their first Reiki course online.

Look at the Levels of the Reiki Online Course

Most Reiki courses are organized at with a Reiki Level I, Level II and Master Level training. However, some Masters have a Reiki Level III course they teach online, while others have trainings beyond the master level. If you are brand-new to Reiki, you’ll want to look for a Level One online Reiki course.

How Does the Overall Reiki Course Online Feel To You?

Do you get a good feeling about the Reiki master teacher? How about the site or the Reiki course description? Does the course seem credible and include what you expect? You always want to trust your instinct.

If it feels good to you, that’s a good sign. If a site gives you a bad vibe, however, stay away! You want your online Reiki course to be exciting and transformational, which it can be provided you take the time to find the right course for you.

Luckily, location won’t be a factor as the course is online, but the price, the materials, the time and how you feel about the training all do matter.

Compare Reiki courses online, but not too much

You’ll definitely want to do your initial search and find a few online Reiki courses that appeal to you, but you don’t want to over search and become overwhelmed. Narrow your choices down to three, and then choose from there. Even flip a coin if you really can’t decide. Studies show that when we have too many options to choose from, we are less satisfied with the eventual choice we make.

Besides, you can’t really go wrong with whichever online Reiki course you choose. Worst case scenario, let’s say you accidentally chose a poor course and were unhappy with the results. You definitely learned something from the experience, even if it is to do more research online next time.  But as long as you look at the websites and testimonials, and speak with the teacher beforehand, hopefully you will be just fine.

To recap, when choosing the right online Reiki course for you, you want to figure out which level and type of Reiki you want to take, look at a few online courses and choose the one that feels right to you. If you’re not sure which ‘feels’ right, that’s okay. Just pick one. Becoming attuned to the Reiki energy almost inevitably will increase your intuition and psychic abilities as well.   Good luck finding your online Reiki course!

Taking Reiki Classes Online – The Pros and Cons


Reiki classes online

So you’ve decided to become attuned to the Reiki energy and are looking at Reiki classes online. Great! Being able to give the higher energy to yourself and others is life-changing. But should you try to find a Reiki master who can teach you in person, or will you get the same thing from an online Reiki class? Here are the Pros and Cons to taking Reiki classes online:

Reiki Classes Online – The Pros

  • You can pick your Reiki master and aren’t limited by location
  • You can take the online Reiki class on your time schedule
  • You get to see long-distance Reiki working in action in your online class

When choosing between Reiki classes online, the world is basically your oyster. Do you want to take a Karuna Reiki class but aren’t able to hop on over to Hawaii?  You can find a Karuna Reiki class online. Is there a Reiki Master you absolutely love? Provided they teach Reiki classes online, you can take their class even if they live halfway around the world.

Another benefit of taking online Reiki classes and getting your Reiki certification online is that you can read the information and receive the attunement on your own schedule.  If you work full-time, you won’t have to race over to your Reiki class and be too tired to fully appreciate the experience. (We are speaking from past example! Why do you think we decided to give up our day jobs and do what we love: educate the world about Reiki and introduce it to as many people as possible.

With online Reiki classes, you also get the benefit of seeing long-distance Reiki in action. You probably won’t receive the long-distance healing symbol in a Reiki I class, although Reiki Masters do have the discretion to teach the symbols as they feel ready. However, you will get to feel and experience how Reiki transcends space and time with a Reiki class online.  You may be better able to explain the attunement experience to your students should you eventually decide to become a Reiki master and teach online Reiki classes one day.

Online Reiki Classes – The Cons

  • There’s something to be said for an in-person Reiki attunement
  • Reiki classes online can feel impersonal if you don’t have the right Master
  • Some Reiki masters believe attunements must be done in person

Although we are full supporters of taking Reiki classes online and believe them to be as effective as those in person, we cannot deny there is something to the experience of being attuned in-person.  It’s kind of like learning Spanish in a classroom for a year versus going to Spain for a month and immersion yourself in the language. You will receive the same information, but one option sure sounds a lot more fun!

A Reiki attunement in an in-person Reiki class can (and should!) be a sacred, ceremonial experience. The Master should prepare the room properly, prepare you and be there for you afterward. Perhaps you will have an emotional reaction to the attunement.  One of our Reiki Masters broke down during her Reiki master attunement, and the Master was able to send her loving, supportive energy to help her through it.  You will also get to see what in-person attunements are like should you decided to teach Reiki classes in-person.

Another con to taking online Reiki classes online is that some Reiki Masters don’t believe it is possible to attune someone from a distance, particularly for the initial Reiki I attunement. Of course, as when sending Reiki (and with everything in life!), you should go with what you feel is right.

A third con to a Reiki class online is that you probably won’t make the same connections with your fellow Reiki practitioners that you would in an in-person Reiki class. You never know who the Reiki students in your class may turn out to be: great people to network with, people who you can see their style of sending Reiki and learn from, or maybe even lifelong friends.

Reiki Classes Online – To Take or Not To Take Them

These are the Pros and Cons to taking online Reiki classes and getting your Reiki certification online versus in-person. Perhaps you may want to try both if you can, and take the Reiki I class in person and subsequent Reiki classes online. The sky is the limit!


How Does An Online Reiki Training Class Work?

What Goes On in an Online Reiki Training Class

online Reiki training class

Now, obviously, not all online Reiki training classes are created equal. Each Reiki Master has the ability to structure the class according to how he or she believes they can best attune the student and teach about the Reiki energy.  Since the online Reiki certification is not currently regulated by any organization, the discrepancies can be even greater.

Still, there are usually some basic consistencies in every online Reiki training class on the Internet. Here are the basics we believe should be included in your Reiki course online:

  • Each Reiki online course or class should include a Reiki attunement
  • Each online Reiki class should provide information to the student about that Reiki level
  • The online Reiki training class should offer support for the Reiki student from the Master

Getting Attuned in an Online Reiki Training Course

Reiki Masters offer Reiki training classes and courses online under the belief that since time and space do not exist, a Reiki attunement can be done online. Others believe that you should have your initial Reiki attunement done in person, while you can have subsequent Reiki attunements online.

Regardless of whether you are taking a Reiki I, Reiki II or Reiki Master Level course, you should always receive an attunement. In the Reiki training courses we’ve taken here at Reiki Training Classes .org, the attunement is given at the beginning of the course. The rest of the online Reiki courses have varied, with some being one day, others over a course of some weeks or even months. But you always want to know up front that you will be receiving a Reiki attunement in every online Reiki training class.

Reiki Online Training Additional Information

The additional information you receive from your Reiki training online will of course depend on the training program and the level of the Reiki class. In a Reiki I class, for instance, you may learn about what Reiki is, various ways to use Reiki and perhaps even a few symbols.

If you are taking a second degree online Reiki course, you may learn additional symbols, how to send Reiki long distance or how to clear your karma or others’ with the Reiki energy.  In the Master Reiki training online, you may receive information on how to attune others, additional symbols or how to successful have a Reiki practice of your own. Regardless of the level, the attunement should not make up the entirety of the Reiki training.  You should be learning something new about Reiki in your online Reiki course or class.

The Reiki Master in your Online Training Course Should Provide Support

As those of you who have taken a Reiki class before know, online or otherwise, receiving a Reiki attunement can affect you greatly indeed. You are most likely being exposed to a much higher vibrational energy than you usually vibrate at. This can stir up a lot of emotions, positive and negative, and can also have physical effects as well. It is not uncommon to feel as though you’ve come down with the flu for the next few days after a Reiki attunement.

The concept that we use is that you can liken your energy to a glass filled with water and dirt.  Eventually, the dirt settles at the bottom, unless you shake the glass.  And believe us, Reiki will shake the glass! But you should be happy, for the Reiki is bringing all that dirt (lower vibrational thoughts, beliefs, etc) to the surface for you to deal with and release once and for all.

This being said, it is very nice to be able to depend on the Reiki Master teacher your online Reiki training class for support and to answer any questions you have.  Perhaps even listening to you in the days after your attunement can help you tremendously. So make sure you feel good about the master teaching the Reiki online course.

So, there you have it. You should be good to go if you look for these three things in your online Reiki training course. We look forward to hearing how it went!

Reiki Classes Online – Do They Work?

Reiki classes online symbols

Can you find quality Reiki courses online?

You can find anything online if you look hard enough! The question is not whether you can find online Reiki classes taught by quality teachers, but whether the Reiki attunements they give you will actually work.

Can actually be passed down in an online Reiki course? Reiki attunements, if you don’t know, are how Reiki masters open up their students to the higher energy, or Universal Life Force.  The Reiki students become, “attuned”, or at one with this energy, so to speak, and are then able to let the energy flow through them.  But are the Reiki attunements given in online Reiki classes and courses as effective as those in person?

The Argument for Online Reiki classes

While Reiki attunements are usually done in person, the argument is that if you can use Reiki to do long-distance healing work  (which you definitely can! We at Reiki Training Classes .org can definitely attest to that), then why shouldn’t you be able to give attunements from a distance?

The idea that time and space do not exist when it comes to energy is the same. If you can do send Reiki energy long-distance, the attunements given in Reiki classes online should be just as powerful.  Since Reiki is passed down from Master to student on an energetic level and not a physical one, whether the student is right in front of the teacher or halfway around the world shouldn’t matter.

Some masters argue that Reiki attunements work because the student has opened him or herself up to the Reiki energy. Therefore, online Reiki training classes and courses should work just fine, as it is not so much the Master, but the students themselves who facilitate the attunements.  But other Reiki Masters differ in opinion, and believe it impossible to give a true Reiki training online.

The Argument Against Reiki Classes Online

While we can’t explain the full attunement process online, as only Reiki masters are privy to the ritual, there are certain portions of the attunement where the Reiki master touches the student’s hands and feet.  Some Reiki masters believe this to be a crucial part of the attunement process, as the touch between master and student allows the student to open up and receive the Reiki energy.  In a Reiki class online, obviously this wouldn’t take place. Therefore, some Reiki masters believe that online Reiki courses don’t truly attune the student with the Universal Life Force energy.

What We Believe about Online Reiki Courses and Training

The majority of the masters here believe that attunements can be done online in online Reiki classes, courses and training workshops. While the touch between the master and student is important, we believe it to be part of the ritual of attuning someone to the higher vibration, and not a crucial part. In person attunements are sacred and ceremonial, and if you have the choice, you would probably want to go with an in-person Reiki training instead of an online Reiki class.

However, if you wish to become attuned to Reiki, and online Reiki classes and courses are the only thing available for whatever reason, we say go for it!  There can’t be too many people attuned to Reiki in this world. The more, the better.