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Tips for choosing an EarthLite Reiki Table

EarthLite reiki tables

The consensus is in: The team of Reiki Masters at Reiki Training Classes .org prefers the EarthLite Reiki table to all others. Why EarthLite, you ask? Let us explain:

 EarthLite Reiki Tables Support The Environment

The EarthLite brand manufactures their Reiki tables with the utmost respect for The Mother, for this beautiful Earth that we live on (and borrow resources from).  EarthLite never used hardwood from rainforests, and builds their EarthLite Reiki tables with only hard maple wood from Canada for the legs and braces, and Baltic birch plywood for the top portion of the table. Both these wood sources are sustainable.  EarthLite also uses an environmentally-friendly foam for the padding on the Reiki tables, and water-based vinyl and laquer.

EarthLite Reiki Tables Help Ground Your Client

Because EarthLite Reiki tables are made from renewable wood sources, they help your clients feel grounded and supported during their healing Reiki treatments. The wood designs on the Reiki tables are aesthetically pleasing as well, and make for a serene, relaxed environment. Since clients sometimes feel a bit “up in the clouds” after a treatment, the wood element of the tables can help clients remember they are here on Earth. At least for the time being.

EarthLite Reiki Tables Are Made To Last

In order to qualify for a UL listing, EarthLite reiki tables were tested to see if they could hold 1,000 pounds. They then had 450 pounds dropped on them from six inches above the table. The EarthLite Reiki tables also underwent a simulated use test. Of course, they passed all the tests swimmingly.

The Tables Come in A Variety of Colors

You get to choose from sixteen different colors. The team at Reiki Training Classes .org particularly enjoys the names of the Rose Quartz pink option and the Amethyst purple choice. Using the names of crystals as colors is always a good thing in our book! Also, the fabric is a polyurethane fabric with a biodegradable rayon backing. Yes, yes, and yes!

EarthLite Offers a Lifetime Warranty on Many of Their Tables

Um, yes please? While you may choose to upgrade your table down the line, or need more tables should you decide to teach Reiki classes or courses, a lifetime warranty is always a good thing to see. This means that EarthLite believes in its products. So do we.

So, there you have it. We have tried and tested and tested and tried too many Reiki tables out there, and the winner is in: The EarthLite Reiki table is the best around.

Portable Reiki Tables FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Reiki Tables

portable Reiki tables

Where can I get the best Reiki table?

Many Reiki masters prefer EarthLite Reiki tables for their high quality and comfort. Others like BestMassage tables. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

How much do portable Reiki tables cost?

You can find a cheap Reiki table from $150 on up. The more expensive, high quality Reiki tables can start at $450 and go up from there.

What’s the difference between a portable Reiki table and a massage table?

They are not that dissimilar, although Reiki tables are designed with the intention the Reiki master or practitioner will be sitting during the Reiki treatment more than a massage therapist would. Therefore, Reiki tables have table braces and areas for your legs to be. Also, since Reiki practitioners do not manipulate a client’s head the way massage therapists do, many portable Reiki tables do not have adjustable headrests.

What working height should I look in my Reiki table?

Most Reiki tables are about 23 to 33 inches. This table range fits Reiki practitioners who are between five and six feet. For those taller Reiki masters (and there are many!), you will probably want to choose the “long legs” option that allows the height to go up to 36 inches.

How long will it take if I order my portable Reiki table online?

While the answer to this question surely varies depending on which table you choose, many Amazon suppliers will ship your Reiki table to you within three business days. If you need to order a Reiki table that isn’t in stock, or need a customized table, these obviously may take longer.

What are the best brands of Reiki tables?

The portable Reiki table brands most widely-used by Reiki masters and practitioners are the EarthLite, BestMassage and Aosom tables. EarthLite tables have wood legs and a wooden frame, which can help ground your clients and give them a deeper connection with the Mother.

I like the EarthLite Reiki table. But do I really need the deluxe adjustable headrest?

Join the club! We at Reiki Training Classes .org love the EarthLite Reiki table too. Consider the range of clients you will be working with. While both headrests can be adjusted easily and have a lot of options, the deluxe adjustable headrest can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally. Yes, you may not need an adjustable headrest when giving healing Reiki energy as you might if you were a massage therapist. But, maybe you’ll want the option for your clients nonetheless?

How much weight will a portable Reiki table hold?

While each brand differs, EarthLite tables (can you tell we love these tables!?) are manufactured to hold over 1,000 pounds.


Reiki Table Do’s and Don’ts

Search for portable Reiki tables online, and chances are you’ll come across a plethora of choices. Do you want a BestMassage Reiki table? Or are the EarthLite Reiki tables a better option? Should you get the best Reiki table right off the bat, or should you wait a bit and see how a more affordable Reiki table works for you.  The Reiki masters at Reiki Training Classes .org have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts when shopping for your portable Reiki table:

Reiki table


  • If buying your Reiki table online, make sure it’s portable! You may assume this is the case, but not all tables are created equal. So, double check that the listing specifically says, “Portable Reiki table”.
  • Think about how you will be giving the Reiki treatments to your clients. Will you be standing up, or sitting down more of the time?  Are you tall? Perhaps higher Reiki tables are the answer for you. Make sure the Reiki tables you look at are adjustable.
  • Read the warranties on Reiki tables. Portable Reiki tables should be under warranty for at least three years. That way, you can ensure you will receive a new Reiki table if your old one is faulty.
  • Look to see if the portable Reiki table comes with a carrying caseYou will want to protect your table, especially if you are lugging it around in your car and traveling from client to client. They typically start at around fifty dollars.
  • Read Reiki table reviews online. EarthLite Reiki tables may receive a lot of positive feedback, but ultimately you will want to decide for yourself which is the right table for you. Knowledge is power!  As we know from our Reiki lineage, it is wise to learn from those who have come before us.


  • Don’t buy a Reiki table without considering how heavy it is. Even with portable Reiki tables, you want one that you can carry around easily.
  • Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs, how much delivery is, and the like. While a Reiki table may seem like a great deal at first glance, by the time you add in all the hidden costs, you might as well have gotten a more expensive one.
  • Don’t forget about the importance of quality. You want your portable Reiki table to be cozy and comfortable for your clients. If you are just beginning your Reiki healing practice, you may want to think about buying a fleece cover to go over it.
  • Don’t forget to look at the headrest. You want an adjustable headrest to meet your clients’ various physical needs.

Reiki masters of the world, what do you think? Do you have any sage advice for new Reiki practitioners looking for that perfect portable Reiki table online? Do tell!

Reiki Tables: How to Find the Best Reiki Table For You

Best Reiki tables

Find the best Reiki table for you

 Finding the Right Reiki Table

Congrats, you completed your Reiki training class and are officially a Reiki Master! Now what?  If you haven’t already, the first thing you want to do is buy a portable Reiki table for when you work with clients.  Reiki tables abound, so finding the best table for you may seem overwhelming at first.

Here are some tips for finding the best Reiki table for your needs:

  • Decide if you want a metal or wood portable Reiki table – Since metal charges energy, metal Reiki tables will create  circuit of Reiki around the table. Pretty cool, huh? Also, metal Reiki tables don’t absorb any toxic energy the way wood can. However, wood tables are very grounding and can offer a stable, relaxing environment for your clients to receive the Reiki healing energy.  As long as you sage your wood Reiki table periodically, you should be fine.
  • Think about the Reiki tables or massage tables you’ve been on – Which tables have been most comfortable for you? Do you prefer  Reiki tables with special headrests or removable sections for the chest area? Ask around as well. Does the Reiki master like his or her portable table? Is it easy to clean and transport around?
  • Will you need more than one table? If you are a massage therapist or plan to teach Reiki master training classes or courses, chances are you’ll need multiple portable Reiki tables.  So you may want to avoid buying the most expensive table around!
  • Do your research online – Read Reiki table reviews online, and find out what other Reiki masters and practitioners are saying about their tables.  Look at Reiki masters blogs and online chatter. Do the masters you know prefer EarthLite Reiki tables, or are they more apt to go with a BestMassage table?
  • Understand that you usually get what you pay for – While there are definitely deals out there, and we at Reiki Training Classes .org highly encourage you to do your homework, the more expensive tables are often higher quality as well. If your first portable Reiki table doesn’t have all the extra padding a more expensive one might, think about buying a fleece cover to put over it. They make a world of difference!
  • Get better a better Reiki table with the money you make – There is nothing wrong with starting small, and buying an affordable Reiki table when you first start out. As your clients (and income) grow, then you can buy  an additional table or that EarthLite Reiki table you feel you must have, but doesn’t quite fit into your price range at the moment.  Besides, think how good you will feel knowing that the Reiki energy has paid for your new and improved table. Just one more way Reiki is amazing!

Follow these foolproof tips, and your hunt for the best Reiki table will be that much easier. Never fear (while, we all fear, but do what you need to do anyway!) and rest assured that the Reiki master team at Reiki Training Classes .org will help you find your Reiki table.  Or perhaps your table will find you?