Reiki and Skepticism

After years of both practicing and teaching Reiki classes, my current belief about this beautiful and powerful Japanese healing practice is this:

Serve my Reiki with a healthy dose of skepticism, please.

reiki and skepticism

“Are you SURE Reiki is real? Show me.”

“Now, why would you say that?” you might ask. “You always talk about the magic of Reiki and the power of believing, why would you encourage people to look at Reiki with a skeptic’s eye?”

The reason is simple: I believe that Reiki is an experiential healing art, which means that you will only believe it and know it to be true through your own experiences working with Reiki. Reiki is magical, no doubt about that, but I think there’s nothing wrong with a “Show me what you can do, Reiki” attitude about the whole thing.

reiki vibration

Feeling yourself vibrate is a wonderful (if strange) feeling!

I remember when I had my very first Reiki session ever and was so relaxed, slipping in and out of consciousness as many people on the table can be prone to do. I felt so wonderful, there had to be something to this, that’s all I knew.

When I took my first Reiki Level I class a few years later, I jumped in headfirst, and only waited a few months before taking Reiki II and eventually the Reiki Master Course. But even though I myself had felt the benefits and effects of Reiki firsthand, even though all the electricity went out in my house when I came home from my Reiki I attunement, even though I could literally feel myself vibrating for the first week or two after my Reiki Master Attunement, I have definitely gone through periods of doubt and speculation on my Reiki journey.

coincidences with Reiki

So true, right?

“Is this really working or am I just making this up?” “Maybe everything that’s happening is just coincidence?” (Even though I know in my heart there are no coincidences.) “Is it really the Reiki, or did my Reiki Master Teacher just pick up everything she knew about me through observation and other ways?” (Even though, there was no way she could have known what she did.)

You see, that’s how the subconscious mind works. Even if all the hard evidence points otherwise, we view situations and our lives by the beliefs we already hold to be true. So even I am having all these experiences with Reiki that cannot be explained by the logical mind, my subconscious mind will always revert back to my longstanding beliefs and shape the situation according to them.

In short, the subconscious mind always runs the show.

anais nin quote

Love that Anais Nin.

Even after I was officially a Reiki Master Teacher but before I had started teaching, doubts would crop up from time to time. I would even take breaks periodically from Reiki, where I wouldn’t practice at all for a couple weeks.

Have you ever read the book MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS by Brian Weiss? I referred to it in the post Heal Your Past Lives with Reiki Energy,  and I love this book for so many reasons. Brian Weiss was a psychiatrist who had a patient under hypnosis for her anxiety when she suddenly started talking about a past life.

In the book, Brian Weiss talks about his struggle with believing what was happening as he did past life regression on this girl again and again. There was no way this young college student could have known some of the things she did, but she still did. “Could what was happening really be happening?” He asks himself again and again.

past lives and reiki

Sometimes you just know.

It’s not always easy to be a Reiki practitioner, as we have to live both in this physical world of bills, obligations and responsibilities and the energetic world of pure Source energy that Reiki allows us to connect to. Sometimes, moving back and forth between worlds can leave us feeling a little crazy!

Nowadays, Brian Weiss is the authority on past life regression, and he explains how the more he hypnotized his patient and she would regress, the more his doubts and skepticism simply went away.

an eye for reiki

My very own eye.

“Seeing is believing,” as the common saying goes. “Believing is seeing” as well, since we create our reality through our beliefs, but that’s another article for another day.

Any and every doubt I’ve had about Reiki left as well when I started to teach. The more experiences that I had, and seeing the countless experiences my students had time and time again, helped chip away at those doubts until they disappeared altogether.

I’m not quite sure when they left, but they left in their place a deep trust about the truth and power of Reiki and the unlimited possibilities of all this healing energy is capable of. It is spiritually-directed energy after all, and has the power to move mountains and make miracles.

hands of reiki

The universal life force energy that is Reiki is everywhere.

But if I hadn’t allowed myself the chance to question Reiki, I never would have had such strong inner beliefs about Reiki’s power. I had to see it for myself.

Think about it. Would you want to blindly follow the crowd and go along with what someone else said without checking it out for yourself, or would you want to test something out and see if it resonates as truth to you?

I am glad that I am an independent thinker and that I had to prove to myself the truth behind Reiki, because without fail it has proven to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but for me. Reiki has never let me down, even if it hasn’t always worked in the way I thought it should : ) it is always, always working.

So, if you find yourself doubting Reiki, good! Make Reiki prove itself to you, and it will, time and time again.


We ARE Reiki, after all.

Reiki Liability Insurance Coverage

reiki insurance coverage pic

Reiki liability insurance coverage: Do you really need it?

When first starting their Reiki practice, many Reiki pracitioners ask whether or not they need Reiki insurance coverage and should look into getting covered.

We personally have never heard of anyone being sued over a Reiki session “gone bad”, but if you are the type of person who likes to cover all the bases and rest assured that you’ll be protected if need be, there are different Reiki liability insurance options to look into.

reiki hands

A beautiful expression of Reiki to help us remember what it is all about.

The first is Reiki insurance for malpractice from an organization called Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).  ABMP offers a $4 million dollar Reiki insurance coverage protection and costs $199 each year to maintain. The only caveat is that you have to have 100 hours of massage training in order to qualify for the Reiki liability insurance coverage.

We have heard of Reiki practitioners joining the ministries of churches which use the power of touch in their practices to protect themselves as well. If you are touching people through a church, the touch is a religious practice and is exempt from other traditional laws governing touch.

the power of intention

Without intention, Reiki wouldn’t exist. WE bring it into creation.

However, we feel you should only do this is you truly believe in what the church promotes as its religious philosophy. To use a church as a “cover” and way to have Reiki liability insurance seems to go against the whole system of Reiki in the first place.

Besides, Reiki only works for the highest good of all concerned. As long as your intention is pure, you should be just fine when practicing hands-on Reiki sessions.

quote about intention

A Reiki truth.

In addition, if you are a Reiki II practitioner or beyond and know the Distance Healing Symbol, you can always do a Distance Healing Reiki session if you feel that would be more appropriate.

Even as a Reiki I practitioner, remember that actual touch is not necessary. You can give an extremely powerful Reiki session without ever touching the recipient, and keeping your hands 6-12 inches above his or her body.

We tell our Reiki class students time and time again that their comfort comes first. The more relaxed they are in their bodies during a Reiki session, the easier the energy can flow through their body and use their straight spine as an easy channel to reach the recipient. So, you can even be sitting in a chair in the same room as the client during the session.

reiki session

YOU are the most important person in your Reiki session, so stay comfortable!

Intention is so important in Reiki, and actually placing hands on the body and physical touch is very secondary to that all-important intent. Reiki is a healing practice that is done fully clothed as well, which also reduces any risks of legal issues or trouble.

Another great idea to help dispel any worries about being protected legally is to have your Reiki clients sign a waiver from prior to the treatment. There are Reiki consent forms online that you can download, or you can create your own simple form. You can say something to the effect of:

“I, the undersigned, know that Reiki is considered a hands-on-healing energywork technique and that I may be touched during my treatment.

japanese kanji for reiki

Reiki is an energetic language where the symbols are “words”. Here is an explanation of the Japanese kanji (word) for Reiki.

I realize that a Reiki session is done fully-clothed and that I am free to ask the Reiki practitioner to stop at any time. I also understand Reiki is no substitute for traditional Western medicine and that my Reiki practitioner is not qualified to diagnose or treat any medical condition.”

Yes, remember to let each and every client know that you are not a medical doctor and are not qualified to diagnose or treat any medical condition, illness or disease. Reiki is an energetic Japanese healing modality that is a wonderful complement to traditional medicine, but legally it is no replacement for an education in allopathic (Western) medicine.

You want to avoid making any claims that the Reiki will cure or fix anything as well. We are just the vessels for the powerful Reiki energy, and while there are many instances where Reiki does heal conditions, who knows how the Reiki will work its magic in that particular instance! Let’s leave it up to Spirit…

Also remember that the best way to truly help others is to raise our own vibrational frequency. Energy goes where your attention flows, so if you focus your energy (i.e. power) on healing, you will likely effect great change in your life and the lives of your clients. Trust in the abundance of the Universe and the goodness of people will attract more of that into your experience. You can also Reiki your practice itself and imbue it with that high, high frequency.

peace of mind with reiki

Peace of mind is quite valuable indeed.

And if getting Reiki liability insurance will allow you peace of mind, which in turn will make you a better Reiki practitioner, then go for it!

Whatever will allow you to be more relaxed and peaceful as you send Reiki, which will in turn make you a more powerful transmitter of this beautiful healing energy.

We hope to never hear of an instance where a practitioner is sued for a Reiki session or of people abusing their power during a treatment. Hopefully, the need for Reiki liability insurance coverage will be rendered obsolete! Who has time for legalities when we have a world to help!

Together our ability to effect change increases dramatically.

Let’s get to work.

Why Practicing Reiki Requires Courage

reiki and courage

Let’s look fear in the eye, shall we?

Being a quality and dedicated Reiki practitioner is no small feat.  The outside observer may think, “Well, all you have to do is be there and hold out your hands.”

Even in our online Reiki classes, we teach that the best thing you can do when sending Reiki is “get out of the way” so the Spiritually-directed energy can flow through you. You just need to “be to be” and create a space where the healing can take place.

reiki quoteNothing to it, right?  Well, not so fast. Remember, every time you send Reiki, the Reiki flows through you and out your hands (which are an extension of your heart) to the person receiving the Reiki treatment.

Therefore, every time you give a treatment, you essentially receive one as well. Hence the common saying,  “Give a treatment, get a treatment” that is so popular in Reiki circles.

Now Reiki is an extremely powerful healing tool. It heals us on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. And I probably don’t have to tell you that healing isn’t always “fun”, at least not at the time.  :  )

intention and reiki

The power of intention in our Reiki practice to effect change is well-known.

When it’s obvious that I am healing and processing some old beliefs or changing my thoughts to a new, more truthful paradigm, I do set the intention that the changes take place as easily and effortlessly as possible.

Since intention is so important when practicing Reiki, proposing a relatively painless transition for yourself does work.

Well, it works as much as it’s supposed to work. (Therein lies the catch.) The Reiki always works and always heals, just usually not in the way we expect it to or think that it should.

your brain on reiki

This brain sure could use some Reiki!

For example, if my soul is truly ready to get over an ex-boyfriend, let’s say, and I set the intention for healing during a Reiki session, the Reiki may work by bringing all the painful thoughts I repressed about him to the surface to be released and let go of.

But, instead of having my desired reaction after the session of feeling freer and being able to forget about him, I may have obsessive thoughts about my ex for a day or two. Now, that’s no fun!

But it is the Reiki working, and what soothes me during those times is knowing that, by virtue of going through this, the Reiki  really is cleaning and clearing me out. Those lower-vibrational blockages are leaving me for good, so that I may vibrate at a higher frequency and therefore attract a partner who is even more “in tune” with who I am and the life I’m destined to live.

reiki strength

We are stronger than we think we are.

Another thought that I always remind myself of during a “healing crisis” is how so many of them have occurred before, and yet here I still am, strong and thriving. I made it through, even if I wasn’t so certain I would at the time!

I think of how I am so much healthier inside, and all the positive changes in my life since I began my journey with the healing Reiki energy.  Remembering all the days I’ve felt like this before helps me get through these troubling times.

So, yes, being a Reiki practitioner requires deep courage, for every time you give a session, you are openly saying to the Universe, “I am willing to heal. I am open to change, and I am willing to heal.”

reiki fire

Sometimes my hands really feel like this!

When we remember that we often attract people to work on who have similar issues we do – thanks to the Law of Attraction and also soul contracts we made with these individuals – we can see our bravery even clearer.

Essentially, we are throwing ourselves into the fire to be cleansed and purified!

reiki pat on the back

Thank you for all that you do through Reiki to make this world a better place.

So let’s take a moment to pat ourselves on the pat for being willing to heal. So many people spend their entire lives running from their emotions and difficult sensations.

We, however, we are fighting the good fight. We are willing to take open and honest looks at ourselves so that we can make a stronger impact on humanity. Let’s commend ourselves for that.




How to Explain Reiki to People

Reiki cartoonI (Brooke) love this cartoon for so many reasons. First of all, if you’ve been a Reiki practitioner for a while, you’ve almost certainly had someone give you an “interesting” response when you told them you practice Reiki.

a Reiki nutMy most recent experience was about a week ago when a neighbor asked me what I did for a living. When I told him that I teach in-person and online Reiki classes, he said, and I quote, “Oh, you’re a “Chakra Nut!”    :D  Now I have been called different things in my life, but this was definitely a first.

Reiki and the chakras

Intention is everything.

I just laughed it off, because truth be told, I guess I am a ‘Chakra Nut’.  I do practice healing and energywork according to the ancient yogic chakra system. I do balance my chakras erry single day with sound healing (done with my own voice, of course, since our voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument known to man).

Not to mention how I use a powerful visualization technique daily where I envision each chakra in perfect health with its corresponding color emanating from it in pure light energy in every direction.

reiki for the chakras

After all, if I am going to be a Reiki Master Teacher and tell each and every student I come across that the best possible thing they can do to be a powerful Reiki practitioner is to raise their own personal vibration, I may as well practice what I preach!

I guess I am a ‘Chakra Nut’ after all… oh, well. I guess there are worse things to be when all is said and done.

Besides, in fifty years (hopefully much sooner if we can add as many Reiki practitioners to the ranks as possible!) terms like “Reiki” and “chakra balancing” and “energy work” will be household words.

As Reiki practitioners, we are just a little ahead of our time, that’s all. I say this not to make ourselves feel important or better than those people not yet acquainted with how to heal themselves, but rather so we remember to have compassion for our fellow humans who are still asleep.

wake up with Reiki

Upon waking up, an affirmation a day will surely keep the doctor away…

We were there once too, and probably not that long ago for many of us. The Earth’s vibration is raising so rapidly that a lot of people are “waking up” each and every day.  Just because someone hasn’t yet learned (or remembered, perhaps I should say) that everything is energy, and that just because we can’t see energy with our physical eyes doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, doesn’t make that person any less spiritual or connected to Source.

When I’m speaking with people in spiritual circles who are familiar with “spiritual talk”, I give a much different explanation of what Reiki is than if I’m speaking to a group of businessmen or someone from an older generation. In laymen’s terms to someone whom the concept of an energetic world is completely foreign, I usually just describe Reiki as “an ancient Japanese healing technique”.

reiki with Mr. Miyagi

Is this Mr. Miyagi’s version of the Gassho Meditation?

I ask them if they’ve seen The Karate Kid and if they remember when Mr. Miyagi used his hands to heal Daniel San’s leg in the Final Tournament. If they remember this great movie, I explain how what Mr. Miyagi was doing was “Reiki” and focusing energy on Daniel San’s leg so it could heal.

The more we can get Reiki out there for the general public to practice on themselves and their families, the better, right? Who cares how we get the word out, what’s important is that we do.

Well, my friends, at the risk of sounding like the ‘Chakra Nut’ I am, it’s time to do my daily meditation and breathwork. In order to heal the world, we must start with ourselves, right? Happy Reiki-ing!

reiki from Mr. Miyagi

Just looks like a typical Reiki class to me!

The Best Thing You Can Do To Strengthen Your Reiki Practice

reiki quoteHint: It’s probably not what you think.

When you see a title like that, you might think, “They are probably going to suggest that I practice Reiki every day.” After all, the more you practice Reiki, the stronger it gets.

“Or maybe they are going to say to practice the Gassho meditation” (how you start every Reiki session, with your hands in prayer position at your heart center, giving thanks and opening up to the healing Reiki energy) “every morning or every night before I go to bed.”

quote about ReikiYou may have every intention of doing these practices – which are both wonderful, by the way – but then “life” gets in the way, and your child needs his or her lunch packed for school, or the dog needs to be walked, or your demanding job which you don’t care for all that much but pays the bills is sucking the very life out of you, and when you come home you just want to eat dinner and “relax” so the next day you can do it all over again.

freedom with reiki

Let the winds of courage lift you up.

Over time, without a clear plan for how we can make headway on our biggest dreams and lifelong goals, the little day-to-day necessities can end up taking priority over our larger mission here on Earth. The reason we came here can get pushed deep down within or “saved” for that rainy day, which never quite ends up coming.

So, without further ado, the absolute best thing we can do to make our Reiki practice as strong and powerful as can possibly be is to do something, no matter how small, each and every day that makes our soul sing. For when our heart is happy, our vibration is high and we emanate Reiki. Best part is, whatever comes out of what we are doing at that moment becomes completely irrelevant.

reiki bliss

Reiki naturally builds within when we go after what we want.

Let’s say Bella wants to change her hours at her current job to part-time and start her own private Reiki practice. She took the Reiki I and II online courses we offer and will be the first Reiki practitioner in her area.

How exciting! And most likely terrifying at the same time, right? : ) Of course! Those things we truly want usually are. And our brains can so easily move to, “Well, what if I don’t have enough clients?”, “What if my income isn’t enough to support our family?”, or “What if I fail?”

Sadly, those irrational fears often prevent us from doing what we most want in life. And if we continue to ignore what our heart and soul is encouraging us to do, over time we will vibrate at a slower frequency. The fear literally grows inside and creates an energetic blockage within our body. Our vibration becomes slower and slower, because we are out of sync with our true frequency, the one that vibrates at the same rate as Universal Consciousness.

paulo coelho quote

Beloved writer Paulo Coelho most certainly holds a ton of healing light energy that he shares with us through his words!

It doesn’t really matter whether Bella’s Reiki practice actually succeeds or not. It is the fear that might prevent her from even pursuing it that will eat away at her soul. Once she begins to pursue her dream, she is fighting the good fight. Whatever shall be, shall be.

Luckily, the Universe often rewards us when we take those risks we so long to take. Once we’re in the flow and going after what we want, the good feelings that accompany our courage will attract more good feelings about ourselves and our capabilities. Our positive ball of energy will continue to grow within until we eventually succeed, one way or another.

Reiki joy

Happiness abounds!

So if your true love is dance, then move. If being a mom to your child is why you incarnated, then make the time to enjoy your son or daughter every day, even if that simply means being present with them for a couple minutes before they fall asleep at night.

The best thing you can do every day to strengthen your Reiki practice may very well have nothing to do with Reiki at all, at least not at first glance.

But when you follow your dreams, you dissolve any energetic blockages of fear and doubt residing within. Not only are you practicing Reiki in that moment, you are Reiki.

Now, off you go!

healing with Reiki

Our true nature IS Reiki.

Reiki and Psychic Ability

Reiki hands

Cultivate that magic we call Reiki!

One of the many, many benefits of taking an online Reiki class  is that your intuition will almost certainly increase. You will find that you just “knew” So-and-So was going to call you or that XYZ was going to happen. Not to mention the other benefits having Reiki gives us of being more balanced, centered and grounded at the same time!

Reiki power

We are each the writers of our own story, the creators of our life. What magic will you make today?

Why will you become more psychic after taking a Reiki class? Well, all being “psychic” really is is having the ability to tap into universal consciousness, that all-knowing presence, oneness, all that is, Spirit, God, Source… whatever you prefer to call it. When you receive a Reiki attunement/ initiation, the powerful Reiki energy enters your body and begins to clear out any lower-vibrational frequencies to make you a better channel for the Reiki energy.

When you practice Reiki or give someone a Reiki session, all you have to do is set your intention for the spiritually-directed universal life force energy that is Reiki to flow through you to the recipient. You are simply the channel for the energy to pass through to the person. Or the animal, seeing as we here at Reiki Training Classes are all about Animal Reiki these days! We are volunteering at a local animal shelter offering Reiki, which has been a profound and powerful experience indeed. You can sign up for our online Animal Reiki class here.

reiki channel

All the answers lie within.

But back to you being a channel for the energy. Picture yourself with a straight spine, connected to the Heavens and the center of the Universe as well as firmly grounded with deep roots going all the way down to the center of the Earth’s iron core. The Reiki passes through your Sushumna, or energetic central channel located along your spine.

The more you practice Reiki, the stronger it gets, and the ‘wider’ your channel in a sense becomes. More and more Reiki is able to flow through since every experience you have with Reiki clears out your channel that much more.

reiki light

“Be the Light. Be the Lighthouse.” – Yogi Bhajan

Every time you receive a Reiki attunement, for example, some of the lower vibrational frequencies that had taken up shop along your central channel rise to the surface to be released and therefore healed.

Every time you practice Reiki as well, you are being given the gift to heal yet another blockage within yourself and make your channel wider. And the wider the channel, the more you are able to pick up and receive information from Universal Consciousness.

We all have the ability to be extremely psychic and connected, and everyone can tap into that all-knowing energy. But for the vast majority of people currently on this planet, that capacity stays dormant since they are unaware they can do so.

intuitive psychic Reiki


But not you. If you’re reading this, regardless of whether you are a Reiki Master or someone completely new to the healing art of Reiki, you now know that you have a strong connection to Universal Consciousness you can tap into at any time. We are all intuitive. We are all psychic.

Learning Reiki is a wonderful way to cultivate and strengthen that bond with pure Source energy, and if you do, you just might surprise yourself. We wish you the best of luck in your journey, and hope to ‘see’ you in a Reiki class soon!

Reiki healing

Just for today, I commit to this.

The Kindness Reiki Principle


Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.


reiki principle

“Hey there, is everything going okay in your world?”

Of the five Reiki principles Dr. Mikao Usui blessed us with, this one is perhaps the most challenging. Because to be kind to every living thing means to treat all living beings with the utmost respect and honor, including – and this person can tend to get lost by the wayside sometimes – Yourself.

So many Reiki practitioners get into the field because they want to help the world transition to a more heart-centered place and to help pave the way for this new age we’re entering. Because of this, we can often find it so easy to, “Give, give give.” But remember, giving and receiving is the same energy. It’s all about flow. If you deplete yourself and have nothing left, then not only will your ability to send Reiki suffer, but you will as well.

And we as human beings during this magical time on Earth are not here to suffer. We’re here to wake up, to, “Wake up and take off the makeup”, as my beloved Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West said. Sign up for the Reiki for the Kundalini Yogi Class if you’re interested!

reiki kindness principle

What a beautiful soul

Besides, all you need to do honestly as a Reiki practitioner is raise your own vibration anyway. Even if you never did Reiki on another living thing, but sent Reiki to your beautiful self every day for the rest of your life, that would be enough. When we raise our frequency, others’ frequencies are raised as well simply by virtue of being around us.

So… just for today… only for the rest of the day… take a stab at being nothing but kind to yourself, would you?

And if you find yourself failing at this – which as humans, we’re likely to do, there’s perfection in the imperfection – have compassion for yourself. Laugh it off and start again. Compassion and kindness are pretty similar words after all.

kindness reiki principle

Surfing kindness


Animal Reiki


a handshake we would trust

animal reiki

“Why does my mind always get such a bad rap?”

Did you know that animals can be attuned to Reiki, just like people? Animals actually are much more in touch with energy and Spirit than we humans are, since they don’t have the (sometimes annoying) filter of the human brain and all its doubts and false programming.

Without the monkey mind casting ‘what if’s’ and fears onto Reiki, animals are able to be extremely clear channels or vessels for this spiritually-directed universal life force energy.  Animals understand why they are here and their ability help humans. After an attunement, animals can radiate Reiki energy wherever they go.

Whether you are brand-new to Reiki or a Reiki Master looking to expand your practice, we are now offering our online private Animal Reiki Course.  We’d love to teach you if you’re so inclined!

animal reiki class

Bamboo and Brooke having an impromptu mutual Reiki session

Reiki and December 21, 2012

the world of Reiki

It’s the end of the world… as we know it. (an even better one awaits!)

While anytime is a great time to send Reiki, focusing the healing Reiki energy on a particularly special date in our history as human beings is sure to be extra potent, don’t you think? We here at Reiki Training Classes do, and that’s why we have already sent Reiki ahead of time to tomorrow and have also turned on our Reiki for the next twenty four hours.

the cycle of lifeRegardless of what you believe will happen tomorrow (December 21, 2012, the end of one of the Mayan calendars), take advantage of this special time. The Mayan Elders whose ancestors created the calendar have not said it is the “end of the world”. Quite the contrary, they see this special date as the end of a 5,200 year cycle in humanity. And as all cycles move within a circular system, when one ends another starts.

a Reiki portal

Some see tomorrow as a portal. Where you go is up to you.

Astrologers, physics and so many people have predicted what this date means. Perhaps a rise in human consciousness all over the world, perhaps a day when the Earth will undergo massive changes, perhaps an apocalypse, an ascension… who knows really?

We particularly like one astrologer’s belief that the date marks the end of a cycle, but the energy has been building up to it and will continue for a few hundred years after it. Another energy worker believes the veil between us and the spiritual world is extremely thin at the moment and a great time to connect with your ‘people’ and beings on the other side.

numerology and Reiki

Walk through the gates, why don’t you…

December 21, 2012 also marks our Winter Solstice, which is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and think about what lies ahead. It is also an 11 Master Number day in numerology, so if you see 11:11′s or 1:11′s everywhere you go, take them as a sign you are on the right track! (Even though we never really fall off, the rails beneath us connecting us are often much stronger than we think.)

the energy of the world inside youWe see this date indeed as a powerful one, indeed, but perhaps for a different reason. Just as all Reiki and energywork healing is essentially self-healing, all love begins with self-love. The way love works is simple: it begins inside you, for you, and then radiates out further and further until it reaches other beings and life around you. We see the “ascension process” as an internal one, and that the Mayans perhaps saw this date as marking a new cycle when humans will finally start recognizing what powerful beings they are.

Reiki hands holding the world

You’ve got the whole world, in your hands…

We can do anything, people, we just have to recognize we can. And what better way to be empowered than to give yourself the Reiki Power symbol? Perhaps even picture it in every cell of your body, or power it up times a million for your healing pleasure.

Reiki love symbol

A little unconditional love never hurt anybody…

One Mayan Elder we spoke with by the name of Miguel Angel Vergara sees this powerful time as an especially important one for women (and for the feminine energies within us all.) Women have been disempowered for so, so long, and he sees this new age as a dawn, if you will, for the new feminine to emerge. So embracing your nurturing side with some self-healing with Reiki and by giving yourself the unconditional love and support symbols is a good idea too.

Reiki and planetary energy

The planets are aligned and working in your favor

So, on the eve of this special day, a day when the planets are aligned just right for a massive shift in human consciousness, we wish you the best of the best in your life.

diving into life

Go… you!

This world is a beautiful one, made even perhaps more so by the healing gift of Reiki, and days like December 21, 2012 are when we can remember that. So, celebrate the miracle that is you tomorrow, and every day thereafter too.